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Business Growth Quotes By James Chanos

The Macau casinos have a wonderful business, it's taking in money from Chinese businessmen elsewhere who send it through junky companies to casinos to gamble. The growth continues and they have basically western managers and western accounting, so we trust the numbers a little bit more. — James Chanos

Business Growth Quotes By Robert Heilbroner

Growth is the mantra of our society because the economy can't remain healthy without growth.Impregnable monopolies aside (and these are few), profits are both the hallmark of capitalism and its Achilles heel, for no business can permanently maintain its prices much above its costs. There is only one way in which profits can be perpetuated; a business-or an entire economy-must grow. — Robert Heilbroner

Business Growth Quotes By Jim Sinclair

When you have growth and development, you have more work to do in the fire business. Thats going to be the reality in the future. — Jim Sinclair

Business Growth Quotes By Peter Drucker

The great challenge to management today is to make productive the tremendous new resource, the knowledge worker. This, rather than the productivity of the manual worker, is the key to economic growth and economic performance in today's society. — Peter Drucker

Business Growth Quotes By Paul Graham

People are bad at looking at seeds and guessing what size tree will grow out of them. The way you'll get big ideas in, say, health care is by starting out with small ideas. If you try to do some big thing, you don't just need it to be big; you need it to be good. And it's really hard to do big and good simultaneously. So, what that means is you can either do something small and good and then gradually make it bigger, or do something big and bad and gradually make it better. And you know what? Empirically, starting big just does not work. That's the way the government does things. They do something really big that's really bad, and they think, Well, we'll make it better, and then it never gets better.
Building Fast Companies for Growth, Inc. September 2013 — Paul Graham

Business Growth Quotes By David J. Greer

Your personal growth, how you show up, and the ways you lead ultimately determine the success of your business and your life. — David J. Greer

Business Growth Quotes By James Grant

Central banks have gotten out of the central banking business and into the central planning business, meaning that they are devoted to raising up-if they can-economic growth and employment through the dubious means of suppressing interest rates and printing money. The nice thing about gold is that you can't print it. — James Grant

Business Growth Quotes By Peter Drucker

Luck never built a business. Prosperity and growth come only to the business that systematically finds and exploits its potential. — Peter Drucker

Business Growth Quotes By Sanjay Kumar

Well, the security business has been growing. I think security is one of those areas where it's to some degree not linear but maybe exponential growth. — Sanjay Kumar

Business Growth Quotes By George Monbiot

Almost all systems of economic thought are premised on the idea of continued economic growth, which would be fine and dandy if we lived on an infinite planet, but there's this small, niggling, inconvenient fact that the planet is, in fact, finite, and that, unlike economic theory, it is governed by physical and biological reality — George Monbiot

Business Growth Quotes By Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Business as usual is dead. Green growth is the answer to both our climate and economic problems — Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Business Growth Quotes By William J. Clinton

Democrats think the country works better with a strong middle class, real opportunities for poor people to work their way into it and a relentless focus on the future, with business and government working together to promote growth and broadly shared prosperity. We think 'we're all in this together' is a better philosophy than 'you're on your own.' — William J. Clinton

Business Growth Quotes By Bernard Liautaud

I believe Business Objects is on the cusp of becoming a multi-billion-dollar sales company. There is tremendous growth potential for business intelligence. — Bernard Liautaud

Business Growth Quotes By Amah Lambert

Entrepreneurship is when an individual retrieves a red hot idea from the creativity furnace without the constraint of the heat of lean resources, and with each persistent blow of the innovation hammer shapes the still malleable idea against the anvil of passion, vision, insight, strategy, and principles to forge a fitting vessel of a creative concern. — Amah Lambert

Business Growth Quotes By Nkem Paul

For business and life, if you are not experiencing growth, you're possibly dying. — Nkem Paul

Business Growth Quotes By Jamie Dimon

Companies that grow for the sake of growth or that expand into areas outside their core business strategy often stumble. On the other hand, companies that build scale for the benefit of their customers and shareholders more often succeed over time. — Jamie Dimon

Business Growth Quotes By Verne Harnish

It's between $1 million and $10 million that the team needs to focus on cash. Growth sucks cash, and since this is the first time the company will make a tenfold jump in size, the demands for cash will soar. In addition, at this stage of organizational development, the company is still trying to figure out its unique position in the marketplace, and these experiments (or mistakes) can be costly. This is when the cash model of the business needs to be worked out (e.g., "How is the business model going to generate sufficient cash for the company to keep growing?"). — Verne Harnish

