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Broad Strokes Quotes By William A. Dembski

How a designer gets from thought to thing is, at least in broad strokes, straightforward: (1) A designer conceives a purpose. (2) To accomplish that purpose, the designer forms a plan. (3) To execute the plan, the designer specifies building materials and assembly instructions. (4) Finally, the designer or some surrogate applies the assembly instructions to the building materials. What emerges is a designed object, and the designer is successful to the degree that the object fulfills the designer's purpose — William A. Dembski

Broad Strokes Quotes By Teri Garr

Being sensitive to the problem of women is just another symptom of the quality of movies: I don't think you can do anything that's very sensitive. Everything's sort of broad strokes and big gestures - adventure things that boys, guys want to see. — Teri Garr

Broad Strokes Quotes By Geraldine Brooks

He is able to put aside personal feelings and see the broad strokes. Experience counts in these things. — Geraldine Brooks

Broad Strokes Quotes By Alexandre Dumas

The belfry of St Cloud slowly emitted ten strokes from its broad sonorous jaws. There was something melancholy in that voice of bronze, which thus breathed its lamentations in the night. But each of those sounds, which told the hour he sighed for, vibrated harmoniously in the heart of the young man. — Alexandre Dumas

Broad Strokes Quotes By Sela Ward

It's about, I did talk about my life in broad strokes and what home meant to me in order to really explore the subject of home and can you go back and what that means for people in that sense of community that we've lost. — Sela Ward

Broad Strokes Quotes By Peter Hammill

Actually I think Art lies in both directions - the broad strokes, big picture but on the other hand the minute examination of the apparently mundane. Seeing the whole world in a grain of sand, that kind of thing. — Peter Hammill

Broad Strokes Quotes By Eric Dane

I'm a goal setter, but in broad strokes. I don't have a by-October-2009-I-want-to-be-here plan. All I do is work with an element of challenge and an element of enjoyment. With that, anything can happen. — Eric Dane

Broad Strokes Quotes By John J. Ratey

Today, of course, there's no need to forage and hunt to survive. Yet our genes are coded for this activity, and our brains are meant to direct it. Take that activity away, and you're disrupting a delicate biological balance that has been fine-tuned over half a million years. Quite simply, we need to engage our endurance metabolism to keep our bodies and brains in optimum condition. The ancient rhythms of activity ingrained in our DNA translate roughly to the varied intensity of walking, jogging, running, and sprinting. In broad strokes, then, I think the best advice is to follow our ancestors' routine: walk or jog every day, run a couple of times a week, and then go for the kill every now and then by sprinting. — John J. Ratey

Broad Strokes Quotes By Annette Bening

Anyone who is drawn in broad strokes either negatively or positively is generally not very interesting to play. — Annette Bening

Broad Strokes Quotes By Gavin De Becker

there are some broad strokes that can be fairly applied to most of us: We seek connection with others; We are saddened by loss, and try to avoid it; We dislike rejection; We like recognition and attention; We will do more to avoid pain than we will do to seek pleasure; We dislike ridicule and embarrassment; We care what others think of us; We seek a degree of control over our lives; — Gavin De Becker

Broad Strokes Quotes By Jack Davenport

In terms of the pilot, you have to introduce a lot of characters in a very short period of time, and you have to paint with slightly broad brush strokes because you just need to give an audience an idea of who these people might be. — Jack Davenport

Broad Strokes Quotes By Neil Humphreys

You may disagree. Personal history and national history do not always overlap, a point often overlooked in some of the broad strokes applied to the SG50 celebrations. But do consider your choices. In the age of Buzzfeed, we love lists. Make your own. No two lists will be the same, but collectively, they all say the same thing. They are all in search of a soul. — Neil Humphreys

Broad Strokes Quotes By Andrea Dworkin

The bait's got a theory; the bait's finding a practice, working it out; the bait's going to write it down and she don't have to use words, she'll make signs, in blood, she's good at bleeding, boys, the vein's open, boys, the bait's got plenty, each month more and more without dying for a certain long period of her life, she can lose it or use it, she works in broad strokes, she makes big gestures, big signs; oh and honey there's so much bait around that there's going to be a bloodbath in the old town tonight, when the new art gets its start. — Andrea Dworkin

