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Bigger Heart Quotes By Zahed Haftlang

if somebody steals from you, you should forgive them because they might have been in need. If someone speaks behind your back, say nothing because you must be the bigger person. When you fall in love, give all your heart to your beloved and don't ever doubt. — Zahed Haftlang

Bigger Heart Quotes By Carlos Bulosan

The human heart is bigger than the world. — Carlos Bulosan

Bigger Heart Quotes By Emily Giffin

Everyone wants to belong, or be a part of something bigger than themselves, but it's important to follow your heart and be true to yourself in the process. — Emily Giffin

Bigger Heart Quotes By Margaret Walker

Keeping hatred inside makes you git mean and evil inside. We supposen to love everybody like God loves us. And when you forgives you feels sorry for the one what hurt you, you returns love for hate, and good for evil. And that stretches your heart and makes you bigger inside with a bigger heart so's you can love everybody when your heart is big enough. Your chest gets broad like this, and you can lick the world with a loving heart! Now when you hates you shrinks up inside and gets littler and you squeezes your heart tight and you stays so mad with peoples you feels sick all the time like you needs the doctor. Folks with a loving heart don't never need no doctor. — Margaret Walker

Bigger Heart Quotes By John Piper

Seek to see and feel the gospel as bigger as years go by rather than smaller. Never let the gospel get smaller in your heart. — John Piper

Bigger Heart Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Don't be discouraged by people who tease you out of your dreams. What you have in your heart is bigger than what they have on their lips! — Israelmore Ayivor

Bigger Heart Quotes By William Henry Hudson

Look into my eyes, and you will see me there
all, all that is in my heart.' 'Oh, I know what I should see there!' ... 'What would you see? Tell me?' 'There is a little black ball in the middle of your eye; I should see myself in it no bigger than that,' and she marked off about an eighth of her little finger-nail. 'There is a pool in the wood, and I look down and see myself there. That is better. Just as large as I am
not small and black like a small, small fly. — William Henry Hudson

Bigger Heart Quotes By Ruby Wax

Sometimes, I get this familiar ache in my heart and a sense of stabbing emptiness around my ribcage. I don't even know what brings it on; it's just familiar like a horrible visitor. What brings me to my knees though, is the even bigger heart-hurt when I recognize this ghastly guest is back again. — Ruby Wax

Bigger Heart Quotes By Pope Francis

When you meet the needy your heart grows bigger — Pope Francis

Bigger Heart Quotes By Abhijit Naskar

Those who put their heart and soul into something bigger than themselves, never die from the psyche of humanity. — Abhijit Naskar

Bigger Heart Quotes By Carolyn Brown

Are you and Finn more than boss and hired hand?"
"You might say that."
"My ranch is bigger than his," Quaid teased.
"It's not the size of the ranch, darlin;. It's the heart that runs it," she answered. — Carolyn Brown

Bigger Heart Quotes By Debra Anastasia

Cole had never been good with physical affection until her. Now his heart burned with their closeness - so much bigger and better than lust was this love. — Debra Anastasia

Bigger Heart Quotes By Joe Niemczura

That night, Sushila went to the puja room when she arrived home. Her house was small, with only a few rooms, but there had always been a puja room as long as she could remember. It was in the northeast corner of the house, and Sushila once asked her mother why they did not have a fancier bigger puja room.
"We are small people and we will be happy with small gods. It is not the size of the space used for worship that matters," said her mother. "It is the size of your heart that matters. You can learn the lessons of Buddha and the Goddess in a prison, you do not need even this humble puja room. There are people in this town who are happy with much less than what we have. — Joe Niemczura

Bigger Heart Quotes By James Howe

You don't have to have a boyfriend
or a girlfriend to know love.
Just open up your heart and
let the world in. Your heart
is bigger than you can imagine,
and so is the world, and so,
granddaughter, are you.
- Addie's grandmother — James Howe

