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Top Carbon Emissions Quotes

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Gordon Brown

The growing evidence of climate change is forcing attention on carbon emissions and their reduction. — Gordon Brown

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Dan Rather

President Bush insisted today that he was not caving in to big money contributors, big-time lobbyists, and overall industry pressure when he broke a campaign promise to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. But the air was thick today with accusations from people who believe that's exactly what happened. — Dan Rather

Carbon Emissions Quotes By James Fallows

Chinese emissions are a problem not just for its own people but also for the world. It has now overtaken the U.S. as the biggest carbon emitter; most of the coal that is burned anywhere on Earth is burned in China. — James Fallows

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Steven Chu

I think the Caribbean countries face rising oceans and they face increase in the severity of hurricanes. This is something that is very, very scary to all of us. The island states in the world represent - I remember this number - one-half of 1 percent of the carbon emissions in the world. And they will - some of them will disappear. — Steven Chu

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Radhanath Swami

Reducing carbon emissions is important, but it is shortsighted if not coupled with reducing the toxic emissions from our heart; and that is something spiritual leaders are supposed to teach and something all thinking people, regardless of their beliefs, should practice. — Radhanath Swami

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Peter Stilbs

There is no strong evidence to prove significant human influence on climate on a global basis. The global cooling trend from 1940 to 1970 is inconsistent with models based on anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. There is no reliable evidence to support that the 20th century was the warmest in the last 1000 years. — Peter Stilbs

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Katharine Hayhoe

There is no set period of time or total amount of carbon emissions that we can stay below to ensure we stay safe. — Katharine Hayhoe

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Henry Sylvester Jacoby

Kyoto is likely to yield far less than the targeted emissions reduction. That failure will most likely be papered over with creative accounting, shifting definitions of carbon sinks, and so on. If this happens, the credibility of the international process for addressing climate change will be at risk. — Henry Sylvester Jacoby

Carbon Emissions Quotes By David Roberts

The black line is carbon emissions to date. The red line is the status quo - a projection of where emissions will go if no new substantial policy is passed to restrain greenhouse gas emissions. — David Roberts

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Dennis Prager

We conservatives fight evil; the Left fights carbon emissionsDennis Prager

Carbon Emissions Quotes By James Hansen

The carbon emissions from tar shale and tar sands would initiate a continual unfolding of climate disasters over the course of this century. We would be miserable stewards of creation. We would rob our own children and grandchildren. — James Hansen

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Jochen Zeitz

We all know that cattle and beef are among the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. — Jochen Zeitz

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Russell Gold

I don't fear fracking. I fear carbon — Russell Gold

Carbon Emissions Quotes By James Hansen

We have to, in the next ten years, begin to decrease the rate of carbon dioxide emissions and then flatten it out. If that doesn't happen in ten years, we're going to be passing certain tipping points. If the ice sheets begin to disintegrate, what can you do about it? You can't tie a rope around an ice sheet. — James Hansen

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Erick Erickson

President Obama flew to China a few days ago and announced a joint environmental pact with the communist regime. The United States will reduce its carbon emissions substantially over the next 11 years. China will do absolutely nothing but hope that its emissions decline after 2030. — Erick Erickson

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Elon Musk

The overarching goal of Tesla is to help reduce carbon emissions and that means low cost and high volume. We will also serve as an example to the auto industry, proving that the technology really works and customers want to buy electric vehicles. — Elon Musk

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Ted Danson

Centuries-old habitats such as coral gardens are destroyed in an instant by bottom trawls, pulverized by weighted nets into barren plains. And global carbon dioxide emissions from human activity affect the ocean, changing the pH balance of the waters in a phenomenon known as ocean acidification. — Ted Danson

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Bill Nye

The carbon fee would raise the cost of the things you buy (since right now there is some carbon emitted in the production and distribution of pretty much everything). That's a little less money in your pocket. But at the end of the year, the government would take all of the money collected by the carbon fee, divide it up, and give it back to you as a dividend check. By you, of course, I mean all of you. The government wouldn't keep any of the money. All the fee would do is put a realistic price on the carbon we dump into the environment. Every factory, every company would have an incentive to reduce emissions, because then they could sell things at a lower price. Consumers, given a choice between a low-carbon pair of jeans and a high-carbon pair of jeans, would see a cost advantage in choosing the former. If you live a low-carbon lifestyle all year, when your dividend check arrives you will find that you came out ahead. — Bill Nye

