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Butter Knife Quotes By R. Lee Smith

Under no circumstances are you to butter your entire roll and, my God!" she cried suddenly, switching Lan's hand three times in rapid succession. "Never lick your knife!" "Ouch! Fine! Buggering fuck! Leave off with that beshitted thing!" The dead woman let out a sound like the chirping of a bird, staring at her with an indignation that was nearly horror. "Ladies," she sputtered at last. "Ladies do not say bugger or fuck!" "But beshitted's all right?" Lan asked cautiously. "No, it is not!" "You know, I may not be as mannered-up as you are, but in Norwood, it's rude to yell at the table. — R. Lee Smith

Butter Knife Quotes By Robert Sietsema

If I go into a restaurant and the food sucks I feel so depressed I just want to carve it in my wrist with the butter knife. — Robert Sietsema

Butter Knife Quotes By Michael Connelly

It seemed to Bosch to be a form of torture heaped upon torture. Corazon was hunched over the steel table, her bloody and gloved hands deep inside the gutted torso, working with forceps and a long-bladed instrument she called the "butter knife." Corazon was not tall and she stood on her tiptoes to be able to reach down and in with her tools. She braced her hip against the side of the autopsy table to gain leverage. — Michael Connelly

Butter Knife Quotes By R.S. Grey

The morning after I'd dumped the Easy-Bake Oven on the guesthouse porch, I'd walked out of my front door and nearly tripped on the box on the way to my truck. She'd returned it with a butter knife sticking through the side, and despite myself, I smiled. — R.S. Grey

Butter Knife Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

They wouldn't let her have a butter knife on her table, but they gave her access to this. — Sarah J. Maas

Butter Knife Quotes By Maggie O'Farrell

Gretta sits herself down at the table. Robert has arranged everything she needs: a plate, a knife, a bowl with a spoon, a pat of butter, a jar of jam. It is in such small acts of kindness that people know they are loved. — Maggie O'Farrell

Butter Knife Quotes By Richelle Mead

You made your own jean shorts ... with a butter knife? — Richelle Mead

Butter Knife Quotes By James W. Pennebaker

After I published a paper showing that suicidal poets used pronouns differently from non-suicidal poets, a slightly inebriated poet threatened me with a butter knife at a party in my own home. — James W. Pennebaker

Butter Knife Quotes By Veronica Roth

I push open the door just as Tobias, who is sitting on the floor with one leg stretched out, hurls a butter knife at the opposite wall. It sticks, handle out, from a large hunk of cheese they positioned on top of the dresser. Caleb, standing beside him, stares in disbelief, first at the cheese and then at me.
"Tell me he's some kind of Dauntless prodigy," says Caleb. "Can you do this too?"
"With my right hand, maybe," I say. "But yes, Four is some kind of Dauntless prodigy.
Tobias's eyes catch mine on the word "Four." Caleb doesn't know that Tobias wears his excellence all the time in his own nickname. — Veronica Roth

Butter Knife Quotes By Annelie Wendeberg

They were a well-mixed bunch of men whose mental sharpness ranged from that of a butter knife to an overripe plum. — Annelie Wendeberg

Butter Knife Quotes By Veronica Roth

Keep your mouth shut around me," he says, his voice low, "or I will do this again, only next time, I'll shove it right through your esophagus."
"That's enough," Evelyn says. Edward drops the fork and releases Peter. Then he walks across the room and sits next to the person who called him "Eddie" a moment before.
"I don't know if you know this," Tobias says, "but Edward is a little unstable."
"I'm getting that," I say.
"That Drew guy, who helped Peter perform that butter-knife maneuver," Tobias says. "Apparently when he got kicked out of Dauntless, he tried to join the same group of factionless Edward was a part of. Notice that you haven't seen Drew anywhere."
"Did Edward kill him?" I say.
"Nearly," Tobias says. "Evidently that's why that other transfer--Myra, I think her name was?--left Edward. Too gentle to bear it. — Veronica Roth

Butter Knife Quotes By Anoushka Beazley

You chopped onions with a knife, spread butter with a knife. Yes, it could cause damage, but there were lots of other uses. There was only one use for a gun. Two — Anoushka Beazley

