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Top Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Tracie Peterson

She didn't want to. She loved you. She loves you now. Yes, she hurt you and she made a terrible mistake in leaving you. But your father made mistakes, too, and you will, as well. We all make bad choices - decisions that would better be left to rot in the bottom of the barrel. But we can't undo them. We can only move forward. — Tracie Peterson

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By China Mieville

Teafortwo was a wyrman. Barrel-chested creatures like squat birds, with thick arms like a human dwarf's below those ugly, functional wings, the wyrmen ploughed the skies of New Crobuzon. Their hands were their feet, those arms jutting from the bottom of their squat bodies like crows' legs. They could pace a few clumsy steps here and there balancing on their palms, if they were indoors, but they preferred to careen over the city, yelling and swooping and screaming abuse at passers-by. The wyrmen were more intelligent than dogs or apes, but decidedly less than humans. They thrived on an intellectual diet of scatology and slapstick and mimicry, picking names for each other gleaned without understanding from popular songs and furniture catalogues and discarded textbooks they could just about read. Teafortwo's sister, Isaac knew, was called Bottletop; one of his sons Scabies. — China Mieville

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Hans Blix

You never get quite down to the bottom of the barrel, but we are much higher than that at the present time. There is quite a lot left in the barrel that could be explained by them. If they have some weapons, if they have some anthrax, they should deliver that. — Hans Blix

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Nick Cave

With writing a song, I've always felt, right from the start, like I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel. I don't ever feel there's a font of ideas to fall back on. — Nick Cave

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Christopher Flavin

The bottom of the oil barrel is now visible. — Christopher Flavin

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa

The wealth of many centuries had been transmitted into ornament, luxury, pleasure; no more; the abolition of feudal rights had swept away duties as well as privileges; wealth, like an old wine, had let the dregs of greed, even of care and prudence, fall to the bottom of the barrel, leaving only verve and color. — Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Darynda Jones

And you practically raped that biker guy, which, by the way, what the fuck was that about? Scraping the bottom of the barrel there, Charles."
"And that barrel is hot." I looked down at Artemis. "And Donovan's genuine. He would sell me to the highest bidder for a carburetor, and we both know it. — Darynda Jones

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Jerry Seinfeld

Fear of success is one of the new fears I've heard about lately. And I think its definitely a sign that we're running out of fears. A person suffering from fear of success is scraping the bottom of the fear barrel. — Jerry Seinfeld

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Leonard Cohen

I always felt I was scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to get a song together. — Leonard Cohen

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Steven Johnson

The problem is, there are definitely some genuinely lame things on television, and there's more at the bottom of the barrel, because the barrel in a sense has gotten bigger. — Steven Johnson

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Salman Rushdie

He was already beginning to understand that what was wrong with his writing was that there was something wrong, something misconceived, about him. If he hadn't become the writer he thought he had it in him to be, it was because he didn't know who he was. And slowly, from his ignominious place at the bottom of the literary barrel, he began to understand who that person might be.
He was a migrant. He was one of those who had ended up in a place that was not the place where he began. — Salman Rushdie

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By James F. Cooper

As for bread, I count that for nothin'. We always have bread and potatoes enough; but I hold a family to be in a desperate way when the mother can see the bottom of the pork barrel. Give me children that's raised on good sound pork afore all the game in the country. Game's good as a relish and so's bread; but pork is the staff of life ... My children I calkerlate to bring up on pork with just as much bread and butter as they want. — James F. Cooper

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Sheldon Lee Compton

The whole scene gave Ashley a fierce ache in the center of her chest. Everything her eyes came across spoke to how these two men lived in some kind of world where hardship was the constant, with only these tiny spaces between heartbeats offering some kind of peace. She saw an apartment that housed two men who lived whatever life they could in the confines of that small space because everything else was no good for anyone. — Sheldon Lee Compton

