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Best Wrestler Quotes By Tommy Dreamer

That was my heart and that was my passion. All I ever wanted to do is wrestle. I never wanted to pitch in Game Seven of the World Series, I never wanted to throw the touchdown in the Superbowl, I wanted to wrestle ... Be a professional wrestler. — Tommy Dreamer

Best Wrestler Quotes By Stephanie McMahon

I was not allowed to date wrestlers, or anyone else in the company, across the board. — Stephanie McMahon

Best Wrestler Quotes By Annie Dillard

You are a Seminole alligator wrestler. Half naked, with your two bare hands, you hold and fight a sentence's head while its tail tries to knock you over. — Annie Dillard

Best Wrestler Quotes By Christian Kane

I grew up a wrestler; for a long time in Oklahoma I was a wrestler. — Christian Kane

Best Wrestler Quotes By J. Loren Norris

Bad habits are like having a sumo wrestler in the back of your canoe rowing the opposite direction. — J. Loren Norris

Best Wrestler Quotes By David Shoemaker

Usually called by his guffaw-inducing initials, IRS, Schyster was the standout grappler Mike Rotunda functionally repackaged as Ted DiBiase's financial planner. Indisputably his best angle was the time he took issue with Native American wrestler Tatanka for failing to pay taxes on a ceremonial headdress. — David Shoemaker

Best Wrestler Quotes By Charles Soule

Of all the things I've done, the first 'Strongman' story was one of the easiest things to write. It was almost fully formed from the get-go. It's almost a 'Dark Knight Returns' riff, except you have a battle-worn Mexican wrestler instead of Batman. — Charles Soule

Best Wrestler Quotes By Roman Reigns

As far as the hate, it makes me laugh. Everybody is a critic. Every critic I've ever had, they weren't wrestlers [laughs]. Every wrestler I've ever had critique me, they were always into my stuff or what I'm doing out there. For a non-wrestler, someone who doesn't even know how to lock up, and if we did lock up, they wouldn't know what to do, for them to critique any of us, it really does pop me. — Roman Reigns

Best Wrestler Quotes By Mickey Rourke

The acclaim I'm getting for 'The Wrestler' means everything in the world to me. But it also means I can't take my foot off the gas pedal. — Mickey Rourke

Best Wrestler Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

When people are broken on the outside, society is taught to never be rude to them. When people are broken on the inside, society is taught to rub happiness in their faces and show them how perfect life should be. When someone has half of an arm, you are not supposed to go up to them and show them how great of an arm wrestler you are. But when someone has a broken mind or a broken soul, you're taught to go up to them and tell them to look for joy in everything. Society has a very long way to go in terms of what it means to heal this world's broken people. — C. JoyBell C.

Best Wrestler Quotes By Epictetus

Suppose I should say to a wrestler, 'Show me your muscle'. And he should answer me, 'See my dumb-bells'. Your dumb-bells are your own affair; I want to see the effect of them.
Take the treatise 'On Choice', and see how thoroughly I have perused it.
I am not asking about this, O slave, but how you act in choosing and refusing, how you manage your desires and aversions, your intentions and purposes, how you meet events
whether you are in harmony with nature's laws or opposed to them. If in harmony, give me evidence of that, and I will say you are progressing; if the contrary, you may go your way, and not only comment on your books, but write some like them yourself; and what good will it do you? — Epictetus

Best Wrestler Quotes By Owen Hart

It's hard to pick out one particular wrestler. — Owen Hart

Best Wrestler Quotes By Bill Goldberg

Brock [Lesnar] is one hell of a wrestler, and he's a big monster. — Bill Goldberg

Best Wrestler Quotes By Socrates

I swear it upon Zeus an outstanding runner cannot be the equal of an average wrestler. — Socrates

Best Wrestler Quotes By Mickey Rourke

You want to earn respect in your old age. You want to walk into a restaurant and have people say: 'There's Mickey Rourke. He was great in 'The Wrestler.' You don't want them jumping out of windows. — Mickey Rourke

Best Wrestler Quotes By Stephanie

It's taboo for me to date wrestlers. — Stephanie

Best Wrestler Quotes By Ming-Dao Deng

Grappling with fate is like meeting an expert wrestler: to escape, you have to accept the fall when you are thrown. The only thing that counts is whether you get back up. — Ming-Dao Deng

Best Wrestler Quotes By J. B. Smoove

To be a true comic, you have to have a signature move. You ever watch wrestling? And your favorite wrestler has the one move that he always does to finish his opponent off, right? Like when he climbs on the rope, and he always jumps off the top rope and finishes off his opponent - that's what a comic has. — J. B. Smoove

Best Wrestler Quotes By Sadaharu Oh

I had strong legs that would have made me a good sumo wrestler and I used that to my advantage, but my home runs were achieved by technique. — Sadaharu Oh

Best Wrestler Quotes By Tom Savini

They're [zombies] us, you can also have the wrestler zombie, the clown zombie, the Jay Leno zombie and the nun zombie. I've never seen the clown werewolf or vampire. But because zombies are us, at the lowest possible level, they're a lot more versatile for storytelling. — Tom Savini

Best Wrestler Quotes By Hulk Hogan

I used to be a session musician before I was a wrestler. I played bass guitar. I was big pals with Lars Ulrich and he asked me if I wanted to play bass with Metallica in their early days but it didn't work out. — Hulk Hogan

Best Wrestler Quotes By Paige VanZant

I like the wrestling and executing the throws. My dad was a wrestler and he showed me some of those techniques, too. — Paige VanZant

Best Wrestler Quotes By Chris Jericho

When I was a kid, I wanted to be either a rock star or a wrestler. — Chris Jericho

Best Wrestler Quotes By Anthony Jeselnik

I'm very arrogant and mean. I'm almost like a bad guy professional wrestler. — Anthony Jeselnik

Best Wrestler Quotes By Daniel Bryan

All of a sudden from one of the doors I heard a woman scream out, "Michael Shawn Hickenbottom! What are you doing?!" It was Carol, Shawn's mom, and she gave him an earful in front of all of us for going against doctors' orders. Instantly he stopped being the Superstar wrestler Shawn Michaels and turned into a son being scolded by his mother. — Daniel Bryan

Best Wrestler Quotes By David Shoemaker

As a face and a heel, Savage saw wrestling the way so many of us viewers did. He saw that every wrestler had an ulterior motive, that everyone was out for himself - that conspiracy theory was the only reasonable lens through which to perceive WWF reality. — David Shoemaker

Best Wrestler Quotes By Andy Kaufman

Whenever I play a role, whether it's good or bad, an evil person or nice person, I believe in being a purist and going all the way with the role. If I'm going to be a villainous wrestler, I believe in going all the way with it and not breaking character and not giving away to the audience that I'm playing a role. I believe in playing it straight to the hilt. — Andy Kaufman

Best Wrestler Quotes By Muhammad Ali

When I was 9, I saw a wrestler on television named Gorgeous George. He said, "I'm beautiful. I'm so pretty that if a sucker touches my face, I'll kill him. If he messes with my hair, I'll pummel him." I said to myself, "That's a good idea. I am the greatest, I'm pretty." And then I took it a little further than he did. — Muhammad Ali

Best Wrestler Quotes By Walter Darby Bannard

Asking art to express ideas is like asking a Sumo wrestler to play charades. — Walter Darby Bannard

Best Wrestler Quotes By CM Punk

I am the best wrestler in the world. — CM Punk

Best Wrestler Quotes By Bill Vaughan

In a tournament, even though there are team scores, it's calculated and it's a lot more individual. There is more honor to say you're not just better than the opposing schools' wrestler, you're the best wrestler in your weight class. Plus there are lot more awards to win in a tournament. — Bill Vaughan

Best Wrestler Quotes By Saint Basil

As the pilot of a vessel is tried in the storm; as the wrestler is tried in the ring, the soldier in the battle, and the hero in adversity: so is the Christian tried in temptation. — Saint Basil

Best Wrestler Quotes By Jeanette Winterson

I can't catch her by copying her, I can't draw her with a borrowed stencil. She is all the things a lover should be and quite a few a lover should not. Pin her down? She's not a butterfly. I'm not a wrestler. She's not a target. I'm not a gun. Tell you what she is? She's not Lot no. 27 and I'm not one to brag. — Jeanette Winterson

Best Wrestler Quotes By Dorothy Dunnett

Rimed and sparkling with sugar, the wrestler lay like some child's flaccid sweetmeat in death, and the dogs licked his eyelids. — Dorothy Dunnett

Best Wrestler Quotes By Craig Ferguson

Why don't they allow professional wrestling at the Olympics? They allow pro basketball players and hockey players. Olympic pro wrestling would be awesome. The team from Mexico could wear those Mr. X masks. The French wrestler could hit his opponent with a baguette. Or perhaps just surrender. — Craig Ferguson

