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Between Two Lovers Quotes By Anne Carson

The words we read and words we write never say exactly what we mean. The people we love are never just as we desire them. The two symbola never perfectly match. Eros is in between. — Anne Carson

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Lewis Mumford

It was Stieglitz's endeavor ... to translate the unseen world of tactile values as they develop between lovers not merely into the sexual act but the entire relation of two personalities - to translate this world of blind touch into sight. — Lewis Mumford

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Nancy Horan

'Loving Frank' is about a forbidden love affair between two people who lived a hundred years ago - Frank Lloyd Wright and his married client, Mamah Borthwick Cheney. The affair set off a colossal newspaper scandal when the lovers ran off to Europe together. — Nancy Horan

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Clive Barker

It was the pivotal teaching of Pluthero Quexos, the most celebrated dramatist of the Second Dominion, that in any fiction, no matter how ambitious its scope or profound its theme, there was only ever room for three players. Between warring kings, a peacemaker; between adoring spouses, a seducer or a child. Between twins, the spirit of the womb. Between lovers, Death. Greater numbers might drift through the drama, of course
thousands in fact
but they could only ever be phantoms, agents, or, on rare occasions, reflections of the three real and self-willed beings who stood at the center. And even this essential trio would not remain intact; or so he taught. It would steadily diminish as the story unfolded, three becoming two, two becoming one, until the stage was left deserted. — Clive Barker

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Rajneesh

People have become afraid of love because in love also, death penetrates. If two lovers are sitting side by side in deep love and intimacy, not even talking ... Talking is an escape, an escape from love. When two lovers are talking that simply shows they are avoiding the intimacy. Words in-between give distance - with no words distance disappears, death appears. In silence there is death just lurking around - a beautiful phenomenon. But people are so afraid that they go on talking whether it is needed or not. They go on talking about anything, everything - but they cannot keep silent. — Rajneesh

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Wendell Berry

Marriage [is] not just a bond between two people but a bond between those two people and their forebears, their children, and their neighbors ... Lovers must not ... live for themselves alone ... They say their vows to the community as much as to one another, and the community gathers around them to hear and to wish them well, on their behalf and on its own. It gathers around them because it understands how necessary, how joyful, and how fearful this joining is. These lovers ... are giving themselves away, and they are joined by this as no law or contract could ever join them. Lovers, then, 'die' into their union with one another as a soul 'dies' into its union with God ... If the community cannot protect this giving, it can protect nothing ... It is the fundamental connection without which nothing holds, and trust is its necessity. — Wendell Berry

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Orhan Pamuk

When two people love each other as we do, no one can come between them, no one," I said, amazed at the words I was uttering without preparation. "Lovers like us, because they know that nothing can destroy their love, even on the worst days, even when they are heedlessly hurting each other in the cruelest , most deceitful ways, still carry in their hearts a consolation that never abandons them." (p.191) — Orhan Pamuk

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Love builds bridges between two hearts when lovers are thousands of miles apart. — Debasish Mridha

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Tamim Ansary

Here are two enormous worlds side by side; what's remarkable is how little notice they have taken of each other. If the Western and Islamic worlds were two individual human beings, we might see symptoms of repression here. We might ask, What happened between these two? Were they lovers once? Is there some history of abuse? — Tamim Ansary

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Charlie Maclean

The strange thing about falling in love is, we know what it looks and feels like. But we can't really explain why it occurs and where all the madness it brings with it comes from.

"Or why it just seems to happen like magic between two particular people but not others.

