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Top Candy Label Quotes

Candy Label Quotes By Sydney Jane Baily

But I am a writer, and I deal in words, and I need to have them spelled out for me
precisely. — Sydney Jane Baily

Candy Label Quotes By Mark Twain

To me [Edgar Allen Poe's] prose is unreadable - like Jane Austin's [sic]. No there is a difference. I could read his prose on salary, but not Jane's. Jane is entirely impossible. It seems a great pity that they allowed her to die a natural death. — Mark Twain

Candy Label Quotes By Ahmed Ben Bella

My life has been a bit special, this is true. I participated in the liberation of my country. I was one of the organisers of its struggle for liberation. I likewise actively participated in all the struggles for liberation. — Ahmed Ben Bella

Candy Label Quotes By Paolo Bacigalupi

As far as 'Windup Girl' becoming a hit - none of us expected that. 'Night Shade' was just hoping not to lose their shirts, and I had grown up hearing from everyone that science fiction didn't sell, so all of our expectations were very low. — Paolo Bacigalupi

Candy Label Quotes By Sharon Salzberg

It's difficult to admit to ourselves that we suffer. We feel humiliated, like we should have been able to control our pain. If someone else is suffering, we like to tuck them away, out of sight. It's a cruel, cruel conditioning. There is no controlling the unfolding of life. — Sharon Salzberg

Candy Label Quotes By Lydia

(reading a candy label to her little sister) these are 90% sugar, 10% baking soda, and 0% good for you. — Lydia

Candy Label Quotes By Walt Disney Company

Children are people, and they should have to reach to learn about things, to understand things, just as adults have to reach if they want to grow in mental stature. Life is composed of lights and shadows, and we would be untruthful, insincere, and saccharine if we tried to pretend there were no shadows. Most things are good, and they are the strongest things; but there are evil things too, and you are not doing a child a favor by trying to shield him from reality. The important thing is to teach a child that good can always triumph over evil. — Walt Disney Company

Candy Label Quotes By Jessica Cutler

Normal people have sex lives of their own to worry about. — Jessica Cutler

Candy Label Quotes By Homer

It is not good to have a rule of many. — Homer