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Top Broads Quotes

Broads Quotes By Robert Breault

We envy others, for we see their lives in broad outline, while forced to live ours in every detail. — Robert Breault

Broads Quotes By Don Rickles

I never could tell a joke. I just started talking to the audience, and when the drunks would yell, "Hey, when do the broads come on?" I got good at saying, "Relax. Clear your skin up first." They called me "the insult guy," but it's never mean-spirited. I'm just exaggerating everything about us and about life. — Don Rickles

Broads Quotes By Red Skelton

You know how to tell when you're getting old? When your broad mind changes places with your narrow waist. — Red Skelton

Broads Quotes By Emma Goldman

Pettiness separates; breadth unites. Let us be broad and big. — Emma Goldman

Broads Quotes By Wesley Clark

This is kind of hard to articulate, but in broad outline, the United States is going to do what the United States has to do. — Wesley Clark

Broads Quotes By Amy Sherman-Palladino

I can't wait to sit with these unbelievable broads and relive a time where sleep did not exist, where stress and coffee were mama's little helpers, and where we all dove into the deep end together to make something weird and very, very cool. — Amy Sherman-Palladino

Broads Quotes By Red Buttons

Adam, who said to our Lord in the Garden of Eden, I got more ribs - you got more broads? Never got a dinner! — Red Buttons

Broads Quotes By Joe Namath

When we won the league championship, all the married guys on the club had to thank their wives for putting up with all the stress and strain all season. I had to thank all the single broads in New York. — Joe Namath

Broads Quotes By Mae West

I've no time for broads who want to rule the world alone. Without men, who'd do up the zipper on the back of your dress? — Mae West

Broads Quotes By David Bowie

See the mice in their million hordes
From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads. — David Bowie

Broads Quotes By Alfred Lord Tennyson

Broad based upon her people's will, And compassed by the inviolate sea. — Alfred Lord Tennyson

Broads Quotes By Charles Spurgeon

The seasons change and you change, but the Lord abides evermore the same, and the streams of His love are as deep, as broad and as full as ever. — Charles Spurgeon

Broads Quotes By Paul Giamatti

The broad comedy thing is really hard to do on film. — Paul Giamatti

Broads Quotes By Ava Gardner

Because I was promoted as a sort of a siren and played all those sexy broads, people made the mistake of thinking I was like that off the screen. They couldn't have been more wrong. — Ava Gardner

Broads Quotes By Rashida Jones

I love broad comedy. It has its place. If I were to do that, I'd love to do physical comedy. — Rashida Jones

Broads Quotes By Stephen Crane

In the swirling rain that came at dusk the broad avenue glistened with that deep bluish tint which is so widely condemned when it is put into pictures. — Stephen Crane

Broads Quotes By Clay Aiken

I want everyone to vote. I want everyone to be a part of electing officials. Because when we are not a part, when we don't have a very broad voter base, then we don't have true representation. — Clay Aiken

Broads Quotes By Tejomayananda

A narrow vision is divisive, a broad vision expansive. But a divine vision is all-inclusive. — Tejomayananda

Broads Quotes By Michael Murphy

Gino refilled my glass. "What a night. Booze, broads, and a barroom brawl. — Michael Murphy

Broads Quotes By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Even the most broad-minded of us can embrace only that part of truth into which our own snout has blundered. — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Broads Quotes By John Eldredge

How can it be broad to be the same thing to everyone and narrow to be everything to someone? No, a woman's function is laborious, but because it is gigantic, not because it is minute. (What's Wrong with the World) — John Eldredge

Broads Quotes By Sophocles

A broad-backed ox can be driven straight on his road even by a small goad. — Sophocles

Broads Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

How marvelous, wide and broad is my Inheritance! Time is my property, my estate is time. — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Broads Quotes By Wanda Sykes

One show, I did a benefit for a feminist organziation....So it's all feminsts. Gloria Steinem is sitting right up front. I walked out and said, "Look here, I can't stay around here too long with you broads because I gotta get home and cook my man a nice hot dinner. Plus, he likes his blow job by nine forty-five." I though it was funny. They didn't. They didn't find anything funny. I thought, Oh Lord, I made these women mad. I stepped over the line. I continued. "Ladies, calm down. I'm just joking. He likes a blow job anytime. — Wanda Sykes