Bigger Heart Quotes By Suzy Kassem

I believe that if there is a huge chunk of white/truth in you, you will be drawn mostly to truth. If there is a lot of black/ego in you, you will naturally migrate to darkness/ego. We can't change our natural compositions or our attraction to certain lighting, but we can slowly change our angle of perception. Anyone can work on balancing their inner lighting simply by adjusting their outer lenses. All you have to do is learn to use your heart before your mind to see things. There is no light greater than truth, and it shines at the heart of all creation. Be like a butterfly and celebrate it every day. It is inside you. Be aware of it so it can cultivate it to grow stronger and bigger. — Suzy Kassem

Bigger Heart Quotes By Kaimana Wolff

I could feel the hard part of Mom very strongly that time. It was like a stone in her that grew bigger every time my father lost his temper, right under her heart. Feeling the stone in her calmed me down. It told me that she would always be there for me. — Kaimana Wolff

Bigger Heart Quotes By Adriana Locke

Don't make decisions based on whatever problem you're having.You should make choices based on what outcome you want.Decision has to be made with the bigger picture in mind. You've to weigh the risks against the rewards of your decisions.And when the balance begins to tip one way or the other,you just have to find the courage to do it.Risk vs reward & then follow your heart. — Adriana Locke

Bigger Heart Quotes By Evan Williams

'Vanity pages,' is somewhat of a derogatory term; personal pages are still the heart of blogging, but now there are more topic-oriented blogs. It's really about personal expression, and that's just gotten bigger and broader. — Evan Williams

Bigger Heart Quotes By Dan Zadra

Always know in your heart that you are far bigger than anything that can happen to you. — Dan Zadra

Bigger Heart Quotes By Lysa TerKeurst

Let me pull you close and whisper a heart-stopping truth. That daily stuff - those responsibilities that seem more like distractions - those things we want to rush and just get through to get on with the better and bigger assignments of life - those things that are unnoticed places of service? They are the very experiences from which we unlock the riches of wisdom. We've got to practice wisdom in the everyday places of our lives. Never despise the mundane. Embrace it. Unwrap it like a gift. And be one of the rare few who looks deeper than just the surface. See something more in the everyday. It's there. — Lysa TerKeurst

Bigger Heart Quotes By Kristiana Gregory

But no matter which path we take, Nessa, there will always be trying times. Faith is believing that God has a plan for our lives even when things seem to be falling apart. Trust Him with all your heart, dear. Trust yourself. Your faith is bigger than you realize. — Kristiana Gregory

Bigger Heart Quotes By Michka Assayas

So how did you end up making a fool of yourself in front of twenty thousand people?
I had a bigger hole to fill.
What do you mean?
A rock star is someone with a hole in his heart almost the size of his ego. — Michka Assayas

Bigger Heart Quotes By Elizabeth Parker

A dog is not a thing. A thing is replaceable. A dog is not. A thing is disposable. A dog is not. A thing doesn't have a heart. A dog's heart is bigger than any "thing" you can ever own. — Elizabeth Parker

Bigger Heart Quotes By Craig Finn

A conversation with you is a different thing than projecting to a couple hundred people. It's bigger and more animated and it's on a bigger scope, but still in the heart, it's honestly me. — Craig Finn

Bigger Heart Quotes By Robert Moss

The new approach to health care will feature the healing power of story. In the clear understanding that finding meaning in any life passage may be at the heart of healing, our healers -declared or undeclared - will help people use the power of dreaming to move beyond personal history into a bigger story that contains the juice and sense of purpose to get them through. — Robert Moss

Bigger Heart Quotes By Jandy Nelson

My heart's bigger than a blue whale's, which needs its own parking spot. — Jandy Nelson

Bigger Heart Quotes By Karina Halle

That's where you're wrong. To really understand music, to love it for what it is, you have to be open-minded and go into everything thinking you might find a new part of yourself. It can only make your heart bigger. — Karina Halle