"The appearance of love seems totally irrational, inexplicable and without reason. Yet, when it happens it feels like the only thing that makes any sense. True love, I guess, is when it keeps on making sense after you actually get to know the other person. — Charlie Maclean

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Tsukasa Hojo

letters can be dangerous, especially when they are exchanged between lovers who are separated. At first they'll exchange every three days...then once a week, then every two weeks...Eventually they don't even exchange a letter once a month...and then at some point their hearts are separated...it happens all the tine. — Tsukasa Hojo

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Stephen King

The man in black smiled. "Shall we tell the truth then, you and I? No more lies?"
I thought we had been."
But the man in black persisted as if Roland hadn't spoken. "Shall there be truth between us, as two men? Not as friends, but as equals? There is an offer you will get rarely, Roland. Only equals speak the truth, that's my thought on't. Friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of regard. How tiresome! — Stephen King

Between Two Lovers Quotes By T.D. Jakes

When Jesus says, 'Take, eat. This is my body that was broken for you,' He says, I want my body in you. (Pause ... shouts and claps) I want my blood in you. And every time you celebrate this rite, it is a reminder that you belong to me, and I belong to you. And he said, 'I will drink no more wine until I drink it new with you and the kingdom of God. Communion is the most romantic ordinance. Eh, Eh, Eh. (He laughs. Pause ... the audience shouts and claps.) It is the most romantic ordinance between two lovers. — T.D. Jakes

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Virginia Woolf

In fact, though their acquaintance had been so short, they had guessed, as always happens between lovers, everything of any importance about each other in two seconds at the utmost, and it now remained only to fill in such unimportant details as what they were called; where they lived; and whether they were beggars or people of substance. — Virginia Woolf

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Pet Torres

It seems though, that the Tiger's obsession tries to overcome the true affection between two people. — Pet Torres

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Jane Austen

For though a very few hours spent in the hard labor of incessant talking will dispatch more subjects that can really be in common between two rational creatures, yet for the lovers is different. Between them no subject is finished; no communication is ever made, till it has been made at least twenty times over. — Jane Austen

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Ron Silliman

What's happening is the language. Not only in the usual sense of being interesting (which it is), but in the new sense that words are events, as real and important in themselves as wars and lovers ... It is to the word, then, that the mind moves, and the word responds by taking on a physicality, even a sensuality, we have all been trained to ignore. Words have weight, and the distance between two can be a chasm filled with forces of association ... What Clark is doing is genuinely new. — Ron Silliman

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Orson Scott Card

Once these two had been joined together in love, or something like love; they had made two babies, and yet, only fifteen years later, the last tie between them was broken now. All lost, all gone. Nothing lasted, nothing. Even this forty-million-year world that the Oversoul had preserved as if in ice, even it would melt before the fire. Permanence was always an illusion, and love was just the disguise that lovers wore to hide the death of their union from each other for a while. — Orson Scott Card

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Skye Cleary

Peter Koestenbaum also elaborated on the importance of others, particularly romantic lovers, in the existential context. Love is the choice to create and reflect each other mutually, verifying and illuminating each other's uniqueness because this is how we learn that we exist and who we are. A key theme of authentic love is resistance between, but welcoming of, two independent consciousness acting like positive and negative magnets within a single magnetic field. — Skye Cleary

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Zadie Smith

They caught up with each other's news casually, leaving long, cosy gaps of silence in which to go to work on their muffins and coffees. Jerome - after two months of having to be witty and brilliant in a strange town among strangers - appreciated the gift of it. People talk about the happy quiet that can exist between two lovers, but this too was great; sitting between his sister and his brother, saying nothing, eating. ~ on the comforts of home. — Zadie Smith

Between Two Lovers Quotes By John Shors

Father once told me that would-be lovers were similar to mountains. Two peaks, wonderfully akin and compatible in every way, may rise to the clouds but never witness each other's majesty because of the space between them. Like a man and a woman from different cities, they would never find each other. Or, if the peaks were blessed, as my parents had been, they might be two mountains of the same range and could bask in each other's company forever. — John Shors

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Milan Kundera

And in fact, Soviet films, which flooded the cinemas of all Communist countries in that cruelest of times, were saturated with incredible innocence and chastity. The greatest conflict tat could occur between two Russians was a lovers' misunderstanding: he thought she no longer loved him; she thought he no longer loved her. But in the final scene they would fall into each others' arms, tears of happiness trickling down their cheeks. — Milan Kundera