Business Growth Quotes By Margaret Thatcher

We very much hope that as we get growth that we can reduce the burden of taxation, that we can reduce income tax and increase the amount of genuine free enterprise and business enterprise ... This is going ... toward the restoration of the personal responsibility, the independence, with every man a property owner, every man a capitalist. — Margaret Thatcher

Business Growth Quotes By Mark Parker

Sustainability at Nike means being laser-focused on evolving our business model to deliver profitable growth while leveraging the efficiencies of lean manufacturing, minimizing our environmental impact and using the tools available to us to bring about positive change across our entire supply chain. — Mark Parker

Business Growth Quotes By James Arthur Ray

Your business and results are a reflection of you. Your business and results will grow in direct proportion to your own growth. — James Arthur Ray

Business Growth Quotes By Yvon Chouinard

Growth isn't central at all, because I'm trying to run this company as if it's going to be here a hundred years from now. And if you take where we are today and add 15% growth, like public companies need to have for their stock to stay up in value, I'd be a multi-trillion-dollar company in 40 years. Which is impossible, of course. — Yvon Chouinard

Business Growth Quotes By Ratan Tata

IT and the entire communications business clearly have the greatest potential for growth. But if you're talking about sheer size, the steel and auto industries will remain at the top. — Ratan Tata

Business Growth Quotes By Dee Dee Artner

Time, energy and money. These should never be compromised. — Dee Dee Artner

Business Growth Quotes By Marc Rich

I basically see two reasons for a going public: Glencore gets access to more money. It is a way of funding your business and to finance growth. Plus: You have more liquid shares. It is easier to leave the company and redeem your shares. The 'going public' may also be an exit strategy for the top management. — Marc Rich

Business Growth Quotes By Murali Murthy

The quest for self improvement and personal growth is now an integral part of my life. I'm always looking for ways to increase my capacity to grow, develop and achieve more.
And that means, I'm willing to read, observe, listen, discuss, research and do whatever it takes to become a better improved me. I hope you are too. — Murali Murthy

Business Growth Quotes By Paul Gilding

If sustainability is going to take hold in the corporate sector in a big way - and we need it to - it will be when it produces big profits and faster growth. It won't happen because of an optional executive commitment to an abstract concept. It will happen because sustainability is a great business strategy. And it is — Paul Gilding

Business Growth Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

You make the plans - otherwise you will die thinking it is not possible to plan to have time for work, for exercise, for sleep, for relaxation, for recreation, for eating, for entertainment, for love, for family, for spirituality, for friends, for personal reflection, for personal development, for business, for charity all in one life! — Archibald Marwizi

Business Growth Quotes By Larissa MacFarquhar

[Clayton] Christensen had seen dozens of companies falter by going for immediate payoffs rather than long-term growth, and he saw people do the same thing. In three hours at work, you could get something substantial accomplished, and if you failed to accomplish it you felt the pain right away. If you spent three hours at home with your family, it felt like you hadn't done a thing, and if you skipped it nothing happened. So you spent more and more time at the office, on high-margin, quick-yield tasks, and you even believed that you were staying away from home for the sake of your family. He had seen many people tell themselves that they could divide their lives into stages, spending the first part pushing forward their careers, and imagining that at some future point they would spend time with their families
only to find that by then their families were gone. — Larissa MacFarquhar

Business Growth Quotes By John Dewey

It is [the teacher's] business to be on the alert to see what attitudes and habitual tendencies are being created. In this direction he[sic] must, if he is an educator, be able to judge what attitudes are actually conducive to continued growth and what are detrimental. He must, in addition, have that sympathetic understanding of individuals as individuals which gives him an idea of what is actually going on in the minds of those who are learning. — John Dewey

Business Growth Quotes By Tony Hsieh

For me, the most fun is change or growth. There are definitely elements of both that I like. Launching a business is kind of like a motorboat: You can go very quickly and turn fast. — Tony Hsieh

Business Growth Quotes By Howard Coble

Eliminating the Death Tax will continue to restore consumer confidence, spur capital investment, and create new jobs which are critical components of economic growth, particularly within the small business community. — Howard Coble

