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Top Bumpy Path Quotes

Bumpy Path Quotes By Warren W. Wiersbe

A little boy was leading his sister up a mountain path and the way was not too easy. "Why, this isn't a path at all," the little girl complained. "It's all rocky and bumpy." And her brother replied, "Sure, the bumps are what you climb on." That's a remarkable piece of philosophy. — Warren W. Wiersbe

Bumpy Path Quotes By Tillie Cole

This is the whistle-stop memoir of how a lower-middle-class girl from the north of England one day changed the way she lived her life and set off on a bumpy path that ultimately led her to her own slice of the happily-ever-after pie. — Tillie Cole

Bumpy Path Quotes By Elisa Romeo

The Soul's path is not straight and orderly; it's windy, often bumpy, and has an incredible view. — Elisa Romeo

Bumpy Path Quotes By Phyllis McGinley

In a successful marriage, there is no such thing as one's way. There is only the way of both, only the bumpy, dusty, difficult, but always mutual path. — Phyllis McGinley

Bumpy Path Quotes By William Ritter

Charlie helped with the dig as well?"Jackaby said.
Charlie nodded.
"Surprising-I should think that unburying bones would go against generations of instinct to do just the opposite, wouldn't it? Ouch! Watch your step in the dark, Miss Rook-you just kicked my shin. Where was I? Right-I was saying that coming from a family of dogs-ouch! You've done it again, rather hard that time. Really, the path isn't even bumpy here. — William Ritter