Bigger Heart Quotes By Maggie O'Farrell

All I was aware of was this hole, this gaping hole where my heart should have been. I read somewhere once that your heart is supposed to be the same size as your clenched fist, but this hole felt far bigger. It seemed to expand over my whole upper body and it felt cold, vacant - the cooling wind seemed to cut right through it. I felt frail and insubstantial, as if the wind could have blown me away. — Maggie O'Farrell

Bigger Heart Quotes By Darryl Strawberry

It's something inside his heart that's bigger than anything. He's got the heart of a lion about to grab something. — Darryl Strawberry

Bigger Heart Quotes By Kevin McCarthy

Many times, we spend so much time on policy, but we don't explain how the policy affects and makes the heart even grow bigger. And I think that's a place that we have to look inside. — Kevin McCarthy

Bigger Heart Quotes By Lorraine Heath

He wrapped his hand around hers, pressed a kiss to the heart of her palm, and held her gaze. "I've got a one-room cabin, a few horses, and a dream that's so small it won't even cover your palm. But it sure seems a lot bigger when you're beside me."
The moonlight streaming through the window shimmered off the tears trailing along her cheeks. "I've always wanted a dream that I could hold in the palm of my hand," she said quietly.
-Houston and Amelia — Lorraine Heath

Bigger Heart Quotes By Michelle Tea

So, go to Paris. If you can't do that, go somewhere. Take a road trip, a train trip, a bus trip if you must. Find a place that reminds you that the world is so much bigger than your heart and whoever broke it this time around. Go hang out by the ocean and trip out on its mammoth ancientness. Offer it your heartache - it's big enough to hold it, to dilute it with all that salt and water, melt it away to nothing. Salt purifies. Take a dunk if you can stand it. You're alive. That relationship was but one chapter in your long, long story, one little scene in your epic. — Michelle Tea

Bigger Heart Quotes By Marcus Zusak

Make no mistake, the woman (Rosa) had a heart. She had a bigger one than people would think. There was a lot in it, stored up, high in miles of hidden shelving. — Marcus Zusak

Bigger Heart Quotes By Nancy E. Turner

Children are a burden to a mother, but not the way a heavy box is to a mule. Our children weight hard on my heart, and thinking about them growing up honest and healthy, or just living to grow up at all, makes a load in my chest that is bigger than the safe at the bank,and more valuable to me than all the gold inside it. — Nancy E. Turner

Bigger Heart Quotes By Markus Zusak

Make no mistake, the woman had a heart. She had a bigger one that people would think. There was a lot in it, stored up, high in miles of hidden shelving. Remember that she was the woman with the instrument strapped to her body in the long, moon-slit night. — Markus Zusak

Bigger Heart Quotes By Rachel Harris

That girl's heart is bigger than Texas." Her eyes narrowed. "And it's as tender as a baby's butt. You take care with it, you hear? — Rachel Harris

Bigger Heart Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

Sometimes things aren't very clear, that's all. Things look like they're going against us, and though it always turns out fine at the end, and we can always look back and say oh of course it had to happen that way, otherwise so-and-so wouldn't have happened - still, while it's happening, in my heart I keep getting this terrible fear, this empty place, and it's very hard at such times to really believe in a Plan with a shape bigger than I can see ... — Thomas Pynchon

Bigger Heart Quotes By Dee C. Marshall

God is bigger than whatever issue is weighing on your heart. He is able to bring you out of whatever you are in right now. — Dee C. Marshall

Bigger Heart Quotes By Ufuoma Apoki

Give as much you can possibly give, even if, or when, you do not receive. For the more you give, the more the heart gets 'bigger' and 'stronger'. So, never for one moment you hold back from giving, until the heart has nothing left to give again. — Ufuoma Apoki

Bigger Heart Quotes By Ernest Gowers

I was in favour of the death penalty, and disposed to regard abolitionists as people whose hearts were bigger than their heads. Four years of close study of the subject gradually dispelled that feeling. In the end I became convinced that the abolitionists were right in their conclusions ... and that far from the sentimental approach leading into their camp and the rational one into that of the supporters, it was the other way about. — Ernest Gowers