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Dale Carnegie

It was this desire for a feeling of importance that led an uneducated, poverty-stricken grocery clerk to study some law books he found in the bottom of a barrel of household plunder that he had bought for fifty cents. You have probably heard of this grocery clerk. His name was Lincoln. — Dale Carnegie

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Jonathan Meades

I don't see any point in having a public service broadcaster which attempts to compete with the commercial sector. Obviously part of its remit is to entertain, but entertainment doesn't necessarily mean scraping the bottom of the barrel and appealing to the very lowest common denominator. — Jonathan Meades

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Kim Basinger

In this business, you can be at the top of the world and at the bottom of the barrel, and you're grape juice. I've been at both ends. It can make you become what you really are. — Kim Basinger

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By John Elder Robison

They enrolled me in a group for troubled kids. We would meet each week in an old farmhouse owned by the university and talk about our problems getting along ... They didn't teach me to get along, but I did learn that there were plenty of other kids who couldn't get along any better than me. That in itself was encouraging. I realized that I was not the bottom of the barrel. Or if I was, the bottom was roomy because there were a lot of us down there. — John Elder Robison

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Shane Kuhn

Interns are invisible. You can tell an executive your name a hundred times and that executive will never remember it because they have no respect for someone at the bottom of the barrel, working for free. — Shane Kuhn

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Owen Hart

I'd come from the bottom of the barrel. Just Owen Hart getting out of the shadow of Bret Hart's little brother. Everyone figured, this is a joke, Owen's going to get squashed. — Owen Hart

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Suzanne Crowley

There's a thin line between genius and bottom-barrel stupidness. I hover delicately on a tightrope between the two, wondering where I'll land if I'll ever fall. — Suzanne Crowley

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Catherine Zeta-Jones

I do condition my hair with honey and beer. I smell like the bottom of a beer barrel for days afterwards, but it's very good for the hair. — Catherine Zeta-Jones

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

I had some peculiar ideas about love. I'll tell you what I thought on the subject back then: it's about as much use as a barrel with no bottom. When I fed the pigs and two of them got to scrapping over an old soft onion, I thought: that's love. Love is eating. Love is a snarling pig snout and long tusks. Love is a dress like the sun. Love is the color of blood. Love is what grown folk do to each other because the law frowns on killing.
I said I loved her back. I put my hand on the door and I said I loved her back and when I said it I thought of kissing her and also of shooting her through the eye. — Catherynne M Valente

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Fred Eaglesmith

I think the bottom of the barrel is where the answers are. — Fred Eaglesmith

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Randy Pausch

Don't bail; the best pieces of gold are at the bottom of the barrel of crap. — Randy Pausch

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Ann Patchett

It's like a big circle. I've gone on a get-a-man crusade, but so far it's been a disaster and I'm feeling as bad about myself as I ever have. I know I'm a great person and all that, a good friend, but I feel like real bottom of the barrel girlfriend material. — Ann Patchett

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By James Ensor

Drenched in British purples, I have offered up my tones: pigeon breast, hind belly, balky mule lung, monkey bottom pink, lapis lazuli and malachite, excited nymph thigh, panther pee-pee, high-smelling hen hair, hedgehog in aspic, barrel-maker's brothel, revered rose, monkeybush, turkey-like white, sly violet, page's slipper, immaculate nun spring, unspeakable red, Ensor azure, affected yellow, mummy skull, rock-hard gray, brunt celadon, shop soiled smoke ring. — James Ensor

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Colin Baker

I haven't been approached to do a 'Doctor Who' movie. I think they would be scraping the bottom of the barrel if they asked me to do it. — Colin Baker

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By L. Neil Smith

[E]lections amount to little more than choosing between the scum that floats to the top of the barrel and the dregs that settle to the bottom. — L. Neil Smith

Bottom Of The Barrel Quotes By Charlie Munger

I'm very pleased when the smartest people come [to the U.S.] and almost never pleased when the very bottom of the mental barrel comes in ... — Charlie Munger