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Katharine Hayhoe

Our carbon emissions have to eventually go to zero. We have to. Otherwise we're never going to have a stable climate and that's what our goal is for human civilization to thrive, a stable climate. We don't want one that's hotter, we don't want one that's colder, we want one that's stable. — Katharine Hayhoe

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Bjorn Lomborg

The total efforts of the last 20 years of climate policy has likely reduced global emissions by less than 1 percent, or about 250 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. — Bjorn Lomborg

Carbon Emissions Quotes By James Gustave Speth

My wife and I have purchased two hybrids. We bought a 3 kw photovoltaic unit. We recycle and offset our carbon emissions on the Internet. We turn things off. But we also spend two nice salaries every year, and here's the dirty little secret - our environmental footprint is HUGE, I'm sure. We've all got to do what we can in our individual lives, but we've also got to drive the systemic changes that will make the big differences. — James Gustave Speth

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Bjorn Lomborg

There is no question that global warming will have a significant impact on already existing problems such as malaria, malnutrition, and water shortages. But this doesn't mean the best way to solve them is to cut carbon emissions. — Bjorn Lomborg

Carbon Emissions Quotes By John Hoeven

The Keystone XL project has built strong safety measures into its design with the newest technology. Additionally, 80 percent of the new Canadian oil sands are being developed 'in situ,' meaning, it has a similar carbon footprint and emissions as conventional oil wells. — John Hoeven

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Rose George

Shipping is the greenest method of transport. In terms of carbon emissions per ton per mile, it emits about a thousandth of aviation and about a tenth of trucking. But it's not benign, because there's so much of it. So shipping emissions are about three to four percent, almost the same as aviation's. — Rose George

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Steven D. Levitt

When Al Gore urges the citizenry to sacrifice their plastic shopping bags, their air-conditioning, their extraneous travel, the agnostics grumble that human activity accounts for just 2 percent of global carbon-dioxide emissions, with the remainder generated by natural processes like plant decay. — Steven D. Levitt

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Joe Biden

You should be attacking the carbon emissions, period, and whether it's cap-and-trade or carbon tax or whatever, that's the realm in which we should be playing. — Joe Biden

Carbon Emissions Quotes By John Barrasso

In an agreement with China, President Obama has already pledged to reduce America's net greenhouse-gas emissions by more than 25% by 2025. In return, China has agreed to 'peak' its carbon-dioxide emissions in 2030. — John Barrasso

Carbon Emissions Quotes By T.J. Klune

He shrugged. "Yeah, but I like riding my bike. It helps with the ozone ... and stuff." "You're trying to avoid leaving a carbon footprint? And here I thoughtbicycles were just for tree-hugging hippie heterosexuals." He eyed me seriously. "We all have to do our part to help avoid nocturnal emissions. The planet needs us." I stared at him. "The planet needs us to avoid nocturnal emissions?" He nodded. "Nocturnal emissions are the number one cause for the hole in the ozone. — T.J. Klune

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Alan Titchmarsh

I wish we could grow up about it, I'm sure we are contributing to global warming, and we must do all we can to reduce that, but our climate has always changed. The Romans had vineyards in Yorkshire. We're all on this bandwagon of 'Ban the 4x4 in Fulham'. Why didn't we have global warming during the Industrial Revolution? In those days you couldn't have seen across the street for all the carbon emissions and the crap coming out of the chimneys. — Alan Titchmarsh

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Angela Merkel

We have to ensure politically that what's doable can indeed by translated into law, but what's not doable mustn't become European law. Otherwise, the auto industry will work somewhere with higher carbon emissions - and we can't want that. — Angela Merkel

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

I am aware that for decades there has been exploration of options and concrete plans and investments being made to look at life on another planet. We must not stop exploring. At the same time let's preserve and enhance the life we already have on earth. Join the green revolution, plant trees, stop soil erosion, reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and promote recycling of waste. Become aware, create awareness, act responsibly and lead by example. — Archibald Marwizi

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Ken Caldeira

If you're talking about mugging little old ladies, you don't say, 'What's our target for the rate of mugging little old ladies?' You say, 'Mugging little old ladies is bad, and we're going to try to eliminate it.' You recognize you might not be a hundred percent successful, but your goal is to eliminate the mugging of little old ladies. And I think we need to eventually come around to looking at carbon dioxide emissions the same way. — Ken Caldeira

