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Burying Your Head Quotes By Mark Lawrence

We all practice self-deception to a degree; no man can handle complete honesty without being cut at each turn. There's not enough room in a man's head for sanity alongside each grief, each worry, each terror that he owns. I'm well used to burying such things in a dark cellar and moving on. — Mark Lawrence

Burying Your Head Quotes By Marissa Meyer

Scarlet found herself pinned beneath his gaze, intense and terrified. He was still breathing hard. She was still shaking, couldn't stop shaking. Her mind emptied of everything but the gusting wind and how fragile Wolf looked in that heartbeat, like one movement could break him open. "I'm all right," she assured him again, wrapping her free arm around his back and pulling him toward her until she could curl up beneath the shelter of his body, burying her head against his neck. She felt his gulp, then his arms were around her, crushing her against his chest. — Marissa Meyer

Burying Your Head Quotes By Flip By Martyn Bedford

This time he was underwater, running, feet sinking deeper and deeper into the seabed. The surface was within reach if he raised his arms, but he couldn't get his head out of the water. He had to breathe. The compulsion to inhale was huge. But he couldn't, musn't. Still he ran, getting nowhere, each frantic step burying his feet in the wet sand until he was no longer able to lift them. Finally, with one great gulp, he opened his mouth, his lungs to the flood of seawater. — Flip By Martyn Bedford

Burying Your Head Quotes By Alessandra Hazard

Don't be so nervous," Ryan said, burying his fingers in Jamie's hair and stroking it soothingly.

"It's just me. Don't freak out on me."

Jamie huffed out a laugh. "This is crazy," he mumbled, staring at Ryan's lips.

"A little," Ryan said, applying pressure to Jamie's head until their forehead touched. "Watch and learn. — Alessandra Hazard

Burying Your Head Quotes By T.J. Klune

He sighs and bows his head, burying his face in his hands. I touch his hair. His ears. Bear may be my rock, but Dom is the force that moves me. — T.J. Klune

Burying Your Head Quotes By K.A. Tucker

My head springs up with a deep breath of panic. Alex's face appears in my blurry vision. I guess I managed to fall asleep in this old chair after all. Now I feel worse than when I sat down.
"Come." She takes my hand and tugs me until I get out of the chair, leading me to the bed. It's still dark out, but the fire casts enough glow.
"Wait, let me get the-"
"No, this is perfect. Really." She's still whispering. the girl who drives a BMW Z8, and she wears probably two years' worth my salary on her finger, curls up on an unmade bed with an old wool blanket and says it's perfect. — K.A. Tucker

Burying Your Head Quotes By A.E. Via

Ruxs felt Green's ass clench around his finger while his cock emptied onto his stomach. "Coming so damn hard for you." Green grunted, rubbing his cock against the dark hairs covering Ruxs' abs. His body jerked several more times while his orgasm had its way with him. Ruxs sucked on Green's collarbone, burying his nose in his neck, breathing in his delicious scent of arousal and sweat. He protested when Green went to roll off of him. "Stay." "We're gonna end up stuck together permanently, if we don't get up and wash." Green chuckled, brushing his own kisses along his jaw. Ruxs moaned, stroking his big hand up and down Green's side. "Permanently sounds good." Green lifted his head so he could look into his eyes. Ruxs stared back. He didn't see regret, only the kindness and handsomeness that was his best friend. "This — A.E. Via

Burying Your Head Quotes By Anne Stuart

He pulled the knitting away from her, throwing it in the grass, then sank down on his knees in front of her, wrapping his arms around her waist and burying his head in her lap. He was shaking, she realized, and the tears were pouring down her face, onto him, as she stroked his long, silken hair and cried.
She didn't care what it sounded like - the hiccupping noises, the choking sobs.
Her own body was shaking, racked by the final release, and he sat back on his heels and pulled her out of the chair, into his arms, holding her so tightly that a weaker woman might break, whispering to her in Japanese, sweet, loving words, letting her cry.
She was a strong woman, and her tears, so long denied, only made her stronger.
His heart was pounding against hers, his hands firm and tender, pushing the hair away from her tear-drenched face. When he kissed her she couldn't breathe, and she didn't care. — Anne Stuart

Burying Your Head Quotes By Erin Morgenstern

Marco knows he does not have the time to push her away, so he pulls her close, burying his face in her hair, his bowler hat torn from his head by the wind ... "Trust me," Celia whispers in his ear, and he stops fighting it, forgetting everything but her. — Erin Morgenstern

