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Top Best Tweet Quotes

Best Tweet Quotes By David Chiles

Use Discretion: It is proper netiquette to use discretion, best behavior, in all online activity. — David Chiles

Best Tweet Quotes By Neil Gaiman

I tweet, therefore my entire life has shrunk to 140 character chunks of instant event and predigested gnomic wisdom. And swearing. — Neil Gaiman

Best Tweet Quotes By Alejandro Jodorowsky

I tweet 15 times a day to keep my brain stimulated. — Alejandro Jodorowsky

Best Tweet Quotes By Questlove

I'm a 24-hour tweet machine, I'm a 24-hour blogger. When there's no pressure on me, I can talk and write and lecture with the best of them. But put a deadline on me and I start getting writer's block. — Questlove

Best Tweet Quotes By Anthony Bourdain

If somebody crafts an interesting tweet that'll lead me to their blog, I'm going to their blog. — Anthony Bourdain

Best Tweet Quotes By Retta

The best shows to tweet about are the ones that are hilarious, but they might not necessarily be trying to be hilarious. Those are the easiest and the funniest because you're like 'come onnnn.' — Retta

Best Tweet Quotes By Christian Rudder

the DOLLY Project (Digital OnLine Life and You) - it's a searchable repository of every geotagged tweet since December 2011, — Christian Rudder

Best Tweet Quotes By Howard Rheingold

Mindfulness means being aware of how you're deploying your attention and making decisions about it, and not letting the tweet or the buzzing of your BlackBerry call your attention. — Howard Rheingold

Best Tweet Quotes By Samantha Harvey

Down on the ground, we seem to do anything but make lengthy, robust monologues. We can communicate in an instant almost anywhere. Gone is the slow old letter - itself a monologue, a sort of considered performance of best self - and in its place is the e-mail, the text, the SMS, the tweet. — Samantha Harvey

Best Tweet Quotes By Imogen Heap

There was this song I was working on called 'Swing.' It was almost finished, but there was something missing, and I couldn't for the life of me figure it out. And then this little piece of information - this little tweet - came to the forefront of my mind. — Imogen Heap

Best Tweet Quotes By Shaquille O'Neal

When I tweet, I try and accomplish three things. One, is to make you laugh. Two, is to inform you. Three, is to enlighten you. That's all I do. — Shaquille O'Neal

Best Tweet Quotes By Patricia Lockwood

I tweet when the tweet arrives. Never force a tweet or you will hurt your babymaker - and this is true of literature as well. — Patricia Lockwood

Best Tweet Quotes By Michael Anti

One Chinese tweet is equal to 3.5 English tweets ... Because of this, the Chinese really regard this microblogging as a media, not only a headline to media. — Michael Anti

Best Tweet Quotes By Annie Dillard

Their song reminds me of a child's neighborhood rallying cry - ee-ock-ee - with a heartfelt warble at the end. But it is their call that is especially endearing. The towhee has the brass and grace to call, simply and clearly, "tweet". I know of no other bird that stoops to literal tweeting. — Annie Dillard

Best Tweet Quotes By Rachel Maddow

Donald Trump announced his no Muslims are allowed to come to the United States plan and that led to one of the greatest tweets of all time from New York Times columnist. Quote, "OK, I concede I picked the wrong day to modestly walk back my Trumpism as fascism column." — Rachel Maddow

Best Tweet Quotes By Daniel Silva

IT SEEMS DIFFICULT TO IMAGINE, but there was once a time when human beings did not feel the need to share their every waking moment with hundreds of millions, even billions, of complete and utter strangers. If one went to a shopping mall to purchase an article of clothing, one did not post minute-by-minute details on a social networking site; and if one made a fool of oneself at a party, one did not leave a photographic record of the sorry episode in a digital scrapbook that would survive for all eternity. But now, in the era of lost inhibition, it seemed no detail of life was too mundane or humiliating to share. In the online age, it was more important to live out loud than to live with dignity. Internet followers were more treasured than flesh-and-blood friends, for they held the illusive promise of celebrity, even immortality. Were Descartes alive today, he might have written: I tweet, therefore I am. — Daniel Silva

Best Tweet Quotes By Richard Russo

These are not men of great imagination, but one can hardly blame them for not being prepared for this particular contingency, the sight of a tweet-jacketed, tenured, middle-aged, senior professor and department chair in a fake nose and glasses, brandishing a live, terrified goose ... (Richard Russo, Straight Man) — Richard Russo

Best Tweet Quotes By Evan Rachel Wood

I mentioned Ellen Page on Twitter in a tweet. It was like, "I met Ellen Page last night and she's so beautiful and lovely!" So then we started talking. — Evan Rachel Wood

Best Tweet Quotes By Tom Peters

I wrote the book based on a blog that I keep. I also tweet. I don't think that for an incredibly old fart I'm totally behind the power curve. I really believe that the essentials of human relationships remain the same. — Tom Peters

Best Tweet Quotes By Mindy Kaling

It's really sweet when people tweet at me and say I'm their spirit animal or 'I wish she was my best friend,' which is the nicest compliment. For me, it's like, doing television is so personal because you're in people's homes, so the fact that people feel that way means so much to me. — Mindy Kaling