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Stevan V. Nikolic

How much of it was real. How much of it was just a dream. Is it possible that all of it was just a play between two lonely people? Was this woman the one I really love or just the product of my imagination and of my desire to love and be loved. Would I be able to make this dream come true or was I heading into disillusionment and tragedy? — Stevan V. Nikolic

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Gord Sellar

Waking, dreaming. She felt as if a woman torn between two lovers - one of them calm, and sweet, and still and good, and the other magnificent, stone-muscled and taciturn and bold enough to seize her and pull her close to him in the darkness of the night. — Gord Sellar

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Alfred Korzybski

It is amusing to discover, in the twentieth century, that the quarrels between two lovers, two mathematicians, two nations, two economic systems, usually assumed insoluble in a finite period should exhibit one mechanism, the semantic mechanism of identification - the discovery of which makes universal agreement possible, in mathematics and in life. — Alfred Korzybski

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Stevie Nicks

For 70 nights, right across America, I've been getting out there with two ex-lovers and we've been playing songs which are so specific about each of us, you just wouldn't know. We're friends now but we can't forget what happened between us. — Stevie Nicks

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Christopher Isherwood

I certainly should have,' he agrees, smiling and thinking what an absurd and universally-accepted bit of nonsense it is, that your best friends must necessarily be the ones who best understand you. As if there weren't far too much understanding in the world already; above all, that understanding between lovers, celebrated in song and story, which is actually such torture that no two of them can bear it without frequent separations or fights. — Christopher Isherwood

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Olivier Magny

Just like literature, wine takes time to learn. Before having access to the emotion of a stunning poem or to the vigor of a captivating novel, we all had to go through a long initiation. First, we need to learn the alphabet, the sound of each letter. In wine, that would be learning about the grapes and their characteristics. Then, once we master our letters, we need to learn the arrangements of letters, the pronunciation, the grammar, the structure of sentences. Now we can read. In wine, that would be the stage when we start noticing differences between two reds. You no longer drink wine: you start drinking this wine. — Olivier Magny

Between Two Lovers Quotes By NisiOisiN

Just so you know, Araragi-kun, I hate romantic comedies where it is obvious the two will get together at the end but lukewarm developments keep them at an in-between more-than-friends-less-than-lovers state chapter after chapter just to keep the story going."
" ... I see."
"Incidentally, I also hate sports manga where each match takes an entire year and yet you know they are going to win in the end. I also hate battle manga where it is clear they will defeat the final boss and bring peace to the world, but the battles with weaker enemies go on forever."
"I think you just covered every shounen manga and shoujo manga in existence."
- Senjougahara Hitagi & Araragi Koyomi — NisiOisiN

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Forrest Curran

The beauty of traveling is understood along the way rather than at the end of the journey, just as the purpose of marriage isn't about becoming Mr. and Mrs.'s, but is about the love that is expressed on a daily basis between two lovers. A journey is not made up of the destinations that we arrive at, but is composed within every step and each breath we make. — Forrest Curran

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Farzana Zahid

True love has nothing to do with physical contacts. True love is bound with the souls of two lovers. There are no meetings or partings when two hearts are beating in love. The distance between them fades away and what remains is the nearness of the souls. — Farzana Zahid

Between Two Lovers Quotes By David James Duncan

After watching what this purchase had cost Irwin and Linda, Amy and I chose a different path. Love, we figured, may be the best thing that ever happens between two people. And that the best thing is of no worldly worth struck us a beautiful paradox
and an endangered one. We therefore began fighting to defend the worthlessness of lovers everywhere in the only way we knew how: by vowing to remain as inseparable from each other, and as utterly useless to all opportunists, as the rest of our responsibilities would allow. — David James Duncan

Between Two Lovers Quotes By Jonathan Ames

Then between Sixth Street and Seventh Street, my mood was vastly improved when I passed a good-looking dog, a dark brown Lab. We locked eyes for a moment - two lovers from a former life reunited - and I felt quite happy. — Jonathan Ames