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Top Bombed Rock Quotes

Bombed Rock Quotes By Aesop Rock

Smash cut to a smoke-bombed quarantine,
Guards like 'all signs correlate with sorcery',
It's more a dormant cell of valor as awoken by the smell of sordid power and defecting shortly after,
Fist bump dry land, brackish, cat nap 15, back to swiss-cheese the flagship,
Uh, blue in the menacing grip of a day for which you're manifestly unfit. — Aesop Rock

Bombed Rock Quotes By Corey Taylor

I still harbor lingering doubts about most people. I guess I always will. — Corey Taylor

Bombed Rock Quotes By P.C. Cast

Kalona's back. The spell worked. One of Neferet's hostages got out. And to say Neferet's pissed is like saying Louis Vuitton makes cute purses. Hello, understatement of the decade. — P.C. Cast

Bombed Rock Quotes By Rachel Gibson

I thought if I quit looking around for you, I would forget you. I thought if I avoided you, I could get you out of my head. But it didn't work. — Rachel Gibson

Bombed Rock Quotes By Chris Rock

Early in my career it was very important that I gain the reputation. I haven't been on the road in two or three years, but when I say tickets are on sale, I know they're going to be gone, even if my movie bombed or my TV show sucked. — Chris Rock

Bombed Rock Quotes By Rick Riordan

It has a name because it's important, and all important things have names. — Rick Riordan

Bombed Rock Quotes By Legs McNeil

DEE DEE RAMONE: Sid Vicious followed me all over the place ... the worst time was one night when we had a big party ... They were serving beer and wine, and everybody was bombed. The whole bathroom was filled with puke
in the sink, in the toilets, on the floor. It was really disgusting ... All of a sudden I had a huge amount of speed in my hand. I started sniffing it like crazy. I was so high. And then I saw Sid and he said, 'Do you have anything to get high?' I said, 'Yeah, I got some speed'. So Sid pulled out a set of works and put a whole bunch of speed in the syringe and then stuck the needle in the toilet with all the puke and piss in there and loaded it. He didn't cook it up. He just shook it, stuck it in his arm, and got off. I just looked at him. I'd seen it all by then. He just looked at me kind of dazed and said, 'Man, where did you get this stuff?'. — Legs McNeil

Bombed Rock Quotes By Mark Messier

As a captain, I think it's important that the players really know who you are and what you stand for, what your beliefs are, and to be consistent in those if things are going good or things are going bad. — Mark Messier

Bombed Rock Quotes By Ken Kesey

Okay, stand outa the way. Sometimes when I go to exertin' myself I use up all the air nearby and grown men faint from suffocation. Stand back. There's liable to be crackin' cement and flying steel. Get the women and kids someplace safe. Stand back ... — Ken Kesey