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Top Best Triathlon Quotes

Best Triathlon Quotes By Stephen Mangan

I enter myself in races. I did a triathlon, and I have done a marathon a couple of times. — Stephen Mangan

Best Triathlon Quotes By Greg James

The transitions will be tough because of the nature of a triathlon, you have to get changed and dry off or whatever. But this is going to be even harder because I have to do all that, then speak on the radio, do an interview with local telly, do some press and some interviews. — Greg James

Best Triathlon Quotes By Matt Fitzgerald

If I was ever going to win Ironman, I was going to have to beat the man who rinsed his cottage cheese — Matt Fitzgerald

Best Triathlon Quotes By Matt Fitzgerald

The magnitude of the satisfaction that a triathlete experiences upon crossing a finish line is directly proportional to the amount of suffering he has overcome to to get there. This reward knows no ability. Even the slowest of the slow can push themselves beyond existing limits and finish with tremendous satisfaction. But winning often demands and inspires the greatest suffering and thus confers the greatest sense of pride. Often, because of the nature of competition, it is precisely he who has the most guts who is the fastest and experiences the most intense fulfillment at the finish line.

Theoretically, then, the most deeply satisfying experience a triathlete could have in the sport (and among the best in life) would occur at the finish line of a race in which he has overcome as much suffering as he could possibly ever endure, and knows it. — Matt Fitzgerald

Best Triathlon Quotes By Craig Alexander

Like most of us, Shane Niemeyer likes to test his limits. THE HURT ARTIST gave me an entirely different perspective on just how far he fell before becoming an Ironman. His life story deserves to be told and demonstrates what perseverance can do for anyone no matter how hopeless they may feel their situation is. You may never compete in an Ironman Triathlon, but Shane shows how anyone can overcome any obstacle and pursue their dream with passion. — Craig Alexander

Best Triathlon Quotes By Helen Jenkins

Triathlon is a very friendly sport. You can make friends quite easily. You don't have to be the most talented person. I was never outstanding at any one of the disciplines, but if you're dedicated and you're willing to put the time in, you can really achieve some good results. — Helen Jenkins

Best Triathlon Quotes By Sloane Crosley

I was stunned. I pulled the phone away and looked quizzically at the hole-punched speaker. Aside from the blood obligation to be my sister's maid of honor, it had never occured to me that I would get asked to be in anyone's wedding. I thought we had reached an understanding, the institution of marriage and I. Weddings are the like the triathlon of female friendship: the Shower, the Bachelorette Party, and the Main Event. It's the Iron Woman and most people never make it through. They fall off their bikes or choke on ocean water. I figured if I valued my life, I'd stay away from weddings and they'd stay away from me. — Sloane Crosley

Best Triathlon Quotes By Chrissie Wellington

Some sessions are stars and some sessions are stones, but in the end they are all rocks and we build upon them. — Chrissie Wellington

Best Triathlon Quotes By Alistair Brownlee

The main thing with triathlon is you've got to be as fit as you can. I train all year round. — Alistair Brownlee

Best Triathlon Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Of course it was painful, and there were times when, emotionally, I just wanted to chuck it all. But pain seems to be a precondition for this kind of sport. If pain weren't involved, who in the world would ever go to the trouble of taking part in sports like the triathlon or the marathon, which demand such an investment of time and energy? It's precisely because of the pain, precisely because we want to overcome that pain, that we can get the feeling, through this process, of really being alive
or at least a partial sense of it. Your quality of experience is based not on standards such as time or ranking, but on finally awakening to an awareness of the fluidity within action itself. — Haruki Murakami

Best Triathlon Quotes By Charlotte Campbell

As your training moves from base training to more intense work, to tapering, your nutrition needs to change. — Charlotte Campbell

Best Triathlon Quotes By Joe Friel

It is not a matter of how much you train, but of how you train. - RICK NILES, TRIATHLON COACH — Joe Friel

Best Triathlon Quotes By Jenson Button

For me, triathlons were something that was down to me and my fitness. Now, I really enjoy the pain in the triathlon of chasing someone down. It's a bit like chasing down Nico Rosberg in the last few laps at Silverstone - it makes you feel alive. — Jenson Button

Best Triathlon Quotes By Alistair Brownlee

In triathlon you don't get to race that much so when you're on the start line you just need to make sure you focus on the job in hand and enjoy yourself. — Alistair Brownlee

Best Triathlon Quotes By Chris McCormack

You don't play triathlon. You play soccer; it's fun. You play baseball. Triathlon is work that you can leave you crumpled in a heap, puking on the roadside. It's the physical brutality of climbing Mount Everest without the great view from the top of the world. What kind of person keeps coming back for more of that? — Chris McCormack

Best Triathlon Quotes By Martha McSally

Before I became a fighter pilot, everyone said that women didn't have the physical strength. Well, I had just completed the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. — Martha McSally

Best Triathlon Quotes By Dan Golding

The aim of the taper is to minimise accumulated fatigue and fill up the fuel stores to arrive at the start line fresh. — Dan Golding

Best Triathlon Quotes By Alistair Brownlee

I did my first triathlon when I was 11-years-old and it was just another new sport to try. I got better at it and decided to take it a bit more seriously. — Alistair Brownlee

Best Triathlon Quotes By Guy Kawasaki

You need to save some mental, physical, and emotional resources for enhancing your product after you ship. A revolution is a triathlon, not a hundred-yard dash-it requires long distance stamina and multiple skills such as creating, churning, and evangelizing. — Guy Kawasaki

Best Triathlon Quotes By Guy Kawasaki

Starting your book is only the first five miles of a twenty-six-mile marathon that's one-third of a triathlon (authoring, publishing, and entrepreneuring). — Guy Kawasaki

Best Triathlon Quotes By Alistair Brownlee

Triathlon has quite a short season. It only runs from May to September so there's a lot of time when you're not racing. So I try to set myself the target of doing a certain amount of training every week and things like that. — Alistair Brownlee

Best Triathlon Quotes By Chrissie Wellington

While i may have been strong, i was not particularly goat like. — Chrissie Wellington

Best Triathlon Quotes By Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann

If I'm going to be working out two hours a day, I may as well have a goal ... and I'm pretty competitive by nature. A triathlon is a new fun thing. — Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann