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Better Days Coming Quotes By Marcus Sedgwick

You know they used to use nails," he says. "In the old days. Poor folks still do. Not the best idea, a nail in a coffin." Bowman says nothing, but in his mind, he asks, Coffin? The man nods, smiling. He picks up something now, and shows it to Bowman, for inspection. It is a long brass screw. "That's better," he says. "Better than a nail. Notice anything about it?" Bowman shakes his head. "The screw runs widdershins. Back to front. 'Gainst the clock. All the other screws in the world turn the other way to this one. But coffin screws are different. " Bowman forms a word in his mind. Why? The coffin maker smiles. "To stop them from coming back, of course. — Marcus Sedgwick

Better Days Coming Quotes By Harsha Bhogle

Sports teaches you there is always a second innings in life. If you fail today, there's a second innings maybe two days later. Maybe there's another opportunity coming up three or six months later. If you look at mistake as learnings and commit never to make a same mistake again, then you actually get better with every mistake that you make. — Harsha Bhogle

Better Days Coming Quotes By Ashley Judd

When we were growing up, we were so poor that our heritage was the only thing we had. Mama would say, 'Kids, pour more water in the soup. Better days are coming.' — Ashley Judd

Better Days Coming Quotes By Karen Salmansohn

Better days are coming! They're called Saturday and Sunday. — Karen Salmansohn

Better Days Coming Quotes By Margaret Oliphant

Spring cold is like the poverty of a poor man who has had a fortune left him - better days are coming ... — Margaret Oliphant

Better Days Coming Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

You know, I couldn't imagine living somewhere without seasons."
Real seasons, I mean. I'd miss the changes, the variety. Especially spring. I couldn't live without spring. Days like today are worth every snowstorm and slush puddle. By March, it seems like winter will never end. All that snow and ice that seemed so wonderful in December is driving you crazy. But you know spring's coming. Every year, you wait for that first warm day, then the next and the next, each better than the last. You can't help but be happy. You forget winter and get the chance to start over. Fresh possibilities."
A fresh start. — Kelley Armstrong

Better Days Coming Quotes By Susan Orlean

In an interesting inversion of status, the reigning breed in the dog park these days is the really-oddball-unidentifiable-mixed-breed-mutt-found-wandering-the-street or its equivalent. The stranger the mutt the better; the more peculiar the circumstance of it coming into your life, the better. — Susan Orlean

Better Days Coming Quotes By Sarah Dessen

The truth was I knew, after all those flat January days, that I deserved better. I deserved I love yous and kiwi fruits and warriors coming to my door, besotted with love. I deserved pictures of my face in a thousand expressions, and the warmth of a baby's kick beneath my hand. I deserved to grow, and to change, to become all the girls I could be over the course of my life, each one better than the last. — Sarah Dessen

Better Days Coming Quotes By Jennifer Young

Pause and remember - Nothing lasts forever. Better days are coming, but they will come faster with faith. — Jennifer Young

Better Days Coming Quotes By Loretta Chase

I mean to court you, yes," he went on. "But in these
coming days I am determined as well to find a way to ease your heart."
It took her a moment to answer, because the heart he spoke of was so full. "You're a shockingly
good man," she said at last. She mustered a smile. "Perhaps I'd better say yes and have done with it. I'
ve never had any trouble resisting men's lures - at least not since that first time - but so much kindness is
beyond me."
"No, I want a hearty yes," he said. "No questions, no doubts. I am determined to make you
believe your life will be a desert - utterly unlivable without me. — Loretta Chase

Better Days Coming Quotes By Jonathan Franzen

Fog spilled from the heights of San Francisco like the liquid it almost was. On better days it spread across the bay and took over Oakland street by street, a thing you saw coming, a change you watched happening to you, a season on the move. Where it encountered redwoods, the most local of rains fell. Where it found open space, its weightless pale passage seemed both endless and like the end of all things. It was a temporary sadness, the more beautiful for being sad, the more precious for being temporary. It was the slow song in minor that the rock-and-roll sun then chased away. — Jonathan Franzen

Better Days Coming Quotes By Fletcher Pratt

A fine young man and a fine young felly he always was, except that in the old days, before you began coming in here, Mr. Witherwax, he maybe had too much money and spent too much of it on girls. Take them alone, either one; the money without the women, or a good girl without the money that can be a help to a young felly, and he's fixed for life. But put them together; and often as not, the young felly goes on the booze. ("The Better Mousetrap") — Fletcher Pratt

Better Days Coming Quotes By Georges St-Pierre

You don't get better on the days when you feel like going. You get better on the days when you don't want to go, but you go anyway. If you can overcome the negative energy coming from your tired body or unmotivated mind, you will grow and become better. It won't be the best workout you have, you won't accomplish as much as what you usually do when you actually feel good, but that doesn't matter. Growth is a long term game, and the crappy days are more important. — Georges St-Pierre

Better Days Coming Quotes By Heidi McLaughlin

I know I shoulda known better,
But my heart trapped my mind
Since the day I met her
I knew she was the hurting kind
That type of heartbreaker,
It aint nothing new it takes one
To know one, I know I've broke a few.
Like a drink to a drunk
Bullet in the gun,
Just one more kiss
And I will be done.
I shoulda learned my lesson
After all these days, years,
Shoulda seen it coming
But it is already here
A girl like that is
Guaranteed Tears. — Heidi McLaughlin

Better Days Coming Quotes By Pearl Cleage

Buying flowers is not just a way to bring home beauty. It's an expression of confidence that better days are coming. It's a defiant finger in the face of those naysayers who would have you believe your fortunes will never improve. — Pearl Cleage