Bigger Heart Quotes By Joey Reiman

Putting more heart into thinking creates better, bigger, and more meaningful ideas. And they don't come from just you but from people who have put their hearts into their work throughout their lives. — Joey Reiman

Bigger Heart Quotes By Markus Zusak

Make no mistake, this woman had a heart. She had a bigger one than people would think. There was a lot in it, stored up, high in miles of hidden shelving. Remember that she was the woman with the instrument strapped to her body in the long, moon-slit night. She was a Jew feeder without a question in the world on a man's first night in Molching. And she was an arm reacher, deep into a mattress, to deliver a sketchbook to a teenage girl. — Markus Zusak

Bigger Heart Quotes By Hans Urs Von Balthasar

Man is the creature with a mystery in his heart that is bigger than himself. — Hans Urs Von Balthasar

Bigger Heart Quotes By Darren Hardy

The dream in your heart may be bigger than the environment in which you find yourself. Sometimes you have to get out of that environment to see that dream fulfilled. It's like planting an oak sapling in a pot. Once it becomes rootbound, its growth is limited. It needs a great space to become a mighty oak. So do you. — Darren Hardy

Bigger Heart Quotes By Alexander McCall Smith

You cannot divide a child's heart in two" she had observed to Mma Makutsi, "and yet that is what some people wish to do. A child has only one heart."
"And the rest of us?" Mma Makutsi had asked. "Do we not have one heart too?"
Mma Ramotswe nodded. "Yes, we have only one heart, but as you grow older you heart grows bigger. A child loves only one or two things; we love so many things."
"Such as?"
Mma Ramotswe smiled. "Botswana. Rain. Cattle. Friends. Our children. Our late relatives. The smell of woodsmoke in the morning. Red bush tea ... — Alexander McCall Smith

Bigger Heart Quotes By Keith Richards

What is it that makes you want to write songs? In a way you want to stretch yourself into other people's hearts. You want to plant yourself there, or at least get a resonance, where other people become a bigger instrument than the one you're playing. It becomes almost an obsession to touch other people. To write a song that is remembered and taken to heart is a connection, a touching of bases. A thread that runs through all of us. A stab to the heart. Sometimes I think songwriting is about tightening the heartstrings as much as possible without bringing on a heart attack. — Keith Richards

Bigger Heart Quotes By Conway Twitty

I let my eyes deceive me from the start, they told me I wanted her more than I wanted you. Guess my eyes were bigger than my heart. — Conway Twitty

Bigger Heart Quotes By Rick Warren

The only antidote to materialism is giving, because materialism's all about getting. Every time I give, my heart grows bigger. Every time I give, I become more like Jesus. — Rick Warren

Bigger Heart Quotes By Mother Teresa

Prayer makes your heart bigger, until it is capable of containing the gift of God himself. Prayer begets faith, faith begets love, and love begets service on behalf of the poor. — Mother Teresa

Bigger Heart Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Ultimately, she had a bigger heart than she had a brain, and that's saying something for Hermione. — J.K. Rowling

Bigger Heart Quotes By Coco J. Ginger

I write with my spine, create through my heart and defiant mind. Happy or not happy, it's real, it's living like blood, pen and paper. Hearts that wake up racing, wanting. Trading fear in for the hurt, the hard, the challenge, the change, the pain, the stuff that makes you grow bigger, stronger, better. Granting you the crazy, the genius, the ability, the power to change the world. — Coco J. Ginger

Bigger Heart Quotes By Leah Raeder

I think that lesson was the most important: that none of us actually grow up. We get bigger, and older, but put of us always retains that small rabbit heart, trembling furiously, secretively, with wonder and fear. There's no irony in it. No semantics or subtext. Only red blood and green grass and silver stars — Leah Raeder