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Jeffrey D. Sachs

The upshot is the following: Perhaps 4 percent of extra GDP could be collected as of 2015 mainly by taxing the rich (2 percent), tightening corporate taxation (1 percent), strengthening tax enforcement (0.5 to 1 percent), taxing financial transactions, and taxing carbon emissions (0.5 percent). Introducing a VAT would raise even more revenues and could be phased in over several years. The point is that there are lots of options, and most of them could be concentrated near the top of the income distribution, where they belong. How — Jeffrey D. Sachs

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Anonymous

The announcement yesterday follows Obama's 2011 agreement with automakers to build cars that average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. But as important as fuel efficiency in automobiles may be, power plants are the largest concentrated source of carbon dioxide emissions. The EPA's new power-plant rules will reduce overall emissions by at least 80 times more metric tons of carbon than the regulations for cars. Almost all credible reports suggest the world is passing the point where it can reverse, or eliminate, global warming. But that only means it's more urgent than ever to push for historic carbon reductions. Nonetheless, many politicians - including the usual global-warming deniers and those from both parties in fossil-fuel-producing states - rushed to claim the new rules would cause steep economic damage. — Anonymous

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Stephen R.J. Sheppard

Between 45 and 75 per cent of worldwide carbon emissions are controlled by or attributed to urban areas.7, — Stephen R.J. Sheppard

Carbon Emissions Quotes By David Ignatius

Prominent scientists have become increasingly convinced that the connection between carbon emissions and rising temperatures is real, but skeptics have whole truckloads of studies to demonstrate the opposite. — David Ignatius

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Gene Stone

Driving a hybrid car could save about one ton of carbon-dioxide emissions per year but adopting a plant-based diet would save nearly one and a half tons over a comparable period."

"If every American reduced chicken consumption by one meal per week, the carbon-dioxide savings would be equivalent to removing 500,000 cars form the road."

In a given year, "the number of animals killed to satisfy American palates is 8.6 billion, or 29 animals per average American meat eater. The total number of animals killed on land and sea was approximately 80 billion, or 270 per American meat and fish eater - making the average number of animals consumed in one American lifetime 21,000. — Gene Stone

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Mark Lynas

Unless we decide to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within just a few years from now, our destinies will already be chosen and our path towards hell unalterable as the carbon cycle feedbacks ... kick in one after another. — Mark Lynas

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Barack Obama

If there's one thing I would like to see, it'd be for us to be able to price the cost of carbon emissions. — Barack Obama

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Nicholas Stern

I think that once people understand the great risks that climate change poses, they will naturally want to choose products and services that cause little or no emissions of greenhouse gases, which means 'low-carbon consumption.' This will apply across the board, including electricity, heating, transport and food. — Nicholas Stern

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Sophia Bush

When I'm talking about a developing world, I also look at clean-water access - women who are more vulnerable to sexual violence when they're fetching water. And talking about what we have going on here, with our carbon footprints and our emissions, is just as important to me as figuring out how to provide clean water to people who need it in regions around the world. — Sophia Bush

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Joanne Nova

In the head-spinning cosmos of climate change, everyday hundreds of people claim there are 'thousands of papers' in support of a theory, yet no one can actually name one single paper with empirical evidence that shows carbon dioxide emissions are the main cause of global warming. — Joanne Nova

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Vinod Khosla

Electric cars are coal-powered cars. Their carbon emissions can be worse than gasoline-powered cars. — Vinod Khosla

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Michael O'Leary

A lot of lies and misinformation has been put about by eco nuts on the back of a report by an idiot economist [Sir Nicholas Stern]. Environmental head bangers are talking nonsense when they claim that aviation is the fastest-growing source of carbon emissions. Coal-fired and oil-fired power stations are the biggest contributor of carbon but I have yet to hear any fearless eco warriors advocating nuclear power as they drive around in their SUVs to their next protest meeting. — Michael O'Leary

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Carlo Petrini

If food was no longer obliged to make intercontinental journeys, but stayed part of a system in which it can be consumed over short distances, we would save a lot of energy and carbon dioxide emissions. And just think of what we would save in ecological terms without long-distance transportation, refrigeration, and packaging
which ends up on the garbage dump anyway
and storage, which steals time, space, and vast portions of nature and beauty. — Carlo Petrini

Carbon Emissions Quotes By David Cameron

If we all turned down the thermostat in our house by just one degree, we would save over £650 million worth of energy and nearly nine million tonnes of carbon emissions every year. That would be the equivalent of taking three million cars off our roads ... we can bring about a Green Consumer Revolution in this country to improve our lives, enrich our economy and protect our environment. — David Cameron