Broads Quotes By Paul Wardingham

I've always had a very broad taste in music. — Paul Wardingham

Broads Quotes By Bernice Johnson Reagon

If you're in a coalition and you're comfortable, you know it's not a broad enough coalition. — Bernice Johnson Reagon

Broads Quotes By Gordon Brown

Jubilee 2000 is a broad coalition which has moved the earth. — Gordon Brown

Broads Quotes By Elaine Stritch

Let me tell you about those convents. All that crap about extending the pinkie finger while sipping tea is a myth. Convent schools are breeding grounds for great broads and occasionally one-of-the-boys. Convent schools teach you to play against everything, which is what I'm still doing. — Elaine Stritch

Broads Quotes By Blackie

Life is an earnest business, and no one every became good or great on a diet of broad grins. — Blackie

Broads Quotes By L. Ron Hubbard

In all the broad Universe there is no other hope for Man than ourselves. — L. Ron Hubbard

Broads Quotes By Tony Juniper

A broad and joined-up approach is needed if we are to match human demands with the capacity of the planet — Tony Juniper

Broads Quotes By Nicholas Murray Butler

What society needs is broad men sharpened to a point. — Nicholas Murray Butler

Broads Quotes By Andy Murray

I decided at the outset to invest in a fairly broad range of businesses, as I didn't want to get pigeonholed into one sector. — Andy Murray

Broads Quotes By Zach Braff

You don't need an alarm clock when you sleep with 20 models a night, one of those broads'll figure out that they better make breakfast in bed or I'll kill all of them. — Zach Braff

Broads Quotes By Howard Dean

I'm not attacking liberals with a broad brush. — Howard Dean

Broads Quotes By George Carlin

Rhetoric paints with a broad brush. — George Carlin

Broads Quotes By Tove Styrke

I have quite a broad taste in music. — Tove Styrke

Broads Quotes By Harry Caray

Booze, broads and bullshit. If you got all that, what else do you need? — Harry Caray

Broads Quotes By Sathya Sai Baba

The narrow-minded who undertake any work will never be satisfied. They cannot understand the actions of those who are large hearted and broad-minded. — Sathya Sai Baba

Broads Quotes By Martin Amis

I sometimes feel I'm a sort of cult writer, rather than a mainstream writer, in that those who like my stuff like it a lot, but the appeal is not that broad. — Martin Amis

Broads Quotes By Paul Newman

Of course I know Julie Andrews. She's the last of the really great broads. — Paul Newman

Broads Quotes By John Milton

A limbo large and broad, since call'd The Paradise of Fools to few unknown. — John Milton

Broads Quotes By Adolf Hitler

If you wish the sympathy of the broad masses, you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things. — Adolf Hitler

Broads Quotes By Bette Davis

If you want a thing done well, get a couple of old broads to do it. — Bette Davis

Broads Quotes By Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

Keep we to the broad truths before us; duty here; knowledge comes alone in the Hereafter. — Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

Broads Quotes By Elmore Leonard

I spent most of my dough on booze, broads and boats and the rest I wasted. — Elmore Leonard

Broads Quotes By Richie Ashburn

The kid doesn't chew tobacco, smoke, drink, curse or chase broads. I don't see how he can make it. — Richie Ashburn

Broads Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

I love the broad margin to my life. — Henry David Thoreau

Broads Quotes By Amy Poehler

Tina Fey and I have 15 things in development: 'Laverne and Shirley', 'Starsky and Hutch 3', 'Cagney and Lacey', 'Wonder Twins Activate From Two Hot Broads', 'Little House on the Prairie: The Musical: The Movie'. — Amy Poehler

Broads Quotes By Asher Brown Durand

Waste not your time on broad sketches in color. — Asher Brown Durand

Broads Quotes By Rudolf Rocker

Anarchism has a broad back, like paper it endures anything, — Rudolf Rocker

Broads Quotes By A.C. Grayling

Middle age has been defined as what happens when a person's broad mind and narrow waist change places. — A.C. Grayling