Bigger Heart Quotes By Chris Fabry

Clara believed with all her heart that God worked all things together for good to those who loved Him and were called according to His purpose. But she did not believe that everything that happened was good. The world was fallen and there was sin in every heart. But God's grace was bigger. The other truth she believed, from a life of experiencing it, was that for real change to happen deep in the soul, God tended to make people miserable rather than happy. He brought them to the end of themselves and showed them how powerless they were in order to show them how powerful He was. — Chris Fabry

Bigger Heart Quotes By Dan Skinner

That kiss was bigger than my dreams." The words found their way to my ear, softly.
I had no doubt that magic did exist in our world. It wasn't with wands and wizards. It resisted in plain humans like me and Ryan. In finding a pathway from one heart into another's. Our bridge was a kiss. It appeared from nowhere with the simplest of spells. Three words. — Dan Skinner

Bigger Heart Quotes By Amy Winehouse

I don't understand, Why do I stress the man, When there's so many bigger things at hand? — Amy Winehouse

Bigger Heart Quotes By Mary Karr

My idea of art is, you write something that makes people feel so strongly that they get some conviction about who they want to be or what they want to do. It's morally useful not in a political way, but it makes your heart bigger; it's emotionally and spiritually empowering. — Mary Karr

Bigger Heart Quotes By Ben Okri

He felt as if he hadn't slept because he spent all night wandering through the world looking for a maiden who bore his heart in her womb. His heart grew in her like a child. He was pregnant with his heart for a long time, for a year, for ten years, for a generation, for a hundred and two years. His heart grew bigger and bigger in her, and she grew bigger and bigger to accomodate the growth of his heart in her womb. He never knew when she would give birth to his heart and he lost her and searched the world over and never found her. His father, the king, told him that the world in which he searched for he was his heart, and that she was the mother of all the world, and that his search was over when it began, but he didn't know it. — Ben Okri

Bigger Heart Quotes By Ishmael Reed

I'm beginning to believe that Killer Illiteracy ought to rank near heart disease and cancer as one of the leading causes of deathamong Americans. What you don't know can indeed hurt you, and so those who can neither read nor write lead miserable lives, like Richard Wright's character, Bigger Thomas, born dead with no past or future. — Ishmael Reed

Bigger Heart Quotes By Mariska Hargitay

My heart just keeps getting bigger and bigger. — Mariska Hargitay

Bigger Heart Quotes By Dennis Prager

The larger the state, the more callous it becomes ... the colder its heart. It is also true that the bigger the corporation, the more callous its heart. But unlike the state, corporations have competition and have no police powers. — Dennis Prager

Bigger Heart Quotes By Rob Bell

First, I'm a Christian, and so Jesus is how I understand God. I realize that for some people, hearing talk about Jesus shrinks and narrows the discussion about God, but my experience has been the exact opposite. My experiences of Jesus have opened my mind and my heart to a bigger, wider, more expansive and mysterious and loving God who I believe is actually up to something in the world. — Rob Bell

Bigger Heart Quotes By Thomas Hardy

Izz spoke with a magnanimous abandonment of herself to the situation; she could not be - no woman with a heart bigger than a hazel-nut could be - antagonistic to Tess in her presence, the influence which she exercised over those of her own sex being of a warmth and strength quite unusual, curiously overpowering the less worthy feminine feelings of spite and rivalry. — Thomas Hardy

Bigger Heart Quotes By Rupi Kaur

there is no bigger illusion in the world
than the idea that a woman will
bring dishonor into a home
if she tries to keep her heart
and her body safe — Rupi Kaur

Bigger Heart Quotes By Eric Liu

Alexis de Tocqueville warned that as the economy and government of America got bigger, citizens could become smaller: less practiced in the forms of everyday power, more dependent on vast distant social machines, more isolated and atomized--and therefore more susceptible to despotism.

