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Top Bouncers Quotes

Bouncers Quotes By Harlan Coben

Some strip joints called themselves "gentlemen's clubs," and businessmen wore suits and acted above the riffraff. There was no such pretense at the Eager Beaver. This was a place where tattoos outnumbered teeth. People fought. The bouncers had bigger guts than muscle because muscle was show and these guys would seriously kick your ass. Olivia — Harlan Coben

Bouncers Quotes By Stephen Richards

We were called to a pub that had our doormen on, we were told there was fighting. It was he, Big George, but he'd already left. We went in and the bouncers were smashed to bits, shirts ripped off, teeth knocked out, claret and glass everywhere. Single-handedly, George had demolished them, as if they were made out of cardboard. — Stephen Richards

Bouncers Quotes By James S.A. Corey

Lights glittered and flashed in seizure-inducing display. Tables curved and undulated, the backlight making them seem darker than merely black. Music moved through the air with a physical presence, each beat a little concussion. Hasini, standing in a clot of steroid-enhanced bouncers and underdressed serving girls, caught Miller's eyes and nodded toward the back. — James S.A. Corey

Bouncers Quotes By Suresh Raina

I am getting better at facing the bouncers, as I know opposition tries to use those as a weapon against me. Yet, no one is perfect, and he takes time to master a particular thing. — Suresh Raina

Bouncers Quotes By Stephen Richards

Fear was keeping this loon going, as he was scrambling under the tables in this packed club, it was as if he was in a Carry On film and trying to hide from me. As the bouncers arrived, I was putting the boot in to the plonker without much success. He was like a bumblebee on speed! — Stephen Richards

Bouncers Quotes By Mohsin Hamid

Slowly, even though I thought it would never happen, New York lost its charm for me. I remember arriving in the city for the first time, passing with my parents through the First World's Club bouncers at Immigration, getting into a massive cab that didn't have a moment to waste, and falling in love as soon as we shot onto the bridge and I saw Manhattan rise up through the looks of parental terror reflected in the window. I lost my virginity in New York, twice (the second one wanted to believe he was the first so badly). I had my mind blown open by the combination of a liberal arts education and a drug-popping international crowd. I became tough. I had fun. I learned so much.
But now New York was starting to feel empty, a great party that had gone on too long and was showing no sign of ending soon. I had a headache, and I was tired. I'd danced enough. I wanted a quiet conversation with someone who knew what load-shedding was. — Mohsin Hamid

Bouncers Quotes By Elle King

I started playing in New York when I was 16. I had a fake ID so I could play shows, and, I don't know, bouncers didn't really say no to me, I guess. I'm fun! — Elle King

Bouncers Quotes By King Tuff

My dad took me and my brother to see Corrosion of Conformity. All I remember was that there was a dude swinging a chain in the mosh pit, and the bouncers were dragging him out. — King Tuff

Bouncers Quotes By Stephen Richards

In a dancehall in Kendal, I chased the bouncers out of the fucking dancehall, they were wearing white coats and they took these coats off, put them on the floor and jacked; Ginger Harris and me, we put the white coats on and took over for the night! — Stephen Richards

Bouncers Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Fashion may renew itself every six months but one thing remains the same: bouncers always wear black. — Paulo Coelho

Bouncers Quotes By Stephen Richards

Once I managed to get to a sink, staring up out of it at my empty-stomached face was a collection of facial hair, discarded razor blades, plasters, snot and phlegm, all fused together into one stomach churning mass. I retched, but nothing came up. My eyes watered at the festering sight and my stomach was in knots as I ran my hand over the surface of the water. It was freezing cold. I flung the cruel liquid over my hair, then, as if straight from Oliver Twist, I asked one of the two screws that were standing over us like bouncers, 'Is there any toothpaste, sir? — Stephen Richards

Bouncers Quotes By Simon R. Green

Who ... what are they?"
"My pride and glory," Alex said fondly. "Betty and Lucy Coltrane. Best damned bouncers in the business. Though of course I'd never tell them that. Fiercer than pit bulls and cheaper to run. Married to each other. They had a dog once, but they ate it. — Simon R. Green

Bouncers Quotes By J.R. Ward

So you must have seen the article on them today."
"Not yet, but I was just about to take a break. Gotta have my Dilbert fix."
"Is that the one about the office? I was a Calvin and Hobbes fan for years. Hated to see that stop and haven't really gotten into any of the new ones. Guess I'm behind the times."
"You like what you like. Nothing wrong with that."
"That's what my wife says." De la Cruz's eyes drifted around again. "So, a couple people said both of them came into this club last night."
"Calvin and Hobbes? One was a kid and the other a tiger. Neither would have gotten past my bouncers."

-De La Cruz & Xhex — J.R. Ward

Bouncers Quotes By James L. Cambias

He shrugged. "When I was younger, I tried to make a good impression on dates. I'd take girls out dancing, bribe the bouncers to get us into trendy clubs, follow all the rules on the pickup artist sites. And one day about five years ago, I realized something: I suck at dancing, I hate trendy clubs, and the women who fall for the standard pickup techniques are airheads. So now I do stuff I like to do anyway. If my date doesn't like it, then we're probably not compatible anyway. — James L. Cambias

Bouncers Quotes By Werner Herzog

The Rogue Film School is not for the faint-hearted. It is for those who have travelled on foot, who have worked as bouncers in sex clubs or as wardens in a lunatic asylum, for those who are willing to learn about lock picking or forging shooting permits in countries not favoring their projects. In short: for those who have a sense of poetry. For those who are pilgrims. For those who can tell a story to four year old children and hold their attention. For those who have a fire burning within. For those who have a dream. — Werner Herzog

Bouncers Quotes By J.R. Ward

Xhex couldn't stop herself from torturing them both. She sent him a mental scene, drilling the image right into his head : the two of them in a private bathroom, him up on the sink and leaning back, her with one foot planted on the counter, his sex deep in hers, the two of them panting. While he stared accross the crowded room, John's mouth parted, and the flush on his cheeks had nothing to do with embarrassment and everything to do with the orgasm that was no doubt pounding up his shaft. God, she wanted him. His buddy, the readhead, snapped her out of the madness. Blaylock came back to the table with three beers hanging from their necks, and as he took a look at John's hard, sexep-up face, he stopped short and glanced over at her in surprise.
Xhex waved off the bouncers who were coming up to her and walked out of the VIP section so fast, she nearly bowling-pinned a waitress. Her office was the only place that was safe, and she headed there at a dead run. — J.R. Ward

Bouncers Quotes By David Mamet

I've been training in Jiu-jitsu for about six years and I'm very fortunate to live in that world. All the fighters hang out and have lunch together just about every day and trade stories. And I've always been fascinated how in the world of Jiu-jitsu in L.A. everybody in the fight world - cops, special forces, bouncers, stuntmen - connected across different lines. — David Mamet

Bouncers Quotes By Helen Ellis

Face it: you're never going to get carded again, so quit asking bouncers if they want to see your ID. Quit going places where they have bouncers. — Helen Ellis