Butter Knife Quotes By Alyxandra Harvey

I leaped toward her, landing behind her to guard her back before the Hel-Blar reached us. She shot me a half-surprised, half-grateful glance. The moon glinted on her sword and the chain mail sewn into the leather of her tunic, over her heart.
"Stay close," I told her.
She snorted. "I have a sword and you have a butter knife. Staying close is about your only option. — Alyxandra Harvey

Butter Knife Quotes By Dave Mustaine

Some years later, long after he and Megadeth parted company, Jay Jones was stabbed to death with a butter knife during-rumor has it-a fight over a bolonga sandwich. That's not funny, of course. But, if you knew Jay, neither is it particularly suprising. — Dave Mustaine

Butter Knife Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

So you guys fought some Daimons, huh? Wish I could. Wulf goes nuts if I even pick up a butter knife. (Chris) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Butter Knife Quotes By Megan Rich

Patrick would flip The Beatles on mornings after a fight, when we'd bake bread, kneading our troubles into something we could eat. We'd take turns in two-part harmony, working the gluten out, 'fussing and fighting', and as the smell of it baking filled the apartment with the homeliness of 'Penny Lane', we'd be 'ob-la-di-ing' over the sink, one washing, the other drying, hitting hips in three-four time. When we'd slice it open, knife a bit of butter in and take a bite of what had become of the last night's troubles, it was clear 'we'd still need each other, we'd still feed each other, when we're sixty-four'. — Megan Rich

Butter Knife Quotes By Justin Halpern

Don't touch that knife. YOU never need to be holding a knife ... I don't give a shit, learn how to butter stuff with a spoon — Justin Halpern

Butter Knife Quotes By Pat Burns

Coaching the Bruins is like going bear hunting with a butter knife. — Pat Burns

Butter Knife Quotes By Nicole Castle

The blade gleamed in his hand, making my knees go so weak that I had to hold onto the car. Even watching him use a butter knife on an unsuspecting piece of toast was enough to make my whole body burn, inciting an erection under the table that would last long past dessert. — Nicole Castle

Butter Knife Quotes By Heather Dixon

What are you doing here? said Azalea, grasping in the
basket behind her for the butter knife. Her hand found a
teaspoon. It was better than nothing — Heather Dixon

Butter Knife Quotes By Rachel Vincent

His name's Nash."
Aunt Val took a butter knife from the silverware drawer. "What year is he?"
I groaned inwardly. "Senior." ... here we go ...
Her smile was a little too enthusiastic. "Well that's wonderful!"
Of course, what she really meant was "Rise from the shadows, social leper, and walk in the bright light of acceptance! — Rachel Vincent

Butter Knife Quotes By Ransom Riggs

What am I supposed to fight then with, the goddamned butter knife? — Ransom Riggs

Butter Knife Quotes By Joseph Fink

Dammit!" she said, stabbing the paper with her butter knife and then repeated "Dammit" a couple of more times in a hopeless decrescendo.
"KING CITY," said the paper.
"Yeah, yeah, so I've heard," she muttered. No one around her noticed. Teenagers shout things a lot while smashing knives near their hands, everyone knew. — Joseph Fink

Butter Knife Quotes By Dean Koontz

He would never need a knife to spread a pat of butter on his toast. That smile would quickly melt it. — Dean Koontz

Butter Knife Quotes By Eve Langlais

But, as a princess of Hell, I tended to lean toward the more dramatic - I did have a reputation to uphold after all. I threw a knife at my visiting mother's head. In my defense, it was only a butter knife - unfortunately - and I knew, even before I fired it with deadly intent, it would never make its target - an even bigger shame. — Eve Langlais

Butter Knife Quotes By Lewis Carroll

"She can't do Subtraction." said the White Queen. "Can you do Division? Divide a loaf by a knife-what's the answer to that?" "I suppose-" Alice was beginning, but the Red Queen answered for her. "Bread-and-butter, of course." — Lewis Carroll

Butter Knife Quotes By S.L. Wallace

You'd be surprised what I can do with a butter knife. — S.L. Wallace

Butter Knife Quotes By Lindy Zart

Roomie Rule #1: Never put a gallon of milk back in the fridge when there is only an inch of milk left in it. (Graham's)
Roomie Rule #2: Do not put a knife in the peanut butter and then use the same knife in the jelly. (Graham's)
Roomie Rule #3: The television must be on football if football is on the television. (Graham's)
Roomie Rule #4: Use your own razor. (Graham's)
Roomie Rule #5: Any chocolate in the apartment belongs to Kennedy, regardless of who bought it. (Mine)

