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Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Bruce B. Wilmer

New Beginnings

Each chapter that is ending
Leads us to a new beginning.
The past that we are leaving
Means a future we are winning.

Each change that fills the present
Sets the stage for our tomorrow,
And how we meet each challenge
Helps determine joy or sorrow.

In every new beginning
Spirit plays a vital part.
We must approach tomorrow
With a strong and steady heart.

So as we turn the corner
Let's all apprehension shed
And fill our hearts with confidence
As we proceed ahead. — Bruce B. Wilmer

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Lyndon B. Johnson

We will not have served the water needs of Americans if we meet only the requirements of today's population. A prudent nation must look ahead and plan for tomorrow. — Lyndon B. Johnson

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Ethan M. Rasiel

Does your particular field have a trade journal? These magazines are always looking for copy from industry insiders: Write a good article and you will get your name in front of people who would otherwise never have heard of you. Meet your competitors too. Today's competitor could change jobs and become tomorrow's customer. Make sure he knows you! It all adds up to making sure your name is the one your customers think of when they have a need you can fill. — Ethan M. Rasiel

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Kiersten White

I don't understand this gap you see between us, but can't you meet me somewhere in the middle?"
"The middle of what?"
"I don't know, the middle of tomorrow and forever, the middle of life and death, the middle of normal and paranormal. Where we've always been."
I bit my lip, nodding against his forehead. "There's a place for us there, right?"
"Always." He put his lips to mine, sealing our own little spot in the world. Together. — Kiersten White

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Dallin H. Oaks

If we knew that we would meet the Lord tomorrow-through our premature death or through His unexpected coming-what would we do today? What confessions would we make? What practices would we discontinue? What accounts would we settle? What forgivenesses would we extend? What testimonies would we bear? If we would do those things then, why not now? — Dallin H. Oaks

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Ken Wilber

Because we demand a future, we live each moment in expectation and unfulfillment. We live each moment in passing. In just this way the real nunc stans, the timeless present, is reduced to the nunc fluens, the fleeting present, the passing present of a mere one or two seconds. We expect each moment to pass on to a future moment, for in this fashion we pretend to avoid death by always rushing toward an imagined future. We want to meet ourselves in the future. We don't want just now - we want another now, and another, and another, tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. And thus, paradoxically, our impoverished present is fleeting precisely because we demand that it end! We want it to end so that it can thereby pass on to yet another moment, a future moment, which will in turn live only to pass. — Ken Wilber

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Jerry Spinelli

You be you and I'll be me, today and today and today, and let's trust the future to tomorrow. Let the stars keep track of us. let us ride our own orbits and trust that they will meet. May our reunion be not a finding but a sweet collision of destinies! Love and Love and Love Again, Stargirl. — Jerry Spinelli

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Ericka Davis

I am tomorrow I wonder what the future holds. I hear rippling water that soothes me when things are not calm. I see the word success, big and bold. I want to see the world. I am Tomorrow I claim I already have what I know is yet to come. I feel apprehensive because change is something that I have to endure. I touch a black pen and make beautiful, vivid colors. I worry about inflation, war, revolution, a car, self-destruction, hate, hidden prejudices, my fate. I cry when I think I won't see my mom anymore. I AM TOMORROW I understand that tomorrow is not promised. I say live like you're trying to get your name on his list. I dream that I am happy, prosperous, and loved. I try to meet the world and greet them with a smile on my face. I hope that the weight on my shoulders will take off and fly like a dove. I am tomorrow — Ericka Davis

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Tomorrow is tomorrow and today is today. Tomorrow will come and we shall still say today. Worry not yourself about tomorrow but today! Plan your tomorrow today and tomorrow will never be a regretful yesterday for you. Those who least plan their tomorrow today always meet tomorrow and still live in yesterday. — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By James Frey

I want to see you tomorrow, but I don't know what this thing with my parents is going to be like. When you go to lunch, sit so you can see into the Men's section. If my back is turned, I can't meet you. If I'm facing you, I can meet you and the number of plates on my tray is the time I'll be here.
What if you can't come till midnight?
Then I'm going to look like a fucking idiot. — James Frey

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Richard Adams

I should hurry, then, if I were you," said Blackberry. "The sun will be down soon." "Hah!" said Bigwig. "If I meet a stoat, it'd better look out, that's all. I'll bring you one back tomorrow, shall I? — Richard Adams

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Francis Of Assisi

Lord, help me to live this day, quietly, easily. To lean upon Thy great strength, trustfully, restfully. To wait for the unfolding of Thy will, patiently, serenely. To meet others, peacefully, joyously. To face tomorrow, confidently, courageously. — Francis Of Assisi

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

He will lunch with you at your flat tomorrow at one-thirty. Please remember that he drinks no wine, strongly disapproves of smoking, and can only eat the simplest food, owing to an impaired digestion. Do not offer him coffee, for he considers it the root of half the nerve-trouble in the world."
"I should think a dog-biscuit and a glass of water would about meet the case, what?"
"Oh, all right. Merely persiflage."
"Now it is precisely that sort of idiotic remark that would be calculated to arouse Sir Roderick's worst suspicions. — P.G. Wodehouse