Best Wrestler Quotes By David Shoemaker

They were flying back from a big show in London, the whole roster on the plane. The story goes that much alcohol was consumed and things quickly got uncomfortable: Hennig and Scott Hall went wild with some shaving cream; Dustin Rhodes awkwardly serenaded his ex-wife, Terri; the legendary wrestler turned booker Michael "P.S." Hayes got punched out by JBL and later, after he had fallen asleep, had his ponytail chopped off by Sean Waltman; Ric Flair paraded in front of a flight attendant in nothing but his sequined ring robe; and, to top it all off, Hennig challenged collegiate wrestling star (and WWE golden boy) Brock Lesnar to a Greco-Roman wrestling match that ended when Lesnar tackled Hennig into the exit door, and they were pulled apart just before they jeopardized the flight. — David Shoemaker

Best Wrestler Quotes By J.R. Ward

The guy was like part pro wrestler, part Toys "R" Us. — J.R. Ward

Best Wrestler Quotes By Victoria Scott

Though the kitchen's decor stinks, the smell of something wonderful pulls me away from Charlie's chattering. Bacon. Right there cooking on the stove. Yeah, I know. I'm dead. But I can still eat like a sumo wrestler. And if that deliciousness isn't on a plate in front of me within two minutes, I'm eating it straight from the pan. — Victoria Scott

Best Wrestler Quotes By Mark Russell

God changed Jacob's name to "Israel," which means "one who wrestles with God." As far as I know, Israel is still the only nation named after a wrestler. — Mark Russell

Best Wrestler Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

Do you remember the wrestler Andre the Giant? Famous. He had acromegaly. — Malcolm Gladwell

Best Wrestler Quotes By Mutsuo Takahashi

Sleeping Wrestler

You are a murderer
No you are not, but really a wrestler
Either way it's just the same
For from the ring of your entangled body
Clean as leather, lustful as a lily
Will nail me down
On your stout neck like a column, like a pillar of tendons
The thoughtful forehead
(In fact, it's thinking nothing)
When the forehead slowly moves and closes the heavy eyelids
Inside, a dark forest awakens
A forest of red parrots
Seven almonds and grape leaves
At the end of the forest a vine
Covers the house where two boys
Lie in each others arms: I'm one of them, you the other
In the house, melancholy and terrible anxiety
Outside the keyhole, a sunset
Dyed with the blood of the beautiful bullfighter Escamillo
Scorched by the sunset, headlong, headfirst
Falling, falling, a gymnast
If you're going to open your eyes, nows the time, wrestler — Mutsuo Takahashi

Best Wrestler Quotes By CM Punk

I am the best wrestler in the world. I've been the best ever since day one when I walked into this company, and I've been vilified and hated since that day because Paul Heyman saw something in me that nobody else wanted to admit. That's right, I'm a Paul Heyman guy. You know who else was a Paul Heyman guy? Brock Lesnar, and he split just like I'm splitting, but the biggest difference between me and Brock is I'm going to leave with the WWE Championship. — CM Punk

Best Wrestler Quotes By Daniel Bryan

I have no ambition for what society says is important as far as things like money, and all that kind of stuff.' What I am ambitious about is I want to be the best wrestler that I can possibly be, and I think there's some sort of mistake in generations, as far as what he thinks as far as our generation lacking ambition. — Daniel Bryan

Best Wrestler Quotes By Joshua Mohr

Hughes' debut novel, At Dawn, follows a former All-American wrestler, and is there any better metaphor for contemporary American life? We're all wrestling, tussling with the economy, no jobs, doing the best we can. Hughes doesn't flinch from the tough existential questions. He embraces them. — Joshua Mohr

Best Wrestler Quotes By Randy Orton

Ric Flair, you can tell all these people that I'm full of it for calling myself the Legend Killer? Well, I think you're full of it for coming out here every Monday and telling the whole world that Triple H is the best wrestler in the world today. I know it's not true, I'm pretty sure all these people know it's not true and Ric Flair, I know that deep down inside your heart, you know it's not true either which is why it's so tragic to see what you've become. This generation is gonna remember Ric Flair for kissing Triple H's ass! — Randy Orton

Best Wrestler Quotes By Stephanie McMahon

My very favorite wrestler of all time was Andre the Giant. He was sort of like my best friend, believe it or not, and I have a picture in 'People' magazine of me sitting on his lap when I was 8 years old after 'WrestleMania I.' — Stephanie McMahon