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Top Bleed Me Dry Quotes

Bleed Me Dry Quotes By Bethany-Kris

Those wide eyes made her appear innocent and sweet. It was all lies. Dante knew better - knew her.
She was hellish.
From afar, Cat looked tame. As if any man could make her compliant. That was her trick. It was exactly how she caught her prey.
She was a goddamn fiend.
If someone made the mistake of getting too close, she didn't hesitate to sink her fucking claws straight into their jugular and bleed them dry.
He loved it. — Bethany-Kris

Bleed Me Dry Quotes By Gary Paulsen

The mosquitoes. Tearing at him, clouds of them, the awful, ripping, thick masses of the small monsters trying to bleed him dry. — Gary Paulsen

Bleed Me Dry Quotes By Lara Adrian

I'm not going to leave you here to bleed my friend dry."
"If that had been my intent, they'd already be dead on the floor. — Lara Adrian

Bleed Me Dry Quotes By Nina Hartley

When I was a stripper I realized that men and women are equally fucked over about sex but in such different areas, we're blind to the other's pain. So for certain kinds of guys, women are heartless bitches and cock teases and will bleed you dry before giving you a kiss. And for some women, men are asshole jerks who only want one thing. They'll love you and leave you. I don't see it that way. It's the culture keeping them equally ignorant and feeding them nonsense. And then saying, go of and get married! — Nina Hartley

Bleed Me Dry Quotes By Edward Young

We bleed, we tremble; we forget, we smile - The mind turns fool, before the cheek is dry — Edward Young

Bleed Me Dry Quotes By Dana Snyder

I'm greedy, and I have a house to pay for and a wife. She has a job of her own, but I bleed her dry. She's on her third shift right now. — Dana Snyder

Bleed Me Dry Quotes By Amy Leach

There are some things you can do forever. Given a deep enough shaft, you can fall forever. You can forget forever, and disintegrate forever, and you can laugh for a very long time. But you cannot bleed for long - not you, not citruses, not twites or treepies, not orangequits or plushcaps or jewel-babblers, nor any creature whose vessels flutter with warm, swirling, cell-bearing plasma. Either your leak will mend or you will become void.
Only love can bleed forever; only love has endless blood. Only love's slender drooping tassels can bleed yet grow stronger, bleed yet grow brighter; redder, redder, never spent, never phantasmal-gray. Maybe, if it only gets kicked, then love is love-lies-dented, and in a few days it replumps. But when it suffers a terrible wound, love seems able neither to heal - to grow substitute tissue over its damage - nor to run dry. — Amy Leach

Bleed Me Dry Quotes By Vinnie Paz

My blood G cold, never seen my dad cry. And I'm a bleed your block til the cash dry! — Vinnie Paz

Bleed Me Dry Quotes By Jennifer A. Nielsen

How will it look to everyone at dinner if the servant who left with Amarinda fails to return?
How will it look if that servant's bandages bleed through and he drips blood on Conner's dinning table? — Jennifer A. Nielsen

Bleed Me Dry Quotes By Neha Yazmin


I'm not sleeping nights,
I'm not doing good.
I'm not eating right,
have no use for food.

All I do is bleed dry for you.
But somehow I survive,
And wake up with more love for you.

It's not blood running through my veins, it's you.

I've had a strange blood transfusion,
To add to my confusion.
It's not compatible;
I'm going hysterical.
It's some kind of love transfusion.
Love transfusion.
Love transfusion.
I've had a strange blood transfusion.
Blood transfusion.
Blood transfusion.

It's not blood running through my veins, it's you. — Neha Yazmin

Bleed Me Dry Quotes By James Dashner

Concern seemed to bleed his heart dry as they ran along. — James Dashner

Bleed Me Dry Quotes By A.L. Collins

I just wanted things to be simple. I didn't understand why things had to be so complicated for all the grown ups. And I decided that if growing up meant things got confusing, then I would stay little forever. I would stay simple. But unfortunately everything around me did its best not to be. The world liked to be complex. It liked to twist, to distort. To bleed you dry of whatever feeling you could muster while still letting you hold on to your sanity so that you could experience heartache at its prime. I didn't know how cold the world could be when I was eleven. If I would have known ... maybe I would have packed a sweater. — A.L. Collins

Bleed Me Dry Quotes By Frances Hardinge

In Neverfell's face the clouds broke, and her smile came out like the sun. She could not read his mind as he could read hers. She clearly had no idea of the calculations behind his decision. He could see that she believed he had been overcome by the injustice of the situation and instantly decided to right it. He felt a shock, as if her faith was a golden axe and had struck right through his dusty husk of a heart. The heart did not bleed, however, and in the next moment its dry fibres were closing and knitting back together again. — Frances Hardinge