He warned that if the "habits of the heart" fed by civic clubs and active self-government evaporated, citizens would regress to pure egoism. They would stop thinking about things greater than their immediate circle. Public life would disappear. And that would only accelerate their own disempowerment.

This is painfully close to a description of the United States since Trump and Europe since Brexit. And the only way to reverse this vicious cycle of retreat and atrophy is to reverse it: to find a sense of purpose that is greater than the self, and to exercise power with others and for others in democratic life. — Eric Liu

Bigger Heart Quotes By Mac Anderson

An individual's yearning to reach outside his life is a seed of greatness waiting for a stream of inspiration. Carving that stream to people's hearts is a simpler task if the endeavor you are leading them into is attached to a bigger story. — Mac Anderson

Bigger Heart Quotes By Rob Sheffield

For two weeks, I lay awake at night and said Hail Marys over and over to stop my heart from beating too fast. I suddenly realized how much being a husband was about fear: fear of not being able to keep somebody safe, of not being able to protect somebody from all the bad stuff you want to protect them from. Knowing they have more tears in them than you will be able to keep them from crying. I realized that Renee had seen me fail, and that she was the person I was going to be failing in front for the rest of my life. It was just a little failure, but it promised bigger failures to come. Additional ones, anyway. But that's who your wife is, the person you fail in front of. Love it so confusing; there's no peace of mind. — Rob Sheffield

Bigger Heart Quotes By Esther Hicks

A misunderstanding of the Laws of the Universe is at the heart of this conversation as the people of your society wage wars against the things they do not want: war against terror, war against AIDS, war against teenage pregnancy, war against violence, war against cancer - and every one of those things is getting bigger because attention to unwanted creates more unwanted. — Esther Hicks

Bigger Heart Quotes By Ben Okri

Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger. — Ben Okri

Bigger Heart Quotes By Toni Morrison

Grown don't mean nothing to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger, older, but grown. In my heart it don't mean a thing. — Toni Morrison

Bigger Heart Quotes By Haruki Murakami

The ocean was one of the greatest things he had ever seen in his life - bigger and deeper than anything he had imagined. It changed its color and shape and expression according to time and place and weather. It aroused a deep sadness in his heart, and at the same time it brought his heart peace and comfort. — Haruki Murakami

Bigger Heart Quotes By Darren Shan

As a warrior, she won't have allowed herself to mourn. But women can't make themselves as detached as men. Our hearts are bigger. We feel loss in a way men don't. Orna has the body and mind of a warrior but her heart is like mine, and I know inside she's weeping. — Darren Shan

Bigger Heart Quotes By Mike Barnicle

America provided things that form the foundation of who we used to be: the prospect and potential of hope, mercy, and freedom for strangers who came carrying not much more than a determination to survive in a big country with a bigger heart. — Mike Barnicle

Bigger Heart Quotes By Kate Chisman

The chandelier was wearing on its rubber support and the crack at the side of the ceiling hold was getting bigger. "One day that's going to fall on us and spear you through the heart," he said. I turned to kiss him on the shoulder and closed my eyes. — Kate Chisman

Bigger Heart Quotes By Brodi Ashton

What? No heartbeat? Huh. Funny. Moving on, the bigger problem is why do I have circles under my eyes?' "And he'd say, 'Wait a second. Did you hear me? No heart!' And we'd be all 'Yes, yes, we heard you. But other than missing a major organ, what's wrong with me?' And then he'd go on and on about the whole no-heart thing, and then I would try to distract him by doing that dance I do - you know, the one that looks like the running man. . . . But before I finish my entire routine, the doctor would be texting the CIA to tell them about my lack of heart, and the rounds of involuntary government testing would begin. — Brodi Ashton

Bigger Heart Quotes By Ivan Bunin

On the second and the third night there was again a ball -- this time in mid-ocean, during a furious storm sweeping over the ocean, which roared like a funeral mass and rolled up mountainous seas fringed with mourning silvery foam. The Devil, who from the rocks of Gibraltar, the stony gateway of two worlds, watched the ship vanish into night and storm, could hardly distinguish from behind the snow the innumerable fiery eyes of the ship. The Devil was as huge as a cliff, but the ship was even bigger, a many-storied, many-stacked giant, created by the arrogance of the New Man with his ancient heart. — Ivan Bunin

