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Top Brajendra Singh Quotes

Brajendra Singh Quotes By Aubrey De Grey

I have been aware for many years that most people do not think about aging in the same way that they think about cancer, or diabetes, or heart disease. They are strongly in favor of the absolute elimination of such diseases as soon as possible, but the idea of eliminating aging - maintaining truly youthful physical and mental function indefinitely - evokes an avalanche of fears and reservations. Yet, in the sense that matters most, aging is just like smoking: It's really bad for you. — Aubrey De Grey

Brajendra Singh Quotes By E.M. Tippetts

Here's to real heroes, not the ones who carry us off into the sunset but the ones who help us choose our princes. - commentary on Castles on the Sand — E.M. Tippetts

Brajendra Singh Quotes By George Stigler

I attended schools in Seattle through the University of Washington, from which I was graduated in 1931. I spent the next year at Northwestern University. — George Stigler

Brajendra Singh Quotes By Laura McBride

What are the words to say to someone who gave you back your life, who believed that you still had a soul, who acknowledged how bad it was to feel? Shouldn't there be another language for this? Different words altogether? — Laura McBride

Brajendra Singh Quotes By Philippe Cousteau Jr.

The first time I ever had the opportunity to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, it was while filming 'Oceans Deadliest' with Steve Irwin. I remember just how awestruck I was by its beauty. — Philippe Cousteau Jr.

Brajendra Singh Quotes By Herman Koch

When the conversation turns too quickly to films,I see it as a sign of weakness. — Herman Koch

Brajendra Singh Quotes By Robert Wilson

Actors always start with the voice and language. That's wrong. They should start with the body. The body is an actor's most important resource. — Robert Wilson

Brajendra Singh Quotes By Emma Trevayne

The landscape always changed, but the magic never did. The tales were told to children wrapped up in sheets, to frighten or to soothe, but those doing the telling didn't have to believe. Perhaps it was just as well that they didn't, for the stories got so much of it wrong. They always do. The legends told of dragons and faeries, of locked towers and imprisoned princesses, and this was true enough. — Emma Trevayne

Brajendra Singh Quotes By Caroline Criado-Perez

Our society and institutions are built to push men and women into different roles. We need to change that. — Caroline Criado-Perez

Brajendra Singh Quotes By James Gleick

When people speak of the borderline between genius and madness, why is it so evident what they mean? — James Gleick

Brajendra Singh Quotes By John Gibbon

Suddenly a single shot on the extreme left rang out on the clear morning air, followed quickly by several others, and the whole line pushed rapidly forward through the brush. — John Gibbon

Brajendra Singh Quotes By Douglas Adams

You mean," said Arthur, "you mean you can see into my mind?"
"Yes," said Marvin.
Arthur stared in astonishment.
"And ... ?" he said.
"It amazes me how you can manage to live in anything that small. — Douglas Adams

Brajendra Singh Quotes By Gary Wright

As a kid, I used to love to play baseball and be in Little League and sleep outside with my friends and do all those kind of things. — Gary Wright

Brajendra Singh Quotes By Jessica Lange

I had a big family - two older sisters and a younger brother. My family was like moving around a lot so I lived in a lot of small towns. My father was very restless. — Jessica Lange

Brajendra Singh Quotes By Ezra Pound

The Encounter"

All the while they were talking the new morality
Her eyes explored me.
And when I rose to go
Her fingers were like the tissue
Of a Japanese paper napkin. — Ezra Pound