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Martin Winterkorn

The European auto industry made a commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 140 grams per kilometer. But then there was a significant change in what customers wanted in their vehicles. — Martin Winterkorn

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Tom DeLay

Cutting carbon in the supply chain is the next critical stage in the business contribution to reduce carbon emissions to tackle climate change and, represents a significant commercial opportunity — Tom DeLay

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Joseph J. Romm

The United States could dramatically reduce its carbon emissions per kilowatt-hour without raising its overall energy bill. — Joseph J. Romm

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Christy Clark

To put it in context, the federal government was, at the beginning [of the Vancouver meeting], talking about a $15-per-tonne floor for carbon emissions. We're at $30 a tonne, so we're already double that. But our economy is growing at a faster rate - three per cent of GDP is our projected growth in British Columbia. — Christy Clark

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Myron Ebell

The policies being promoted are insane ... If you believe energy poverty is a good thing, you should support controls on carbon emissions. But most of the world disagrees with that. — Myron Ebell

Carbon Emissions Quotes By James Hansen

How long have we got? We have to stabilize emissions of carbon dioxide within a decade, or temperatures will warm by more than one degree ... We don't have much time left. — James Hansen

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Tony Abbott

Another big problem with any Australian emissions reduction scheme is that it would not make a material difference to atmospheric carbon concentrations unless the big international polluters had similar schemes. — Tony Abbott

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Peter Singer

Ben West, one of the effective altruists mentioned in chapter 4, has shown that even if your goal were solely to slow down climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, you could do that more effectively by donating to organizations that are encouraging people to go vegetarian or vegan than by donating to leading carbon-offsetting organizations. — Peter Singer

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Erick Erickson

The press heralded this as a major accomplishment. The rush from the press as soon as it was announced suggested a high level of coordination. Like lemmings in a staged dive off a cliff, 'historic' became the media's rallying cry. There is nothing historic about the deal. In fact, news reports from November 2012 noted that China expected, in 2012, that its carbon emissions would begin to decline after 2030 because of factory upgrades, efficiencies, etc. — Erick Erickson

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Margaret D. Klein

I think 99% of climate scientists would agree that we need to reduce emissions as quickly as possible, and then begin removing greenhouse gasses and carbon from the air. And if we don't do that we are looking at some range of catastrophe. — Margaret D. Klein

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Michael Myers

I am troubled by the lack of common sense regarding carbon dioxide emissions. Our greatest greenhouse gas is water. Atmospheric spectroscopy reveals why water has a 95 percent and CO2 a 3.6 percent contribution to the 'greenhouse effect.' Carbon dioxide emissions worldwide each year total 3.2 billion tons. That equals about 0.0168 percent of the atmosphere's CO2 concentration of about 19 trillion tons. This results in a 0.00064 percent increase in the absorption of the sun's radiation. This is an insignificantly small number. — Michael Myers

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Michael Specter

The best way to deal with climate change has been obvious for years: cut greenhouse-gas emissions severely. We haven't done that. In 2010, for example, carbon emissions rose by six per cent - the largest such increase on record. — Michael Specter

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Christopher McDougall

In 'Tarahumara' land, there was no crime, war or theft. There was no corruption, obesity, drug addiction, greed, wife-beating, child abuse, heart disease, high blood pressure, or carbon emissions. They didn't get diabetes, or depressed, or even old: 50-year-olds outran teenagers. — Christopher McDougall

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Frances Beinecke

New York and Connecticut belong to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to cut carbon emissions, and New York City has been a leader in energy efficiency. — Frances Beinecke

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Fred Upton

Cuts in carbon emissions would mean significantly higher electricity prices. We think the American consumer would prefer not to be skinned by Obama's EPA. — Fred Upton

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Rajendra K. Pachauri

Unless a price can be put on carbon emissions that is high enough to force power companies and manufacturers to reduce their fossil-fuel use, there seems to be little chance of avoiding hugely damaging temperature increases — Rajendra K. Pachauri

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Amy Seidl

By planting rye I am creating carbon sinks in my backyard, expanding my role in the carbon cycle, launching my own backyard campaign to offset global warming. My emissions, after all, reflect a rural but very comfortable life in which I enjoy goods that travel great distances - clementines from Spain, wine from California - and on the occasional holiday I fly south, seeking warmer places. Will planting rye in the shoulder seasons be enough to make a difference? Certainly not, but it is a gesture, a way to frame the question and provide a benchmark to judge the extent of my complicity. — Amy Seidl