Business Growth Quotes By Amanda Lang

Instead of going back and looking at the question, people tinker with the solution, trying to make it fit."-Claude Legrande ... "The consequences of failing to do that [in our personal lives] are the same as those facing businesses - even more dire, perhaps, because what's being squandered isn't just the potential for profits. It's the potential for happiness. We miss opportunities to innovate and to make positive changes in our lives when we aren't willing to question ourselves. — Amanda Lang

Business Growth Quotes By Peter Pande

In a larger business context, an example of the "Genius of the And" would be a company's constant attention to both long-term growth and quarterly results. — Peter Pande

Business Growth Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

It is amazing, the number of business executives and senior leaders who get to be appointed and elevated to positions of authority on the basis of technical competences whilst lacking essential grooming on basic good manners and customs of conduct that must come from the home training process. — Archibald Marwizi

Business Growth Quotes By J. Paul Getty

You must take risks, both with your own money or with borrowed money. Risk taking is essential to business growth. — J. Paul Getty

Business Growth Quotes By Jim Rohn

If you want to have more, you have to become more.
For things to change, you have to change.
For things to get better, you have to become better.
If you improve, everything will improve for you.
If you grow, your money will grow; your relationships, your health, your business and every external effect will mirror that growth in equal correlation. — Jim Rohn

Business Growth Quotes By Sophia Amoruso

Nasty Gal Obsessed: We keep the customer at the center of everything we do. Without customers, we have nothing. Own It: Take the ball and run with it. We make smart decisions, put the business first, and do more with less. People Are Important: Reach out, make friends, build trust. No Assholes: We leave our egos at the door. We are respectful, collaborative, curious, and open-minded. Learn On: What we're building has never been built before - the future is ours to write. We get excited about growth, take intelligent risks, and learn from our mistakes. Have Fun and Keep It Weird. — Sophia Amoruso

Business Growth Quotes By Warren Buffett

Asset-heavy businesses generally earn low rates of return - rates that often barely provide enough capital to fund the inflationary needs of the existing business, with nothing left over for real growth, for distribution to owners, or for acquisition of new businesses — Warren Buffett

Business Growth Quotes By Bob Beauprez

What Democrats haven't focused on are the kind of policies that would promote economic growth - such as making permanent the 2001/2003 tax cuts, opening up federal lands to more energy production, and reforming government to reduce its burden on business. — Bob Beauprez

Business Growth Quotes By John Irving

It's a no-win argument - that business of what we're born with and what our environment does to us. And it's a boring argument, because it simplifies the mysteries that attend both our birth and our growth. — John Irving

Business Growth Quotes By Tina Nunno

We must recognize that "happy" is not a business goal. Service providers pursue "happy." Leaders pursue growth, competitive advantage, mission enhancement, and cost management. — Tina Nunno

Business Growth Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

An entrepreneurial spirit makes you someone who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business enterprise, talent or calling to become an agent of change. — Archibald Marwizi

Business Growth Quotes By Shu Hattori

Show your vulnerability, but have faith. You will succeed. Growth is not glamorous. — Shu Hattori

Business Growth Quotes By Stephen R. Covey

I have seen the consequences of attempting to shortcut this natural process of growth often in the business world, where executives attempt to "buy" a new culture of improved productivity, quality, morale, and customer service with strong speeches, smile training, and external interventions, or through mergers, acquisitions, and friendly or unfriendly takeovers. But they ignore the low-trust climate produced by such manipulations. When these methods don't work, they look for other Personality Ethic techniques that will - all the time ignoring and violating the natural principles and processes on which a high-trust culture is based. — Stephen R. Covey

Business Growth Quotes By Shawn Casemore

If you know what your customers want, the other aspect to know is what are your competitors doing? — Shawn Casemore

Business Growth Quotes By William A. Adams

If you want to break through to higher levels of performance, you must allow yourself to be restructured. — William A. Adams

Business Growth Quotes By Abraham Maslow

You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety. — Abraham Maslow

Business Growth Quotes By Jim Bush

There are many who subscribe to the convention that service is a business cost, but our data demonstrates that superior service is an investment that can help drive business growth. Investing in quality talent, and ensuring they have the skills, training and tools that enable them to empathize and actively listen to customers are central to providing consistently excellent service experiences. — Jim Bush