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Douglas William Jerrold

If an earthquake were to engulf England tomorrow, the English would manage to meet and dine somewhere among the rubbish, just to celebrate the event. — Douglas William Jerrold

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Royce White

Take 30 seconds to encourage everyone you meet today. Everyone. Be genuine and transparent. And do it. Then do it tomorrow. Repeat. — Royce White

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Jeff Strand

How about we meet tomorrow at Von's Gym, 6 A.M.?" I'd heard rumors that such an hour of the morning existed, but thus far it had been unconfirmed. — Jeff Strand

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Anonymous

Care for each person you meet as if you secretly know they are going to die tomorrow but they don't know it yet. They need your compassion. Or, if that is too morbid, pretend you are their mother. My baby! — Anonymous

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Lauren Oliver

The second time my world exploded, it was also
because of a word. A word that worked its way out of my
throat and danced onto and out of my lips before I could
think about it, or stop it.
The question was: Will you meet me tomorrow?
And the word was: Yes. — Lauren Oliver

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Cindi Madsen

There's this party tomorrow night. The client with all the ex-husbands is throwing it, and I've got to go. I know it's last minute, and that Fridays are really busy for you. I'm also sure it's going to be boring. Anyway, if you can't go, I completely understand. But if you don't come with me, I'll be forced to meet rich, eligible bachelors who may or may not have all their original teeth and hair."
I bit my nail as I waited for his answer, trying to prepare myself for the possibility he couldn't go.
"You're not really giving me much of a choice," Jake said. "Not when I know you've got a weakness for bald men with dentures. — Cindi Madsen

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Doug Liman

In particular, I'm drawn to the stories that have big, high concepts and real characters at their heart. And I love where those two worlds meet, and 'Edge of Tomorrow' is the perfect canvas to explore that. — Doug Liman

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By L.A. Witt

If I was going to shoot you, we wouldn't be having this conversation. What's your name?" The Italian lifted his head enough to meet Sergei's gaze. "Who wants to know?" Sergei rolled his eyes. "The guy who's going to decide whether you wake up tomorrow in a hospital, a jail cell, or a morgue." He — L.A. Witt

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Marc Maron

A lot of people think that Jesus is coming back. That's fine, it's your right. But you know, I live in New York, and I think he's running a little late. I'm asking myself, 'Alright, what happens if Jesus comes back tomorrow? What - does he make rounds to churches?' 'OK, everyone who's been good, buses leave in 10 minutes. I'll meet you in front of the post office. I gotta go. Oh, don't tell the Jews I'm back.' — Marc Maron

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Philip Larkin

Love again: wanking at ten past three
(Surely he's taken her home by now?),
The bedroom hot as a bakery,
The drink gone dead, without showing how
To meet tomorrow, and afterwards,
And the usual pain, like dysentery.
Someone else feeling her breasts and cunt,
Someone else drowned in that lash-wide stare,
And me supposed to be ignorant,
Or find it funny, or not to care,
Even ... but why put it into words?
Isolate rather this element
That spreads through other lives like a tree
And sways them on in a sort of sense
And say why it never worked for me.
Something to do with violence
A long way back, and wrong rewards,
And arrogant eternity. — Philip Larkin

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Neale Donald Walsch

Perhaps the way to meet tomorrow's challenges is not to use yesterday's solutions, but to dare to think the previously unthinkable, to speak the previously unspeakable, and to try that which was previously out of the question. — Neale Donald Walsch

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Thich Nhat Hanh

This body is not me; I am not caught in this body, I am life without boundaries, I have never been born and I have never died. Over there the wide ocean and the sky with many galaxies All manifests from the basis of consciousness. Since beginningless time I have always been free. Birth and death are only a door through which we go in and out. Birth and death are only a game of hide-and-seek. So smile to me and take my hand and wave good-bye. Tomorrow we shall meet again or even before. We shall always be meeting again at the true source, Always meeting again on the myriad paths of life. — Thich Nhat Hanh

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Kiera Cass

Technically, I'm not supposed to meet you until tomorrow, and I don't want anyone getting upset. Though I wouldn't call you yelling at me anything close to a romantic tryst, would you? — Kiera Cass

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Cambria Hebert

Bags were shoved on all of our heads once more. Hands grabbed me and spurred me forward. "Rick," Zach said behind us. The hands guiding me stopped. The bag was ripped off my head again, and I found myself looking into Zach's eyes. "Bring the girl tomorrow night," he said.
The last thing I wanted to do was bring Rimmel into a room full of these assholes. "What the fuck for?"
He smiled. It looked more like a sneer. "I'd like to meet the nerd. I hear you've become quite smitten."
The more he talked about her, the more he implied he knew her, the more pissed off I got. I lunged forward and shoved my face right up in his. Satisfaction speared me when his eyes widened just a fraction. He wasn't as tough as he thought he was.
"Well, since you seem to know everything," I said, dead calm, "then you must also know that I take care of what's mine. You might be president of this frat, but I own the campus. Do. Not. Push. Me."
- Zach & Romeo — Cambria Hebert