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Rich Lowry

The horn of dilemma of energy politics is what really drives concern about this energy in this country, at the gut level for most people, is high gas prices. And if you really want to fight global warming and try to reduce our carbon emissions, the cleanest, easiest, most rational way to do it would to make the price of gas even higher through very stiff gas prices. — Rich Lowry

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Dennis Prager

Just about every generation has some horrific evil that it must fight. For the Democratic Party today that evil is carbon dioxide emissions. For the rest of us, it is an ideology that teaches that its deity is sanctified by the blood of innocents. — Dennis Prager

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Edward Teller

Society's emissions of carbon dioxide may or may not turn out to have something significant to do with global warming-the jury is still out. — Edward Teller

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Robert F. Engle

We're talking about should we increase taxes? Why not put a tax on carbon emissions. It would raise a lot of money, it would reduce the environmental damages in the future, it would solve so many problems, and it would be a much more constructive thing to do than to think about raising the income tax. — Robert F. Engle

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Al Gore

The struggle against poverty in the world and the challenge of cutting wealthy country emissions all has a single, very simple solution ... Here it is: Put a price on carbon. — Al Gore

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Matt Ridley

Two economists recently concluded, after studying the issue, that the entire concept of food miles is 'a profoundly flawed sustainability indicator'. Getting food from the farmer to the shop causes just 4 per cent of all its lifetime emissions. Ten times as much carbon is emitted in refrigerating British food as in air-freighting it from abroad, and fifty times as much is emitted by the customer travelling to the shops. — Matt Ridley

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Joseph Muscat

Climate change is a crucial issue in todays global agenda. Hopefully, we will wake up to this reality, sooner rather than later. Pressure has been mounting on European Union Member States to act decisively to fight global warming. A bold target has been set reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 20 by 2020. — Joseph Muscat

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Shuji Nakamura

The promise of energy savings, reduced carbon emissions and affordable lighting was there from the inception. The proliferation of the technology into areas such as displays, automotive, medicine and horticulture was unexpected. — Shuji Nakamura

Carbon Emissions Quotes By David Miliband

In the future, every industry should be an environmental industry. In a world where energy and carbon emissions are constrained, every business must take resource productivity seriously — David Miliband

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Lester R. Brown

The transition from coal, oil, and gas to wind, solar, and geothermal energy is well under way. In the old economy, energy was produced by burning something
oil, coal, or natural gas
leading to the carbon emissions that have come to define our economy. The new energy economy harnesses the energy in wind, the energy coming from the sun, and heat from within the earth itself. — Lester R. Brown

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Martin Rees

Whether it is to reduce our carbon-dioxide emissions or to prepare for when the coal and oil run out, we have to continue to seek out new energy sources. — Martin Rees

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Tony Abbott

We can't conclusively say whether man-made carbon dioxide emissions are contributing to climate change. — Tony Abbott

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Jonathan Franzen

Every facet of Amarillo a testament to a nation of bad-ass firsts: first in prison population, first in meat consumption, first in operational strategic warheads, first in per-capita carbon emissions, first in line for the Rapture. Whether American liberals liked it or not, Amarillo was how the rest of the world saw their country. — Jonathan Franzen

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Ramez Naam

Ozone and climate are global issues, and it's hard to find a way in which the benefits of shutting down carbon emissions are going to pay for themselves for any given power-plant, say. — Ramez Naam

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Frances Beinecke

A cap on carbon is important because it sets a specific goal for reducing carbon emissions 80% by 2050. — Frances Beinecke

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Rupert Murdoch

We could make a difference just by holding our emissions steady as our businesses continue to grow. But that doesn't seem to be enough: we want to go all the way to zero. Today, I am announcing our intention to be carbon neutral, across all our businesses, by 2010. — Rupert Murdoch

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Alex Steffen

By fundamentally changing how we design the places and systems that enable our daily lives, we can slash emissions way beyond the immediate carbon savings - because our own personal emissions are just the tip of a vast iceberg of energy and resources consumed far from our view. — Alex Steffen

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Dennis Prager

That's a phenomenon of the Left: You don't fight evil. You fight carbon emissionsDennis Prager

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Nicholas Stern

Looking back, I underestimated the risks. The planet and the atmosphere seem to be absorbing less carbon than we expected, and emissions are rising pretty strongly. Some of the effects are coming through more quickly than we thought then — Nicholas Stern