Business Growth Quotes By Hiroyuki Watanabe

We have a basic notion that unless we find a solution for environmental problems, we will not achieve sustainable growth in the coming years — Hiroyuki Watanabe

Business Growth Quotes By David J. Schwartz

Persons who reach the higher rungs in business management, selling, engineering, religious work, writing, acting & in every other pursuit get there by following conscientiously & continuously a plan for self-development & growth. — David J. Schwartz

Business Growth Quotes By Stephen King

The only leverage the manufacturer can apply to the retailer is his relationship with the consumer. And the main element in profit growth is going to have to lie in making his brand more valuable to the retailer, through its being more valuable to the consumer. And that means his brand must be unique, it must have no adequate direct substitutes - because it is in this, after all, that value lies. — Stephen King

Business Growth Quotes By Peter Drucker

When the business grows, the person who founded it is incredibly busy. Rapid growth puts an enormous strain on a business. You outgrow your production facilities. You outgrow your management capabilities. — Peter Drucker

Business Growth Quotes By Martin Feldstein

A rise in the level of saving can reduce aggregate activity temporarily but only a sustained high level of saving makes it possible to have the sustained high level of business investment that contributes to the long-run growth of output. — Martin Feldstein

Business Growth Quotes By Edwin Dearborn

To create growth in business, you must control your branding, marketing, and lead generation. — Edwin Dearborn

Business Growth Quotes By Laura Weakley

Torah is not just a book, not just a bunch of laws, and not just a history, but so much more. The Torah is a way ofd life to learn and live, and when studied, a spiritual way to understand life as well as providing instructions on getting closer to Adonai (God). When we treat others kindly, fairly, and lovingly, both in our home, social, and business lives, we are living Torah. The "truth" is the Torah is many things simultaneously. — Laura Weakley

Business Growth Quotes By Clayton M Christensen

We could cite many cases of companies' similar attempts to create new-growth platforms after the core business had matured. They follow an all-too-similar pattern. When the core business approaches maturity and investors demand new growth, executives develop seemingly sensible strategies to generate it. Although they invest aggressively, their plans fail to create the needed growth fast enough; investors hammer the stock; management is sacked; and Wall Street rewards the new executive team for simply restoring the status quo ante: a profitable but low-growth core business.4 — Clayton M Christensen

Business Growth Quotes By George W. Bush

I understand small business growth. I was one. — George W. Bush

Business Growth Quotes By John Dewey

Nothing is more tragic than failure to discover one's true business in life, or to find that one has drifted or been forced by circumstance into an uncongenial calling. — John Dewey

Business Growth Quotes By Lawrence A. Cunningham

The profound point is that the critical link between growth and value creation is the return on incremental capital. Since share prices tend to follow earnings over the long term, the more capital that can be deployed at high rates of return to drive greater earnings growth, the more valuable a company becomes. Warren Buffett summarized the point best: "Leaving the question of price aside, the best business to own is one that over an extended period can employ large amounts of incremental capital at very high rates of return."4 The best investments, in other words, combine strong growth with high returns on capital. — Lawrence A. Cunningham

Business Growth Quotes By Nick Hanauer

A thriving middle class is the source of growth in a technological, capitalist economy. Investing in the middle class is the most pro-business thing you can do. — Nick Hanauer

Business Growth Quotes By Vince Cable

Banks operate like a man who either wears his trousers round his chest, stifling breathing, as now, or round his ankles, exposing his assets. We want their trousers tied round their middle: steady lending growth; particularly to productive British business, especially small scale enterprise. — Vince Cable

Business Growth Quotes By Clayton M Christensen

When the corporation's investment capital becomes impatient for growth, good money becomes bad money because it triggers a subsequent cascade of inevitable incorrect decisions. Innovators who seek funding for the disruptive innovations that could ultimately fuel the company's growth with a high probability of success now find that their trial balloons get shot down because they can't get big enough fast enough. Managers of most disruptive businesses can't credibly project that the business will become very big very fast, because new-market disruptions need to compete against nonconsumption and must follow an emergent strategy process. Compelling them to project big numbers forces them to declare a strategy that confidently crams the innovation into a large, existing, and obvious market whose size can be statistically substantiated. This means competing against consumption. — Clayton M Christensen

