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Black Messiah Quotes & Sayings

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Top Black Messiah Quotes

Black Messiah Quotes By Paul Jaskunas

He dresses himself in tight black jeans, Amoco shirt, and polished cowboy boots. His profile sharp as a jackknife, mirror shades throwing back the world, Ben walks hard into town. No one sees him pass. The sky over his head seems to hide the man. He is New Harmony's secret messiah. A small apocalypse lives in his limbs. — Paul Jaskunas

Black Messiah Quotes By Lupe Fiasco

There's already been black presidents who've been corrupt, so it doesn't strike me that having a black man in office means he's going to be the Messiah. — Lupe Fiasco

Black Messiah Quotes By J. Edgar Hoover

There will never be another Black Messiah unless we create him — J. Edgar Hoover

Black Messiah Quotes By Louis Farrakhan

The Satanic Jews and their Allies fear being exposed and that is the role of the Messiah, to reveal the Man of Sin. When He comes, He has to expose those forces, those wicked ones that have caused the blood shedding and the mischief that's going on in the world. So the moment they saw a Black man standing who was not afraid to tell the truth of them, given to him by the Messiah, they had to come against him. And they will continue to do that because their survival is at stake. — Louis Farrakhan

Black Messiah Quotes By Glen Cook

Quite unwittingly I saved the lives of twenty enemies of the Stranglers scheduled to be tortured and murdered during the night. The priests freed them to tell the world that the Deceivers were real and had found their messiah, that those who did not come to Kina soon would be devoured in the Year of the Skulls.
A fun bunch of guys, Croaker would say. — Glen Cook