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Bones Star Trek Quotes & Sayings

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Bones Star Trek Quotes By Debby Feo

Mrs. Spock:

He's in his 80's now
His face is showing his age
Not quite the trim figure
That he had on the old show

But I've grown older too,
Wider, and more creaky bones
And "Bones" has travelled on
But, still, "Live long and prosper!"

Back when I was little
Was always Mrs. Spock when
Ever we played "Star Trek"
With my sisters, as a child — Debby Feo

Bones Star Trek Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

I'm a gunfighter, Jim, not a demonologist." Sin moved past him so that he could burn the body o n the ground. "Nice Bones impression. Roddenberry would be proud. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Bones Star Trek Quotes By Star Trek The Next Generation

Admiral Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy: How old do you think I am, anyway?
Lt. Commander Data: 137 years, Admiral, according to Starfleet records.
Admiral Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy: Explain how you remember that so exactly!
Lt. Commander Data: I remember every fact I am exposed to, sir.
Admiral Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy: [looking at both sides of Data's head] I don't see no points on your ears, boy, but you sound like a Vulcan.
Lt. Commander Data: No, sir. I am an android.
Admiral Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy: Hmph. Almost as bad.'
'Data: [uses a device in his arm to open a door] Open sesame! You could say I have a magnetic personality.
[laughs at his joke]
Data: Humor! I love it!'
'Lt. Commander Data: Spot, you are disrupting my ability to work.
[he puts Spot to the floor, but she jumps back on Data's desk]
Spot: Meow.
Lt. Commander Data: Vamoose, ye little varmint! — Star Trek The Next Generation