Best Tweet Quotes By Tanner Berryhill

That's one of the coolest things about being a racecar driver. Even if its one tweet a day, the platform allows me the opportunity to change someone's life. That's what we're here for. When we're struggling on the track, I try to take myself out of the situation and realize how small these earthly problems are. I love being able to spread the Word. That's my main purpose in life. Driving in NASCAR is icing on the cake. — Tanner Berryhill

Best Tweet Quotes By Patricia Lockwood

First tweet, best tweet, I always think. I try not to work them too much or else they get Pie Dough Disease, which is where the dough has been to too much college and doesn't understand that it is dough anymore and refuses to be shaped. Pie Dough Disease! Poems get that too. — Patricia Lockwood

Best Tweet Quotes By Alison G. Bailey

Noah had always been my best friend, my partner in crime, my protector, my soul mate, the love of my life. My everything. I may not have gotten all the beauty, intelligence or talent, but I got Noah Stewart, the one "perfect" thing I could claim as mine and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world — Alison G. Bailey

Best Tweet Quotes By Bernie Taupin

Read books, discover the blues and don't Tweet. — Bernie Taupin

Best Tweet Quotes By Ester Dean

It's so funny because if you tweet your lyrics and then you hear it in a song next week, you're like, 'Hey I had that same idea.' I'm very secretive with my music. We have to send emails password protected. Because once that song gets out, you aren't selling that thing. — Ester Dean

Best Tweet Quotes By Dan Savage

Now that all writers everywhere are contractually obligated to blog and tweet all day long, who has time to work on a book? — Dan Savage

Best Tweet Quotes By Rachel Maddow

CNN recently ran a sort of roundup article on why some conservatives say that Trump talk is fascist. The roundup included this tweet from Iowa Republican radio host, very influential guy in Iowa Republican caucuses, Steve Deace. Quote, "If [Barack] Obama proposed the same religion registry as Trump, every conservative in the country would call it what it is - creeping fascism." — Rachel Maddow

Best Tweet Quotes By Gina Torres

I don't tweet - I have nothing to say. — Gina Torres

Best Tweet Quotes By Ilona Andrews

It a dude and a girl, and the house and wooo scary things happen and then they kill everything. — Ilona Andrews

Best Tweet Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

All tweets are tasty. Any tweet anybody writes is tasty. So, I try to have each tweet not simply be informative, but have some outlook, some perspective that you might not otherwise had. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Best Tweet Quotes By Alison G. Bailey

I went to my dresser, turned the lamp off, and crawled into bed. I was taking a chance but I couldn't help slipping in behind Tweet and draping my arm around her waist. She placed her hand on top of mine and squeezed it slightly. I buried my nose in her dark hair, breathing in the scent of raspberry and vanilla. This was were we belonged. — Alison G. Bailey

Best Tweet Quotes By Germany Kent

Because words have deep meaning, Tweets have power. — Germany Kent

Best Tweet Quotes By Prabal Gurung

I tweet myself and do all the Facebook updates. It started off with me wondering whether I was showing off and I was very careful about what I wrote. — Prabal Gurung

Best Tweet Quotes By Nick D'Aloisio

I was using Twitter a lot on my phone, and was realising there was a massive gap between the link on the tweet and the full story. If you could come up with a summary layer to show in Twitter, that would be awesome. — Nick D'Aloisio

Best Tweet Quotes By Jane Elliot

I don't tweet or do any other social media, so I don't know what's being said out there. — Jane Elliot

Best Tweet Quotes By Buffy Andrews

A tweet a day keeps writer's block away. — Buffy Andrews

Best Tweet Quotes By Elizabeth Gillies

I try not to tweet too much; I'm a really sporadic tweeter. I will tweet nonstop for, like, 3 days, and then I won't for a month. I don't make it priority at all; if I feel like doing it, I do it, and if not, then I don't care. — Elizabeth Gillies

Best Tweet Quotes By Seth Godin

Is it worth getting one more tweet out, or putting your phone down and doing something that is worth tweeting? — Seth Godin

Best Tweet Quotes By Lady Gaga

Friendship is only friendship when it is real. Passionate and relentless. Forgiving and joyful. Don't forget today to have real moments with your friends. Not a text, or a tweet, an Instagram
that's all deceit. Hold real hands, kiss genuine lips, be a truly strong human force. — Lady Gaga

Best Tweet Quotes By Henry Rollins

I'm actually on the Twitter like all those crazy young kids are, and if I'm going to do an in-store appearance or I post something on my website, I tweet these followers, a word I don't like so much, and over 50,000 people go, like, 'Okay, I got it.' — Henry Rollins

Best Tweet Quotes By Maureen Johnson

I have no phobias. Phobias are irrational. My fears are rational and CAREFULLY CULTIVATED, like roses. — Maureen Johnson

Best Tweet Quotes By Andie MacDowell

In the days when I used to tweet, I would encounter comments wishing death upon me. There were people who claimed they were sticking pins in my effigy because they couldn't stand me. There's some seriously disturbed people out there. — Andie MacDowell

Best Tweet Quotes By Conan O'Brien

A congressman sent a tweet that compared president Obama to Adolf Hitler. He has now apologized. It's not helping that he apologized to Hitler. — Conan O'Brien

Best Tweet Quotes By Alison G. Bailey

You're not a loser, Tweet. You're a coward, because you just threw away the chance to be with someone who wanted to spend the rest of his life loving you. — Alison G. Bailey