Burying Your Head Quotes By Derekica Snake

I whispered into his ear, "Erik ... "
There was no response from him.
"Erik." My voice was a little bit firmer.
I pushed at his shoulders making sure that my hands were well away from his re-opened wound. He weighed more than I did. I couldn't get out from under him. God, I'm stuck inside of him ... like a dog.
I tried to wriggle out from under him. I grew hard. I stilled horrified as my body took pleasure in this situation. I tried to shift his leg over. I thrust into him. Oh ... I thrust again. I was hovering around the panic state but lust was driving all thoughts out of my mind. The more I struggled to free myself ... I fucked him.
I screwed an unconscious man. What kind of man was I? I couldn't stop. The thwap, thwap sound of me burying my full length inside him hammered at my head.
Don't do this ... don't do ... nnnngghgghhh. I came deep within him. — Derekica Snake

Burying Your Head Quotes By Katherine Mansfield

The ostrich burying its head in the sand does at any rate wish to convey the impression that its head is the most important part of it. — Katherine Mansfield

Burying Your Head Quotes By Alexandre Dumas

I have lost my friends," D'Artagnan said ruefully, burying his head in his hands. "I have nothing left but the bitterest of recollections ... "
Two large tears rolled down his cheeks.
"You are young," Athos answered. "Your bitter recollections have the time requisite to change into the happiest of memories. — Alexandre Dumas

Burying Your Head Quotes By Wayne Gerard Trotman

Burying your head in the sand does not make you invisible it only leads to suffocation. — Wayne Gerard Trotman

Burying Your Head Quotes By Renee Rose

People began to clap as she made her way up the aisle, giggling. She threw herself at him, burying her head in his chest, not bothering to take the ring he held out to her. "Look at me," he said until she lifted her head. He pressed the ring into her hand and cradled her face. "Will you marry me?" She nodded. He bent and kissed her and the crowd cheered. — Renee Rose

Burying Your Head Quotes By Monica McCarty

He was standing so close to her, all six feet plus inches of masculine strength. So solid and safe. Her valiant protector. It seemed only natural to seek the safe enclosure of his embrace. She ran into his arms, burying her head against the hard wall of his chest. He smelled ... wonderful. Warm. Of leather and pine needles and strength. Savoring the distinctly masculine scents, she closed her eyes. Only then did the tears start to fall. — Monica McCarty

Burying Your Head Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

In some ways I relied on that- someone to keep me thinking, keep me striving to do better, keep me from burying my head and praying it all worked out. — Kelley Armstrong

Burying Your Head Quotes By Jennifer Niven

But he's kind of ... extreme. Like he came to school one day painted head-to-toe red, and it wasn't even Spirit Week. He told some people that he was protesting racism and others he was protesting the consumption of meat. Junior year he wore a cape every day for an entire month, cracked a chalkboard in half with a desk, and stole all the dissecting frogs from the science wing and gave them a funeral before burying them in the baseball field. — Jennifer Niven

Burying Your Head Quotes By Charlie Cochet

Dex gasped, his back arching at the feel of strong hands kneading his ass cheeks, pushing them apart as the head of his lover's slick cock aligned itself then pushed in slowly, the pressure both painful and exhilarating. God, it had been too long. Dex palmed his erection as he was entered, his lover burying deep inside him inch by inch. Hard muscles pressed up against his back, lowering Dex onto the mattress, his breath coming out ragged as his lover buried himself to the root and started rotating his hips, drawing out then pushing back in painfully slow. Dex moaned, his stomach filled with butterflies, the anticipation building like nothing he'd ever felt before. His whole body was on fire, and he writhed with need beneath the deliciously heavy weight. He couldn't remember Lou feeling like this. Had it always felt this damn good? Dex moaned when lips pressed against his skin beneath his ear. "Easy there, Rookie." Dex's — Charlie Cochet

Burying Your Head Quotes By LaVyrle Spencer

Could you say it once," he entreated, "like they say people do?"
Her heart beat like the wings of an eagle, taking her soaring as she spoke the words. "I love you, Will Parker."
The sting hit his eyelids and he hung his head because nobody had prepared him for this, nobody had said, When it happens you'll be resurrected. All that you were you will not be. All that you weren't, you are. He lunged against her, burying his face above her breasts, holding fast. "Oh, God ... " he groaned. "Oh, God. — LaVyrle Spencer

Burying Your Head Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

The ostrich-approach of burying your head in the sand, when confronting your areas of weakness, becomes a self-set trigger for failure. — Archibald Marwizi