Business Growth Quotes By Jeffrey Katzenberg

Movies are not a growth business, — Jeffrey Katzenberg

Business Growth Quotes By Thomas Perez

It's a false choice to say we either have job safety or job growth. It's a false choice to suggest that the only way for a business to survive is to make sure workers have low wages and little or no benefits. There are ample models across this country where we've demonstrated the contrary. — Thomas Perez

Business Growth Quotes By James Goss

Any time you are in the content creation business, you have to leverage that content in as many ways as possible. DVD is one valuable secondary growth channel for HBO. Maybe the Internet is next. — James Goss

Business Growth Quotes By Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Developing Christlike attributes in our lives is not an easy task, especially when we move away from generalities and abstractions and begin to deal with real life. The test comes in practicing what we proclaim. The reality check comes when Christlike attributes need to become visible in our lives - as husband or wife, as father or mother, as son or daughter, in our friendships, in our employment, in our business, and in our recreation. We can recognize our growth, as can those around us, as we gradually increase our capacity to 'act in all holiness before [Him]' (D&C 43:9). — Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Business Growth Quotes By Clayton Christensen

No idea for a new growth business ever comes fully shaped. When it emerges, it's half-baked, and it then goes through a process of becoming fully shaped. I've developed tests that I'm hoping can help entrepreneurs manage that shaping process, so that the business plan that comes out the other end has a very high probability of success. — Clayton Christensen

Business Growth Quotes By Meg Whitman

When a small business grows like eBay did, it has a multiplier effect. It creates other small businesses that supply it with intellectual capital, goods and services. — Meg Whitman

Business Growth Quotes By Melissa Bean

In fact, 80 percent of our domestic job growth comes from the small- and medium-sized business community. — Melissa Bean

Business Growth Quotes By Vince Cable

We need a new British business bank with a clean balance sheet and an ability to expand lending rapidly to the manufacturers, exporters and high-growth companies that power our economy. Today I can announce we will have one. — Vince Cable

Business Growth Quotes By Jim Yong Kim

We have to find climate-friendly ways of encouraging economic growth. The good news is we think they exist — Jim Yong Kim

Business Growth Quotes By Steve Maraboli

The most successful businesses have leaders that see the correlation between customer service and sales ... not as separate departments, but as complimentary components for growth. — Steve Maraboli

Business Growth Quotes By Wayne Allard

In some ways, with the security challenges this country has faced, we have had to put in rules and regulations for business to be able to sustain their growth and create jobs. — Wayne Allard

Business Growth Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Everyone is a business person. You must be in the business of managing your time. Managing your time means managing your life. Good time managers are good life managers, and vice versa. — Archibald Marwizi

Business Growth Quotes By Charles Schwab

As a young analyst just out of Stanford business school in the 1960s, I got to really understand what growth was about. Back then, you had to ask a customer to pay some money. That was the most important thing in getting a company off the ground. — Charles Schwab

Business Growth Quotes By Tony Dovale

21st Century Managers must change their thinking because they are now in the business of managing Mindsets & thinking, which impacts actions and behaviors. — Tony Dovale

Business Growth Quotes By Paul Achleitner

It's completely legitimate for a company to continue striving for growth and higher profits. But business activities have to be conducted in a sustainable manner. — Paul Achleitner

Business Growth Quotes By Amah Lambert

Reliability investing requires finding companies trading below their inherent worth
stocks with strong fundamentals including earnings, dividends, book value, and cash flow selling at bargain prices give their quality. — Amah Lambert

Business Growth Quotes By Peter Drucker

The greatest change in corporate culture - and the way business is being conducted - may be the accelerated growth of relationships based ... on partnership. — Peter Drucker

Business Growth Quotes By Dallas Willard

A very small percentage of those in the church stand behind a pulpit or sport certain kinds of identifiable clothing. The actual leadership roster of the church includes disciples ministering in every arena of life, in business, law, medicine, education, the arts, sciences, government, and religion. The objective of Jesus's church-growth strategy was not to build a single, behemoth social institution with a limited set of ordained authorities. Instead, his Spirit was to be poured out on all flesh to effect a widening, deepening base of influence within every nation, worldview, and social institution. — Dallas Willard

