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Brazers Quotes By Richard Dawkins

[Science] works! Planes fly. Cars drive. Computers compute. If you base medicine on science, you cure people. If you base the design of planes on science, they fly. If you base the design of rockets on science, they reach the moon. It works ... bitches. — Richard Dawkins

Brazers Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

May every living soul know eternal rest exist. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Brazers Quotes By Fredrik Backman

...just as Elsa opens Audi's door to jump out, he (Dad) turns to her hesitantly and says in a low voice:

"...but there are moments when I sincerely hope that not ALL your best traits come from Granny and Mum, Elsa."

And then Elsa squeezes her eyes together tightly and puts her forehead against his shoulder and her fingers into her jacket pocket and spins the lid of the red felt-tip pen that he gave her when she was small, so she could add her own punctuation marks, and which is still the best present he's ever given her. Or anyone.

"You gave me your words," she whispers. — Fredrik Backman

Brazers Quotes By Emily Snow

I'm Cooper Taylor. I'm a Scorpio. I enjoy women, long walks on the beach, and my roommate says I use girly shampoo. Oh, and I generally hate anyone in the film industry because they're total assholes. Guess you could say I'm you Pai Mei."

"Willow Avery. Actress, Cancer, and according to my team, on my last leg before porn. — Emily Snow

Brazers Quotes By Brian Massumi

Take joy in your digressions. Because that is where the unexpected arises. That is the experimental aspect. If you know where you will end up when you begin, nothing has happened in the meantime. You have to be willing to surprise yourself writing things you didn't think you thought. Letting examples burgeon requires using inattention as a writing tool. You have to let yourself get so caught up in the flow of your writing that it ceases at moments to be recognizable to you as your own. This means you have to be prepared for failure. For with inattention comes risk: of silliness or even outbreaks of stupidity. But perhaps in order to write experimentally, you have to be willing to 'affirm' even your own stupidity. Embracing one's own stupidity is not the prevailing academic posture (at least not in the way I mean it here). — Brian Massumi

Brazers Quotes By Jennifer Sivec

Adam just knew that he needed to make her happy. He surprised even himself at times with what he was capable of doing just for that smile. It was as though he could reach into himself and pull out something completely unexpected, just to make her laugh. — Jennifer Sivec

Brazers Quotes By Astrid Lindgren

Don't you worry about me. I'll always come out on top. — Astrid Lindgren

Brazers Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

Every person is the master of his or her own destiny. What we think about alters our character. Our character organizes our personality, and our personality scripts how successfully we interact with other people and respond to a changing environment. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Brazers Quotes By Brigid Brophy

I refuse to consign the whole male sex to the nursery. I insist on believing that some men are my equals. — Brigid Brophy

Brazers Quotes By Rob Brezsny

BIBLIOBLISS. Transported into states of transcendent pleasure while immersed in reading a favorite book. — Rob Brezsny

Brazers Quotes By Wes Moss

It sounds obvious, but many people endure working at jobs that make them miserable - the only reason they go to work is for the money. And guess what? They never make enough money to get ahead. — Wes Moss

Brazers Quotes By Paulo Freire

Indeed, the interests of the oppressors lie in 'changing the consciousness of the oppressed, not the situation which oppresses them'; — Paulo Freire

Brazers Quotes By Rita Coolidge

I wanted to make a jazz record. I didn't want it to be a standards record. — Rita Coolidge