Broads Quotes By Jonathan Zittrain

Generativity is a system's capacity to produce unanticipated change through unfiltered contributions from broad and varied audiences. — Jonathan Zittrain

Broads Quotes By Andre Gide

The nationalist has a broad hatred and a narrow love. — Andre Gide

Broads Quotes By Ruth Rendell

It's living - a broad spectrum of living - that teaches you how to live, not philosophy. Philosophy teaches you how to think. — Ruth Rendell

Broads Quotes By Michael Haneke

The dumber people are, the more they feel the need for a broad set of shoulders they can lay their head against. — Michael Haneke

Broads Quotes By Gro Harlem Brundtland

Never have so many had such broad and advanced access to health care. But never have so many been denied access to health. — Gro Harlem Brundtland

Broads Quotes By Quentin Tarantino

You guys like to tell jokes and giggle and kid around, huh? Giggling like a bunch of young broads in a school yard. Well, let me tell you a joke: Five guys sitting in a bull pen, San Quentin. Wondering how the fuck they got there. What'd we do wrong? What should we've done? What didn't we do? It's your fault, my fault, his fault. All that bullshit. Finally, someone comes up with the idea, wait a minute, while we were planning this caper, all we did was sit around and tell fucking jokes. Got the message? — Quentin Tarantino

Broads Quotes By Bijou Hunter

I expected Candy to pick a different rental house. The little yellow one always gets positive comments from broads. Instead, she chose the blocky, brick house. It's the kind of house I'd have picked. Like the fuckwit I've become, I take her choice as a sign that she and I are made for each other. "Why — Bijou Hunter

Broads Quotes By William O'Neil

So the first thing I learned about how to get superior performance is not to buy stocks that are near their lows, but to buy stocks that are coming out of broad bases and beginning to make new highs ... — William O'Neil

Broads Quotes By Tom Peters

Effective visions are lived in details, not broad strokes. — Tom Peters

Broads Quotes By Faith Prince

I've got all these great broads in me, all these character women. I was playing a torn-down stripper at twenty-five on Broadway, and now I fit the shoes. — Faith Prince

Broads Quotes By Simon Hoggart

Peter Mandelson is the only man I know who can skulk in broad daylight. — Simon Hoggart

Broads Quotes By Piper Kerman

He told us that it was important to eat right, exercise, and treat your body as a temple. But he didn't tell us how to get health care services that people with no money could afford. He didn't tell us how we could quickly obtain birth control and other reproductive health services. He didn't recommend any solutions for behavioral or psychiatric care, and for sure some of those broads needed it. He didn't say what options there might be for people who had struggled with substance abuse, sometimes for decades, when they were confronted by old demons on the outside. — Piper Kerman

Broads Quotes By E. M. Forster

Like many other who have lived long in a great capital, she had strong feelings about the various railway termini. They are our gates to the glorious and unknown. Through them we pass out into adventure and sunshine, to them, alas! we return. In Paddington all Cornwall is latent and the remoter west; down the inclines of Liverpool Street lie fenlands and the illimitable Broads; Scotland is through the pylons of Euston; Wessex behind the poised chaos of Waterloo. Italians realize this, as is natural; those of them who are so unfortunate as to serve as waiters in Berlin call the Anhalt Bahnhof the Stazione d'Italia, because by it they must return to their homes. And he is a chilly Londoner who does not endow his stations with some personality, and extend to them, however shyly, the emotions of fear and love. — E. M. Forster

Broads Quotes By Frank Sinatra

You can be the most artistically perfect performer in the world, but an audience is like a broad
if you're indifferent, Endsville. — Frank Sinatra

Broads Quotes By Diogenes

He lit a lamp in broad daylight and said, as he went about, I am looking for a human . — Diogenes

Broads Quotes By Liev Schreiber

Actors are as good as they allow themselves to be, and to portray life, you have to have as broad an experience of it as you possibly can, so everything's worth it. — Liev Schreiber