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Cancer Bravery Quotes & Sayings

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Top Cancer Bravery Quotes

Cancer Bravery Quotes By Corey Aaron Burkes

Bravery is a willing decision to do what must be done. Fear is a cancer that is cured only by doing what must be done, backed by an intelligent, open mind. — Corey Aaron Burkes

Cancer Bravery Quotes By Lance Armstrong

It's a fact that children with cancer have higher cure rates than adults with cancer, and I wonder if the reason is their natural, unthinking bravery ... Adults know too much about failure; they're more cynical and resigned and fearful. — Lance Armstrong

Cancer Bravery Quotes By Frank Langella

There's nothing like the bravery and the strength and the extraordinary optimism of a five-year-old child in a cancer hospital, fighting to live. It's there inside the spirit. — Frank Langella

Cancer Bravery Quotes By Paul Kalanithi

Dying in one's fourth decade is unusual now, but dying is not. "The thing about lung cancer is that it's not exotic," Paul wrote in an email to his best friend, Robin. "The reader can get into these shoes, walk a bit, and say, 'So that's what it looks like from here. Sooner or later, I'll be back here in my own shoes.' That's what I'm aiming for, I think. Not the sensationalism of dying and not the exhortations to gather rosebuds but: Here's what lies up ahead on the road." Of course, he did more than just describe the terrain. He traversed it bravely. — Paul Kalanithi

Cancer Bravery Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

If I am sufficiently brave to extract the cancer of fear, I have effectively gutted my conviction that what stands before me is impossible. — Craig D. Lounsbrough