Bigger Heart Quotes By William DeVries

We all felt the majesty of the body. In a very short period of time we had seen something that was bigger than each of us. A lot of people, even those who were not religious, were reverent and attributed the success to God. As we saw the artificial heart beat in Dr. Clark, the feeling was not aren't we great, but aren't we small. — William DeVries

Bigger Heart Quotes By James Frey

I always felt I had a hole in my heart, this big black hole that made me feel lonely and empty and worthless. I tried to fill it, everybody tries in some way, and it just got bigger and bigger. — James Frey

Bigger Heart Quotes By Monica Holloway

That night, my heart softened around Wills's autism. Clearly, Katherine had been right. I couldn't isolate him. As painful as it was to watch him paralyzed with fright, I knew that he was happier when he tried. Not showing up was admitting defeat. Admitting that he couldn't do it. Admitting that the autism was bigger than him. — Monica Holloway

Bigger Heart Quotes By Melody Beattie

We call it keeping up with the Joneses. They buy a boat and we buy a bigger one. They get a new TV and we get a big screen. They start a business and we start planning our articles of incorporation and the first stock release. And while we're so busy keeping up, we ignore our soul, the inner voice, that's telling us that it really wants to teach children to read. While it helps to identify with each other, we're not the same. So why compare ourselves on the basis of material things? Are you walking a path with heart in your own life, regardless of what others have? — Melody Beattie

Bigger Heart Quotes By Jai Uttal

I know that my work as a singer is important, it's valuable to me and to others, but I think that in the bigger picture, I'm just trying to keep my heart pure and open. — Jai Uttal

Bigger Heart Quotes By Robert Cheeke

Nobody had a bigger heart or passion to win than America's Greatest Running Legend, Steve Prefontaine "Pre." Watch the movies Prefontaine, Without Limits, or Fire on the Track to see what I'm talking about. — Robert Cheeke

Bigger Heart Quotes By Nora Roberts

I can't say I cared much for you when I first came back. There's that crappy attitude of yours, and you're ugly, but you kind of grow on a guy."
Immensely cheered, Seth snickered. "You're uglier."
"I'm bigger, I'm entitled. So I guess I'll hang around to see if you get any prettier as time goes on."
"I didn't really want you to go," Seth said under his breath after a long moment. It was the closest he could get to speaking his heart.
"I know. — Nora Roberts

Bigger Heart Quotes By Randy Johnson

Nolan Ryan helped me with baseball, and my dad passing away gave me a bigger heart. — Randy Johnson

Bigger Heart Quotes By Tony Oller

Always make sure your heart is bigger than your head. — Tony Oller

Bigger Heart Quotes By Toni Morrison

I don't care what she is. Grown don't mean a thing to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger, older, but grown? What's that supposed to mean? In my heart it don't mean a thing. — Toni Morrison

Bigger Heart Quotes By Jean-Marie Lehn

Modifying ourselves is a natural process because we are a product of nature and what we do is a product of nature. Therefore, if one day we have three time bigger brain and two hearts instead of one (because one is not enough) then this is all part of nature. — Jean-Marie Lehn

Bigger Heart Quotes By Daisaku Ikeda

The power of growth, of improvement, the power to overcome all stagnation and break through every obstacle and transform a barren wasteland into a verdant field - that unstoppable power of hope resides right within your own heart. It wells up from the rich earth of your innermost being when you face the future without doubt or fear: "I can do more. I can grow. I can become a bigger and better human being." — Daisaku Ikeda

Bigger Heart Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

Even after you're dead it hurts just as bad when your heart swells up, stretched bigger and bigger like an aneurysm of tears getting ready to boom. — Chuck Palahniuk