Business Growth Quotes By Samir Amin

The general economic growth of the quarter of a century that followed World War II not surprisingly created many illusions. In the West, people thought that they had found in Keynesianism the definitive solution to the problem of crises and unemployment. It was thus thought that the world had entered into an era of perpetual prosperity and definitive mastery of the business cycle. In the socialist world, it was also thought that the model formula for even higher growth had been discovered which enabled Khruschev to announce victoriously that by 1980 the USSR would have overtaken the united States "in every domain." In the third world of Africa and Asia, the national liberation movements which had seized political independence, also had a battery of prescriptions which, in a mix of capitalist and socialist recipes, in doses that varied from case to case, would enable these movements to overcome "underdevelopment" in "interdependence. — Samir Amin

Business Growth Quotes By Richard Branson

Growth does not always lead a business to build on success. All too often it converts a highly successful business into a mediocre large business. — Richard Branson

Business Growth Quotes By Nick Hanauer

Once America's CEOs get back to the business of growing their companies rather than growing their share prices, shareholder value will take care of itself, and all Americans will share in the higher wages and other benefits of a renewed era of economic growth. — Nick Hanauer

Business Growth Quotes By Shawn Casemore

A business that is not growing after all, is dying. — Shawn Casemore

Business Growth Quotes By Saji Ijiyemi

Busyness does not make you money, business do. Are you running a busyness or a business? — Saji Ijiyemi

Business Growth Quotes By Tony Curl

Part-time effort means part-tim results. — Tony Curl

Business Growth Quotes By Alan Dean Foster

It was exciting and intellectually gratifying to speculate on what might lie waiting in the black gulfs when one was behind the business end of a telescope, quite another to do so isolated on an unpleasant little speck of a world such as this, confronted by a ship of non-human manufacture that uncomfortably resembled a growth instead of a familiar device for manipulating and overcoming the neat laws of physics. — Alan Dean Foster

Business Growth Quotes By Biz Stone

The ability to listen,watch and draw lessons from obvious and unlikely places breeds originality and growth — Biz Stone

Business Growth Quotes By Ricky Maye

We have it backward. Faith is not business, and there is no such thing as quarterly growth of the inward life. — Ricky Maye

Business Growth Quotes By Satya Nadella

As I spent tons of time with customers, not just in the United States, but in emerging markets, in Europe, in Latin America, top of mind for everybody is how do they drive growth for their business going forward. — Satya Nadella

Business Growth Quotes By William A. Adams

What you hold in your consciousness tends to manifest - the inner game runs the outer game. — William A. Adams

Business Growth Quotes By Vera Brittain

For a woman as for a man, marriage might enormously help or devastatingly hinder the growth of her power to contribute something impersonally valuable to the community in which she lived, but it was not that power, and could not be regarded as an end in itself. Nor, even, were children ends in themselves; it was useless to go on producing human beings merely in order that they, in their sequence, might produce others, and never turn from this business of continuous procreation to the accomplishment of some definite and lasting piece of work. — Vera Brittain

Business Growth Quotes By Amah Lambert

We can't all be bakers or chefs. Many of us have modest ambitions. But we can all buy a piece of the pie. — Amah Lambert

Business Growth Quotes By Diane Helbig

Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come. — Diane Helbig

Business Growth Quotes By Mark Cuban

The idea that growth equals profitability is a misconception. If you can't afford the financial or qualitative side of growth, it can just as easily put you out of business. — Mark Cuban

Business Growth Quotes By Madeline Ann Lewis

Being proud of your background and unique attributes will ensure continued growth. Recognition provides the opportunity to speak about and showcase our experiences as women exhibiting strength in the business world. — Madeline Ann Lewis

Business Growth Quotes By Matt Taibbi

One of the top selections for its steady growth and defensive nature of its business. Economies may ebb and flow, but the number of incarcerated Americans is steadily growing according to the U.S. Department of Justice. — Matt Taibbi

Business Growth Quotes By Ted McMeekin

I am very pleased to see this project moving ahead. The Hamilton Airport serves as an international gateway to south-western Ontario. This new facility will allow the airport to expand its air cargo business and help strengthen the local economy. This is another example of Ontario's commitment to public infrastructure that contributes to long-term growth for the region. — Ted McMeekin

Business Growth Quotes By Glenn Hubbard

I can't imagine an argument that says that raising marginal tax rates on high income people, many of whom are business owners, is a recipe for economic growth. — Glenn Hubbard

Business Growth Quotes By Sascha Bosio

Don't let quick wins distract your focus from long-term goals. — Sascha Bosio