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Bob Sugar Quotes By Bob Brown

Coffee in Brazil is always made fresh and, except at breakfast time, drunk jet black from demitasses first filled almost to the brim with the characteristic moist, soft coffee sugar of the country, which melts five times as fast as our hard granulated. For breakfast larger cups are used, and they're more than half filled with cream. This cafe con leite doesn't re-quire so much sugar as cafe preto-black coffee. — Bob Brown

Bob Sugar Quotes By David

I like things to be orderly. For seven years I ate at Bob's Big Boy. I would go at 2:30, after the lunch rush. I ate a chocolate shake and four, five, six, seven cups of coffee-with lots of sugar. And there's lots of sugar in that chocolate shake. It's a thick shake. In a silver goblet. I would get a rush from all this sugar, and I would get so many ideas! I would write them on these napkins. It was like I had a desk with paper. All I had to do was remember to bring my pen, but a waitress would give me one if I remembered to return it at the end of my stay. I got a lot of ideas at Bob's. — David

Bob Sugar Quotes By Bob Harper

A general guideline when eating at a fast-food restaurant is to avoid anything fried. You also want to avoid chips, packaged candy, baked goods such as donuts, and other high-starch or high-sugar foods that contain saturated fat, trans fat, and additives. — Bob Harper

Bob Sugar Quotes By Bob Halloran

When he was taken to the hospital in South Carolina, his blood sugar was 1,680 mg/dL. — Bob Halloran

Bob Sugar Quotes By Bob Arum

Sugar Ray Leonard's retirements last about as long as Elizabeth Taylor's marriages. — Bob Arum

Bob Sugar Quotes By Paul Hutchens

that he had to be respectful to his parents, and even if he wasn't a Christian, he couldn't make fun of people who went to church. He was also supposed to go to church, even if his parents didn't go - which lots of parents don't, and should. As you maybe know, if you've read some of the other stories about the Sugar Creek Gang, about half of us were not Christians at first. Little Jim had nearly all the religion there was in the whole gang, but most of us became Christians. Dragonfly was the last one of us to be saved - except for little red-haired Tom Till, whose father wouldn't believe in God and whose mother had never had a chance in life to be happy, which is maybe one reason Little Tom Till's big brother, Bob, had turned out to be such a bad boy. It is not easy for a boy to become a Christian unless his father is one too. Most boys do what their dads — Paul Hutchens