Bigger Heart Quotes By Gilbert Arenas

If your heart is bigger than the biggest guy on the team, then you're the biggest guy on the team. — Gilbert Arenas

Bigger Heart Quotes By John Cheever

When the beginnings of self destruction enter the heart, it seems no bigger than a grain of sand. — John Cheever

Bigger Heart Quotes By Kiera Cass

I remembered suddenly that Aspen had always been this way. He sacrificed sleep for me, he risked getting caught out after curfew for me, he scrounged together pennies for me. Aspen's generosity was harder to see because it wasn't as grand as Maxon's, but the heart behind what he gave was so much bigger. — Kiera Cass

Bigger Heart Quotes By Jamaica Kincaid

My unhappiness was something deep inside me, and when i closed my eyes i could even see it. it sat somehwere - maybe in my belly, maybe in my heart; i could not exactly tell - and it took the shape of a small black ball, all wrapped up in cobwebs. i would look at it and look at it until i had burned the cobwebs away, and then i would see that the ball was no bigger than a thimble, even though it weighed worlds. at that moment, just when i saw its size and felt its weight, i was beyond feeling sorry for myself, which is to say i was beyond tears. i could only just sit and look at myself, feeling like the oldest person who had ever lived and who had not learned a single thing. — Jamaica Kincaid

Bigger Heart Quotes By Zoe McLellan

My son. He makes my heart grow bigger and bigger each day. There is nothing I love more than being his mommy. — Zoe McLellan

Bigger Heart Quotes By Christine Warren

So I'm not allowed to take responsibility for the whole world, but you are, huh?
Kees felt the corners of his mouth twitch and his heart squeeze and then melt ...
I am bigger, he growled.
And she laughed. — Christine Warren

Bigger Heart Quotes By Amy Poehler

Opening your heart and being courageous and telling people that you care about them or like them or that you think they're special only makes you a better, bigger, kinder, softer, more loving person, and only attracts more love into your life. — Amy Poehler

Bigger Heart Quotes By Anne Lamott

Who knows, maybe those two rogue leaders, Gandhi and Jesus, were right - a loving response changes the people who would beat the shit out of you, including yourself, of course. Their way, of the heart, makes everything bigger. Decency and goodness are subversively folded into the craziness, like caramel ribbons into ice cream. Otherwise, it's about me, and my bile ducts, and how unique I am and how I've suffered. And that is what hell is like. — Anne Lamott

Bigger Heart Quotes By Mark Frost

Why am I telling you this?" he went on. "A secret's only a secret as long as you keep it. Once you tell someone it loses all its power--for good or for ill--like that, it's just another piece of information. But a real mystery can't be solved, not completely. It's always just out of reach, like a light around the corner; you might catch a glimpse of what it reveals, feel its warmth, but you can't know the heart of it, not really. That's what gives it value: It can't be cracked, it's bigger than you and me, bigger than everything we know. Those tight-ass suits can keep their secrets, they don't add up to anything. This deep in the game, pal, I'll take mystery every time. — Mark Frost

Bigger Heart Quotes By Michael Beckwith

There's an intelligence within the heart that is far bigger than our figuring out the mind. — Michael Beckwith

Bigger Heart Quotes By Andrea Ashworth

A poem was a box for your soul. That was the point. It was the place where you could save bits of yourself, and shake out your darkest feelings, without worrying that people would think you were strange. While I was writing, I would forget myself and everyone else; poetry made me feel part of something noble and beautiful and bigger than me. [ ... ] I slid them under the carpet as soon as they were done, all the images and rhymes wrestled into place. By the time I had copied them out, I found I had memorized every line. Then they would surprise me by surging through me, like songs I knew by heart. — Andrea Ashworth

Bigger Heart Quotes By Jack Gantos

Granny was right,' I said. 'When you forgive someone it does make you stronger. It makes your heart bigger than your hate. — Jack Gantos