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Bible Banger Quotes By Deyth Banger

You can't jugde me for god sake, I know you better than anyone for god sake. You believe in time don't ya??...
You believe in bible?? Don't ya???
You believe in soul?? Don't ya???
Of Is there a purpose of the purple of the round of going more further than this?, we are still on the top and look what I found! — Deyth Banger

Bible Banger Quotes By Deyth Banger

Happiness ends with horror, you get terrified from the news don't ya?
From the earthquakes, up to the danger stuff happen around the world... or you take it as happiness?
So you hush it, don't ya?
You make hush, and what??
How it helps that, how can quietness or so far soundlessness will help you?
How... how you know that god exist, how you know that all what you know is right?
So far what I have read from the bible it sounds like humankind handwriting or let's say written by humankind. I doubt that gods it's like us, so far you just make him a guy who is like the guy on the street and wanting money, so far to get money you should provide some kind of service and you get the reward, without service there isn't money, it's matter of fact, not matter of moment.
SO what, are you thinking about, share it... I will use it somehow, so far let's see what you have created and I will fix it. But be smart! — Deyth Banger