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Tera Lynn Childs

NO SHORTS or SANDAL!! This for your own protection.
Tomorrow's boot camp will be something SPECIAL! Meet in front of the maintenance shed at the north end of the quad at 10 A.M! Latecomers will be left behind and this is a day you will not want to miss!
- Adara -
I roll my eyes. Besides her overuse of exclamation points and her tendency to yell, the idea that we're doing "something special" in camp tomorrow is not exciting. It's terrifying. — Tera Lynn Childs

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Italo Calvino

What is more natural than that a solidity, a complicity, a bond should be established between Reader and Reader, thanks to the book?
You can leave the bookshop content, you, a man who thought that the period where you could still expect something from life had ended. You are bearing with you two different expectations, and both promise days of pleasant hopes; the expectation contained in the book - of a reading experience you are impatient to resume - and the expectation contained in that telephone number - of hearing again the vibrations, a times treble and at times smoldering, of that voice, when it will answer your first phone call in a while, in fact tomorrow, with the fragile pretext of the book, to ask her if she likes it or not, to tell her how many pages you have read or not read, to suggest to her that you meet again ... — Italo Calvino

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Laura Kaye

I'm going out with him again tomorrow night," Emilie said after they'd finished eating. "He lives up in Baltimore, so we're going to meet after I'm done at the clinic."
"What are your wearing?" Kelly asked, wiping her mouth with her napkin.
"Just ... " She shrugged and looked down at the white cardigan she wore over a pair of basic black slacks. "Work clothes".
Kelly's eyes went wide. "Oh, no. No, no. Hottie McHotterson deserves more than work clothes. Hottie deserves a little black dress or a pair of fuck-hot jeans and a slinky little top. And heel - sexy, tall heels." She arched an eyebrow. — Laura Kaye

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Taylor Stevens

... Tell me, Michael, who are you really?"
"Does it matter?" Munroe said. "Yesterday's truth is today's lie, and tomorrow we'll both be someone else."
"Indulge me," Sato said. "Two tigers meet by chance in a forest, seeing for the first time in all dimensions the same supple power that has, until then, only met them in the flat reflection at the water's edge. For that, it matters. — Taylor Stevens

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Saul Alinsky

You cannot meet today's crisis tomorrow. — Saul Alinsky

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Katherine Applegate

Today, tomorrow, sooner or later, you will meet someone who is lost, just as you yourself have been lost, and as you will be lost again someday. And when that happens, it is your duty to say I've been lost, too. Let me help you find your way home. — Katherine Applegate

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Ernest Holmes

Expectancy speeds progress. Therefore, live in a continual state of expectancy. No matter how much good you are experiencing today, expect greater good tomorrow. Expect to meet new friends. Expect to meet new and wonderful experiences. Try this magic of expectancy and you will soon discover a dramatic side to your work which gives full vent to constructive feeling. — Ernest Holmes

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Chirag Tulsiani

There are people we meet who have but little roles to play in our lives, who happen to be no more than a special appearance to our story.
People, who influence, who possess the drift, the force whose implication leads us forward in our course of life. We might have never come across them until today and probably not hear from them tomorrow or ever after, for all that exists is this moment, a moment enough for them to fulfil their purpose that being to help us find our way and enough for us to fulfil ours that being to actually find it, reach it, accomplish it.
They are the ones who bring meaning to our lives, who happen to inspire, who spark a fire that we carry with us for the rest of our days, who are but pillars of hope and sometimes sacrifice, life-changers, life-savers, catalysts. — Chirag Tulsiani

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Julia Quinn

He took one of her fingers and rubbed it gently against his lips. "I want to see you tomorrow," he said softly. "I want to call on you and see where you live."
She said nothing, just held herself steady, trying not to cry.
"I want to meet your parents and pet your damned dog," he continued, somewhat unsteadily. "Do you understand what I mean?"
Music and conversation still drifted up from below, but the only sound on the terrace was the harsh rasp of their breath.
"I want - " His voice dropped to a whisper, and his eyes looked vaguely surprised, as if he couldn't quite believe the truth of his own words. "I want your future. I want every little piece of you."
-Benedict & Sophie — Julia Quinn

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Corey Taylor

Things can get tough out there. I am in no way saying life is easy and we should breeze through it like a fart through silk filter; we are going to take our lumps and deal with our own unique adversity. What I am saying is that in all the chaos, remember to breathe, remember to smile, and remember that the only time to panic is when there is truly no tomorrow. Fortunately for the majority of us, tomorrow will always meet us in the morning with a cup of coffee and a fresh deck of cigarettes, ready to crack it's cocoon and mature into today. So ease the grip on your moralities and be yourself. Fantastic is really just the flaws. Nobody is perfect - not you, not me, not Jesus, Buddha, Jehovah, not God. But the great thing is that you do not have to be perfect to be alive, and that is what makes life absolutely perfect. — Corey Taylor

Can We Meet Tomorrow Quotes By Mindi Scott

Me too. Do you want to meet me at the golf course after you get off work tomorrow? Then we can see each other all afternoon."
"That sounds good."
Which it did. But even if she'd said "Do you want to meet me at the surface of the sun?" I'd still have agreed to it. — Mindi Scott