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Top Canon Camera Quotes

Canon Camera Quotes By Jeff Vespa

The Canon AE1 - a fully manual camera. [My mother] had a 50mm, which is a standard lens, and then I got a 28mm. Then I started a little punk magazine, a zine, when I was 14 or 15 years old. I was shooting my friends skateboarding and it was the beginning of the Macintosh. We wouldn't do layouts on the computer; we would pick the font and then type up a paragraph and then print it out and cut it up and put it in a little mock-up and Xerox it. — Jeff Vespa

Canon Camera Quotes By Eric Dahlin

Whether you have an Iphone, Android, Canon, Nikon, or Panasonic, it won't matter if you don't have it on you. My point is, bring your camera with you. At the very least have your phone. The quality of most phone cameras has improved drastically and will be better than nothing. — Eric Dahlin

Canon Camera Quotes By Rebecca McNutt

Photographs are very interesting, and you can look into them a million times and still find a new meaning in them, something in the past that was caught in the film itself ... — Rebecca McNutt

Canon Camera Quotes By Jeff Vespa

My mom had a Canon AE1 camera and I read the manual and that's basically how I became a photographer. I was in the Baltimore punk scene. I knew it was a special time, so I went out and documented that whole era. I was the only person to really do it of my friends in real black and white, beautiful portraits. — Jeff Vespa

Canon Camera Quotes By Kendall Jenner

I would literally sit at home and have my friends take pictures of me on my little Canon camera that my mom gave me for Christmas. — Kendall Jenner

Canon Camera Quotes By Alison Jackson

I can't remember exactly how old I was when my parents gave me my first camera, but it was a Canon, and I was certainly far too young to have such a good camera. — Alison Jackson

Canon Camera Quotes By Megan Follows

What I love is a good role. In the theatre, there is just a canon of extraordinary roles, the quality of character is amazing, but I also love working in front of a camera. It was the first one for me; as a kid I was in front of a camera. I feel at home. — Megan Follows

Canon Camera Quotes By Elliott Erwitt

I don't really have a favorite camera. I use a Leica and Canon a lot. It depends, especially professionally, on the requirements. But my carry-around camera is a Leica. — Elliott Erwitt