Zart, Lindy (2014-11-20). Roomies (p. 169). . Kindle Edition. — Lindy Zart

Butter Knife Quotes By K. Martin Beckner

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. I think I would have more fun chopping thistles with a butter knife. — K. Martin Beckner

Butter Knife Quotes By Bill Callahan

I have been mostly dull lately. Like a butter knife. And hoping to find, when called upon, something more in my arsenal than a butter knife. Unless my opponent is actually butter. Then that would be fine. Room temperature butter. — Bill Callahan

Butter Knife Quotes By Bebe Neuwirth

I have the greatest picture of Ted [Danson]. That was a big caper: There was one person [opening] the door with a butter knife and another person kicking the door in so I could get a photo. He's decapitated, but totally nude. And he's really well-endowed. — Bebe Neuwirth

Butter Knife Quotes By Rodney Dangerfield

I came from a real tough neighborhood. Once a guy pulled a knife on me. I knew he wasn't a professional, the knife had butter on it. — Rodney Dangerfield

Butter Knife Quotes By Alyson Noel

But my attention's elsewhere, drawn to that warm wonderful pull, the familiar loving essence that only belongs to one person - only belongs to him
Watching as Damen cuts through the water, board tucked under his arm, body so sculpted, so bronzed, Rembrandt would weep. Water sluicing behind him like a hot knife through butter, cleanly, fluidly, as though parting the sea.
My lips part, desperate to speak, to call out his name and bring him back to me. But just as I'm about to, my eyes meet his and I see what he sees: me - hair tangled and wet - clothes twisted and clinging - frolicking in the ocean on a hot sunny day with Jude's tanned strong arms still wrapped around me.
I release myself from Jude's grip, but it's too late. Damen's already seen me.
Already moved on.
Leaving me hollow, breathless, as I watch him retreat.
No tulips, no telepathic message, just a sad, empty void left behind in his place. — Alyson Noel

Butter Knife Quotes By Lisa McMann

The thought of being with Shay Wilder makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a butter knifeLisa McMann

Butter Knife Quotes By Julianna Keyes

My legs are still eagerly parting like butter for a hot knife. — Julianna Keyes

Butter Knife Quotes By Ash Gray

Alright. So how are we getting down there? Can you turn invisible or something?"

"What do I look like? A magician?"

"Well, can you fight?"

"Can you?"

"No," said Thalcu with a sad laugh. "Zonbiri women aren't allowed to handle anything bigger than a butter knife. Not legally, anyway. Besides, I could never shoot a gun. My hands are used to pushing remote control buttons, pounding game controllers . . . picking the good chips from the bag. — Ash Gray

Butter Knife Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

By the way, I may have misled you by using the word 'tea'. None of your wafer slices of bread-and-butter. We're good trencher-men, we of the Revolution. What we shall require will be something on the order of scrambled eggs, muffins, jam, ham, cake and sardines. Expect us at five sharp."
"But, I say, I'm not quite sure - "
"Yes, you are. Silly ass, don't you see that this is going to do you a bit of good when the Revolution breaks loose? When you see old Rowbotham sprinting up Piccadilly with a dripping knife in each hand, you'll be jolly thankful to be able to remind him that he once ate your tea and shrimps. — P.G. Wodehouse

Butter Knife Quotes By Marie Lu

Where I come from, we're more about efficiency,' he replies. 'A knife like this'll skewer food, smear butter, and slit throats all at the same time. — Marie Lu

Butter Knife Quotes By R.J. Lewis

I want to butter your bread, with my pointy butter knife. Til it's dripping off your bun, This salty elixir of life. — R.J. Lewis

Butter Knife Quotes By Geri Halliwell

Words are like butter Rolling off my lips Cut like a knife And now I'm sinking battleships — Geri Halliwell

Butter Knife Quotes By Frank Sinatra

I said to Mr. Pavarotti once ... a marvelous man and a great artist ... I said to him ... "Maestro, I'm having trouble closing out a note so that it's almost as thin as a butter knife ... finish it out quietly like that." I said, "I have trouble doing that. What do you think I should do?" He said, "Justa close up your mouth." That's all he said, and I fell on the floor. I thought he was gonna give me a dissertation. — Frank Sinatra