Broad Strokes Quotes By Willie Garson

TV deals in very broad strokes. Like, 'Oh, that's my dumb friend', or, 'That's my funny friend.' A true best friend, a sidekick, has to be a little deeper then that. You have to feel like there's nothing either character won't do. That someone really, really has their back. — Willie Garson

Broad Strokes Quotes By Tom Peters

Effective visions are lived in details, not broad strokes. — Tom Peters

Broad Strokes Quotes By Charles Krauthammer

The Obama foreign policy, in broad strokes, has been a disaster. — Charles Krauthammer

Broad Strokes Quotes By Faran Tahir

Sometimes stereotyping happens not because of any nefarious reasons but rather because people don't know who you are or where you come from, so they go for the broad strokes about you, your culture, your faith, all that. — Faran Tahir

Broad Strokes Quotes By James Horner

To me, writing and composing are much more like painting, about colors and brushes; I don't use a computer when I write, and I don't use a piano. I'm at a desk writing, and it's very broad strokes and notes as colors on a palette. — James Horner

Broad Strokes Quotes By Kenneth Clark

Almost all great painters in old age arrive at the same kind of broad, simplified style, as if they wanted to summarise the whole of their experience in a few strokes and blobs of colour. — Kenneth Clark

Broad Strokes Quotes By T. Allen Lawson

If you know the differences between an oak and a poplar, a spruce and a pine, down to the needles ... you are able to paint that tree with more conviction, even if done with a few broad strokes. — T. Allen Lawson

Broad Strokes Quotes By Ilona Andrews

I'd appreciate it if in the future when you come up with a plan that makes a hardened criminal pause, you could at least give me the gist of it ahead of time. In broad strokes. — Ilona Andrews

Broad Strokes Quotes By Ajay Naidu

I like the theatre because you paint with broad strokes. To me the theatre is stretching its definition really far. — Ajay Naidu

Broad Strokes Quotes By Eric Weisbard

In broad strokes, punk happened after arena rock like Jimmy Carter happened after Watergate: there was enough revulsion to momentarily contemplate an alternative, but then the underlying conservative dynamic reasserted itself. — Eric Weisbard

Broad Strokes Quotes By Sylvester Stallone

Most of the films I myself like don't do very well. Every director, he has a choice, whether to go for subtlety and try to articulate every minute detail, or to go for the broad strokes and hope that the people will fill in between the lines. I tend to go for the broader strokes. — Sylvester Stallone

Broad Strokes Quotes By Nathan Goldstein

Value, whether the result of massed lines, broad strokes, or washes, is the necessary and only tool for modelling form with light. — Nathan Goldstein

Broad Strokes Quotes By Carol M. Ford

The casting of the brash United States Army Air Force officer Colonel Robert E. Hogan and the pompous German Luftwaffe officer Colonel Wilhelm Klink was inspired. For this series - a comedy with the serious backdrop of war - to succeed, the lead players had to be the perfect fit. The dynamic portrayal of this military odd couple had to be articulate, accurate, and precise. For the show to work, for the concept to be accepted, for one of the most outlandish premises in television history to be believed, the actors signed to play the two leading characters not only had to bring these extreme individuals to life with broad, fictional strokes, they had to make them real in the details. — Carol M. Ford

Broad Strokes Quotes By Jason Black

When introducing a character, you're usually better off sticking with broad strokes. The important thing at that point is not what color hair someone has or how tall they are, but rather, what kind of person they are. — Jason Black

Broad Strokes Quotes By Steven Erikson

He swam at my feet,
Powerful arms in broad strokes
Sweeping the sand.
So I asked this man,
What seas do you swim?
And to this he answered,
'I have seen shells and the like
On this desert floor,
So I swim this land's memory
Thus honouring its past,'
Is the journey far, queried I.
'I cannot say,' he replied,
'For I shall drown long before
I am done.'
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Thenys Bule
Steven Erikson - Malazan Book of the Fallen 02
Deadhouse Gates — Steven Erikson