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Jennifer Morgan

In developing countries the situation could be even worse because developing countries do not have to count their emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. Private companies from industrialized nations will seek cheap carbon credits for their country in the developing world. — Jennifer Morgan

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Craig Kilborn

Senator Hillary Clinton is attacking President Bush for breaking his campaign promise to cut carbon dioxide emissions, saying a promise made, a promise broken. And then out of habit, she demanded that Bush spend the night on the couch. — Craig Kilborn

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Eduardo Paes

Smart cities are those who manage their resources efficiently. Traffic, public services and disaster response should be operated intelligently in order to minimize costs, reduce carbon emissions and increase performance. — Eduardo Paes

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Rupert Murdoch

Becoming carbon neutral is only the beginning. The climate problem will not be solved by one company reducing its emissions to zero, and it won't be solved by one government acting alone. The climate problem will not be solved without mass participation by the general public in countries around the globe. — Rupert Murdoch

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Tim Ferriss

With a decrease in the number of pirates, there has been an increase in global warming over the same period. Therefore, global warming is caused by a lack of pirates. Even more compelling: Somalia has the highest number of Pirates AND the lowest Carbon emissions of any country. Coincidence? — Tim Ferriss

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Michael Specter

Humanity has nearly suffocated the globe with carbon dioxide, yet nuclear power plants that produce no such emissions are so mired in objections and obstruction that, despite renewed interest on every continent, it is unlikely another will be built in the United States. — Michael Specter

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Klaus Lackner

If we want to stabilize the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at some level - it really doesn't matter which level - you end up having to stop emissions virtually completely. — Klaus Lackner

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Ma Jun

China leads the world in energy consumption, carbon emissions, and the release of major air and water pollutants, and the environmental impact is felt both regionally and globally. — Ma Jun

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Yan Xuetong

The principle of fair reduction is based on the concept of historic responsibility. Developed countries finished industrialising first. Thus, over the last 60 years, the developed countries, which represent 17 percent of the world's population, have been responsible for 70 percent of carbon emissions. The developed countries should adjust for this disparity accordingly. In contrast, developing countries, which represent 83 percent of the world's population, have contributed only 30 percent of total carbon emissions over the past 60 years. It is therefore fair to give developing countries more leeway to produce carbon emissions. — Yan Xuetong

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Nigel Lawson

She felt Britain should not be so dependent on coal. She was in favour of building up nuclear energy to break the dependence on coal, and the main opposition to nuclear came from the environment movement. Mrs. Thatcher thought she could trap them with the carbon emissions argument. — Nigel Lawson

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Christopher Monckton

If Britain was to close down altogether overnight, then China would take up the slack of carbon emissions in two years. If America closed down, just the growth in China's emissions would replace America's emissions in 12 years. — Christopher Monckton

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Peter Diamandis

The automotive X Prize, to a great degree, is focused on addressing petroleum usage and carbon emissions. — Peter Diamandis

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Denis Hayes

We need a firm cap on carbon emissions from fossil fuels. No coal, oil, or gas could enter the economy until the buyer had a permit. All permits would be auctioned by the federal government, and the number of permits auctioned would be decreased by three percent per year. Permits could be traded, but they could not be created out of whole cloth by companies that plant forests or dump iron filings at sea. — Denis Hayes

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Marsha Blackburn

There are some that feel like human activity is the cause for carbon emissions, and because of that, we need to revert to where we were in the 1870s for carbon emissions. I just choose to disagree with that. — Marsha Blackburn

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Arnold Kling

I am worried about climate change. In one respect, I may be more worried than other people. I am worried because I have very little confidence that we know what is causing it ... One of my fears is that we could reduce carbon emissions by some drastic amount, only to discover that-oops-it turns out that climate change is being caused by something else. — Arnold Kling

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Alex Steffen

Carbon zero simply means that the emissions you are releasing either are zero or balance out to zero. — Alex Steffen

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Conrad Black

The greenhouse effect of carbon-dioxide emissions does produce gentle warming if it is not counteracted by unpredictable natural phenomena, but it cannot be measured directly against the volume of such emissions. — Conrad Black

Carbon Emissions Quotes By Chris Huhne

First, we must stop wasting energy. A quarter of the UK's carbon emissions come from the home. Our housing stock - the oldest in Europe - is costing us the earth ... After transport, heating is the second biggest driver of energy demand in Britain. British Gas research suggests that householders who put in energy efficiency measures cut their gas consumption by 44%. Better insulated buildings will do much of the work for us. — Chris Huhne