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Boy Not Liking You Quotes By Stephen Chbosky

I want Sam to stop liking Craig.
Now I guess maybe you think that's because I am jealous of him. I'm not. Honest. It's just that Craig doesn't really listen to her when she talks. I don't mean that he's a bad guy because he's not. It's just that he always looks distracted.
It's like he would take a photograph of Sam, and the photograph would be beautiful. And he would think the reason the photograph was beautiful was because of how he took it. If I took it, I would know that the only reason it's beautiful is because of Sam.
I just think it's bad when a boy looks at a girl and thinks that the way he sees the girl is better than the girl actually is. And I think it's bad when the most honest way a boy can look at a girl is through a camera. It's very hard for me to see Sam feel better about herself just because an older boy sees her that way. — Stephen Chbosky

Boy Not Liking You Quotes By Nora Roberts

With the organization and brevity of a drill sergeant, she began arranging them to her liking.
"Alan here ... " She took him by the arm and stood him between his parents' chairs. "And Shelby." She nudged Shelby beside him. "Caine,you sit in the foor." She tugged on his hand, until grinning, he obliged her. "And Diana-" Caine pulled his wife down on his lap before Gennie could finish. "Yes, that'll do. Justin over here with Rena.And Grant-"
"I'm not-" he began.
"Do as you're told,boy," Daniel bellowed at him,then spoke directly to his grandson. "Leave it to a Campbell to make trouble."
Grumbling,Grant strolled over behind Daniel's chair and scowled down at him. "A fine thing when a Campbell's in a MacGregor family portrait."
"Two Campbells," Shelby reminded her brother with alacrity. — Nora Roberts

Boy Not Liking You Quotes By Wil Wheaton

When I was a boy I was called a nerd all the time - because I didn't like sports, I loved to read, I liked math and science, I thought school was really cool - and it hurt a lot. Because it's never ok when a person makes fun of you for something you didn't choose. You know, we don't choose to be nerds. We can't help it that we like these things - and we shouldn't apologize for liking these things. — Wil Wheaton

Boy Not Liking You Quotes By Bear Bryant

There is no sin in not liking to play; it's a mistake for a boy to be there if he doesn't want to. — Bear Bryant

Boy Not Liking You Quotes By Curtis Sittenfeld

Nd I thought how liking a boy was just the same as believing you wanted to know a secret - everything was better when you were denied and could feel tormented by curiousity or loneliness. But the moment of something happening was treacherous. It was just so tiring to have to worry about whether your face was peeling, or to have to laugh at stories that weren't funny. — Curtis Sittenfeld

Boy Not Liking You Quotes By Caroline B. Cooney

I wonder why we always deny love. I remember in middle school, if you were accused of the crime of loving, you screamed denials constantly and stopped ever even looking at the boy you were accused of liking. The boys could destroy each other by yodeling, "An-drew lo-oves Jen-nie," and both Andrew and Jennie would flinch and blush. Love is this great thing that most songs and books and poems and lives are all about. So the minute we actually think there might be love around, we start laughing and pretending and hiding from it. — Caroline B. Cooney

Boy Not Liking You Quotes By Adriana Trigiani

Energy has to be fed from a source. If you don't feed the source, it dissipates entirely.
Same is true of liking a boy. If you cut off the thoughts, if you stop pinning, you're free to find a boy who is attainable. — Adriana Trigiani

Boy Not Liking You Quotes By Daniel Handler

How wrong to think I was anyone else, like thinking grass stains make you a beautiful view, like getting kissed makes you kissable, like feeling warm makes you coffee, like liking movies makes you a director. How utterly incorrect to think it any other way, a box of crap is treasures, a boy smiling means it, a gentle moment is a life improved. — Daniel Handler

Boy Not Liking You Quotes By Emily P. Freeman

I had a crush, but I'm not sure I actually had a crush on Sam Hunt. He was the face attached to it, but I don't really know much about him at all. I thought he played basketball, but I think it may have actually been volleyball. No matter. I took what I knew, and I filled in the details to my liking. It was fun. And also ridiculous. When you have a crush on a half-real, half-imaginary boy, you will always be disappointed. — Emily P. Freeman

Boy Not Liking You Quotes By Jenny Han

In the whole history of my letters, of my liking boys, not once has a boy liked me back at the same time as I liked him. It was always me alone, longing after a boy, and that was fine, that was safe — Jenny Han