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Top Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Daria Snadowsky

It goes back to keeping things equal. Friendship feels really demeaning if one person still likes the other more,
which is probably what caused the breakup in the first place. It's such a misnomer that 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend' have the word 'friend' in them."

"I don't know, Dom. It's screwed up that people who dug each other enough to go out can't at least stay friends

"Spoken by a true love virgin. — Daria Snadowsky

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Insanity is starting over a million times, expecting to feel the spark you never did the first time. — Shannon L. Alder

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Shannen Doherty

I help relationships come to an end or help them go to the next level. It can be boyfriend or girlfriend, or if you want to quit your job. — Shannen Doherty

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Laura Marling

I sound awful saying it but I think it can be like that. I see a lot of people in unstimulating relationships. And not just boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. They find themselves in stagnant friendships. If people were a little less scared [of ending things] they'd get more out of life ... You meet the right person at the right time and they fulfil a certain something in your life. You fulfil something in theirs. But there's a time limit to that. Unless you choose to be bloody good company for the rest of your life, do you know what I mean? — Laura Marling

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Let us say your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend makes you happy. If they leave, you're bound to be unhappy. You are the slave of the thing that makes you happy. You are a junkie and human relationships can be expensive habits. — Frederick Lenz

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Tommy Tran

I learned that love can end in one night, that great friends can become great strangers, that strangers can become best friends, that we never finish to know and understand someone completely, that the "never ever again" will happen again and that "forever" always ends, that the one that wants it can, will achieve it and get it, that the one that risks it never looses anything, that physique, figure and beauty attracts but personality makes one fall in love. — Tommy Tran

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Crystal Woods

I know you think I'm crazy. Maybe that's because I am. About life, about this moment, about you. — Crystal Woods

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Nike Thaddeus

Every kind of relationship needs encouragement from both parties. Be it marriage, dating, friendship, enmity etc. — Nike Thaddeus

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Simone Elkeles

We kiss all the time." I clear my throat, then add, "We just ... do it in private."
"A smug expression crosses his face. "I don't buy it for a second, 'cause if you were my girlfriend and a stud like me was livin' in your house, I'd kiss you in front of the guy every chance I got as a reminder."
"A reminder of w-w-what?"
"That you were mine. — Simone Elkeles

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Karen Quan

Be drunk in love and high on life. — Karen Quan

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Darnell Lamont Walker

The relationship was perfect, but I hated everything about the person I became. — Darnell Lamont Walker

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Rajneesh

A boyfriend or a girlfriend may be fun, but cannot become a door to the deepest that is hidden in each and everyone. With a girlfriend you can be sexually related, but love cannot grow. Love needs deep roots. Sexuality is possible on the surface, but sexuality is just animal, biological. It can be beautiful if it is part of a deeper love, but if it is not part of a deeper love it is the most ugly thing possible; the ugliest, because then there is no communion - you simply touch each other and separate. Only bodies meet, but not you - not I, not thou. This has happened in all relationships. — Rajneesh

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Shivam Singh

There are relationships apart from boyfriend/girlfriend & friendship, that can be very emotional and true, which is beyond the understanding of many people. — Shivam Singh

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Megan McCafferty

On my floor, there were fifteen first years and ten sophomores. It was quickly discovered that most of the first years on my floor were still involved in high school relationships. It wasn't difficult to figure out who the ten were, as they (okay, by "they" I really mean "we" but I hate to admit to this type of behavior) often began sentences with the phrase, "My boyfriend/girlfriend . . ." As in "My boyfriend loves Coldplay, too!" Or "My boyfriend has a sweater like that, too!" Or "My boyfriend eats and sleeps and excretes waste, too!" Since no upperclassman would ever, ever, ever put a confining label like "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" on the person she/he was hooking up with on a semiregular basis, it was obvious that anyone making such a bold declaration of commitment was referring to a youthful union forged in the halls of her/his former high school. The — Megan McCafferty

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Michael Winterbottom

If you make a film set in London or in Pakistan or wherever, the thing that interests me is the relationships between individuals - individuals and society, individuals and their family, their girlfriend or boyfriend, it's all the same idea. — Michael Winterbottom

Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationships Quotes By Amy Lee

I feel like for me the lyric writing really comes from just what's going on in my heart and that's what consumes me; think a lot of our heart is relationships. Not just with boyfriend or girlfriend but all your relationships in your life with other people and our interactions with other humans. — Amy Lee