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Best Taunts Quotes By Brandon Mull

If we can expect another journey tomorrow, we should secure horses," Ferrin went on. "And if the sun will be shining, perhaps a goat for Aram."
"Keep it up," Aram dared him through clenched teeth.
"Is a goat too large and unruly?" Ferrin asked? "Maybe we should saddle a raccoon."
"Odd how these taunts tend to fade after sundown," Aram growled, taking a large bite of bread.
"But a new day always dawns," Ferrin replied. "And we can all use some entertainment."
Aram glowered. "Then perhaps tonight I should pull you apart and let the others puzzle you back together."
"That's the spirit!" Ferrin applauded. "Taunt back! I get the sense you've seldom had to deal with ridicule."
Aram appeared to be resisting a pleased little smile. — Brandon Mull

Best Taunts Quotes By Elaine Pagels

The Secret Revelation of John opens, again, in crisis. The disciple John, grieving Jesus' death, is walking toward the temple when he meets a Pharisee who mocks him for having been deceived by a false messiah. These taunts echoed John's own fear and doubt. — Elaine Pagels

Best Taunts Quotes By Ray C. Stedman

God is never impressed with the phony. He has no time or patience for the false; God deals only with truth. He says that to trust His Word as a plain statement of truth, ignoring all the mocking taunts of those who think they know better, will not be an easy path but it will be an absolutely sure one. That is what Hebrews 11 says to us. — Ray C. Stedman

Best Taunts Quotes By Cynthia Hand

Come on, pretty boy," he taunts. "Show me what you've got. — Cynthia Hand

Best Taunts Quotes By Anya Ulinich

In this town of towheaded drunks, [his daughter] would bear the weight of her difference, doled out in murmurs, taunts, and shoves. But now it occurred to Victor that she would suffer more than he ever had because, unlike him, she had been loved, and her punishment would come as a surprise. — Anya Ulinich

Best Taunts Quotes By Anne Fortier

As you say, nature taunts us with our weaknesses.
Myrina took Klito by the shoulders, 'It is not a taunt, but a challenge. — Anne Fortier

Best Taunts Quotes By Tammy Falkner

He picks up the remote and turns his show back on. "This is the best part." He points at the TV and grins. I lift my feet, but he grabs them and holds tight. "Stay a few minutes. I missed you when you were gone." He grins at me again. My heart clenches. His fingers start that slow sweep up and down my foot again. I turn my head so I can watch the TV with him. He talks to the TV while the cook-off is going on, like Emilio does when he's watching sports. It makes me laugh. He looks at me, his brows raised. "Are you laughing at me?" He grabs my foot tightly and holds it, his other hand holding my middle toe. He gives it a tug and I squeal. "Let me go!" He laughs and tugs my toe until it pops. It doesn't hurt. But it's damn aggravating. "That's what you get when you mess with me," he taunts. I — Tammy Falkner

Best Taunts Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

Quit it! Tate, enough of the taunts, and Bones, how old are you? Why don't I just give you a pair of my panties to hang around your neck? Then whenever you feel jealous, you can wave them at whoever's pissing you off."
"Like you wear panties," Tate muttered. — Jeaniene Frost

Best Taunts Quotes By Katie McGarry

I walk with my head high, shoulders squared. I'm better than them. No matter the whispers and taunts they throw out. Fuck them. Fuck them all. — Katie McGarry

Best Taunts Quotes By Claudia Gray

This is one of my absolute favourite quotes its from the evernight series (stargazer)
charity to Balthazar
You remind me of too much. you remind me of what it felt like to be alive, to think of sunlight as something you could enjoy instead of something you could bare, to breath and have it change you, refresh you, awaken you, instead of just churning on and on some old useless habit that taunts you with what you use to be, to sigh and feel relief, to cry and let your sadness pass, instead of having it all bottled up inside of you forever and ever until you don't know who you are any more. — Claudia Gray

Best Taunts Quotes By Richard Due

I was asked the age old question today: why are you an author? I suppose there are lots of answers to this question that would suffice, but for me there is really only one answer that will do: the blank paper taunts me, and I am weak. — Richard Due

Best Taunts Quotes By Gary Taubes

Which of us would not be preoccupied with thoughts of food if we were suffering from internal starvation? Hunger is such an awful thing that it is classically cited with pestilence and war as one of our three worst burdens. Add to the physical discomfort the emotional stresses of being fat, the taunts and teasing from the thin, the constant criticism, the accusations of gluttony and lack of "will power," and the constant guilt feelings, and we have reasons enough for the emotional disturbances which preoccupy the psychiatrists. — Gary Taubes

Best Taunts Quotes By Jeffrey Round

Love's a terrible fever. It burns when it's new and aches when it's old. It tempts and taunts, beguiles and bewilders, before leaving you high and dry with the worst hangover you've ever experienced.

Jeffrey Round. Lake on the Mountain: A Dan Sharp Mystery (Kindle Locations 3506-3508). Kindle Edition. — Jeffrey Round

Best Taunts Quotes By E. M. Forster

He had robbed the body of its taint, the world's taunts of their sting; he had shown her the holiness of direct desire. — E. M. Forster

Best Taunts Quotes By Robert Harris

In the spring, during the Festival of Flora, when Rome was crowded with visitors from all over Italy, Clodius's mob found itself for once outnumbered by ordinary citizens who despised their bullying tactics. Clodius himself was actually jeered at the theatre. Unused to anything other than adulation from the people, according to Atticus he looked around him in astonishment at the slow handclapping, taunts, whistles and obscene gestures, and realised - almost too late - that he was in danger of being lynched. He retreated hastily, and that was the beginning of the end of his domination, for the Senate now recognised how he could be beaten: by appealing over the heads of the — Robert Harris

Best Taunts Quotes By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Big words do not smite like war-clubs, Boastful breath is not a bow-string, Taunts are not so sharp as arrows, Deeds are better things than words are, Actions mightier than boastings. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Best Taunts Quotes By Leon Uris

One of the cheapest commodities in the world is unfulfilled genius. All of us want to be known as a unique individual, the one who broke out of the pack. So, you offer yourself up as a sacrifice and what you're afraid of is losing and being thrown back into the pack. One question taunts you. Do you want to have, or do you want to be? — Leon Uris

Best Taunts Quotes By Mike Tanier

One Yard Short exposes those "he's not a winner" arguments for the suckerpunch they are, showing the keen edge that separates champions from also-rans. McNair earned immunity from such taunts that day, proving that he could, even though he didn't. Thoughtful fans can return to that moment when pondering the legacy of other players, who may have come up five yards short, or twenty, but could still see the end zone, still gave their teams a chance at glory: A loss is not always a failure. — Mike Tanier

Best Taunts Quotes By Solomon Northup

Oh! how heavily the weight of slavery pressed upon me then. I must toil day after day, endure abuse and taunts and scoffs, sleep on the hard ground, live on the coarsest fare, and not only this, but live the slave of a blood-seeking wretch, of whom I must stand henceforth in continued fear and dread. — Solomon Northup

Best Taunts Quotes By Anonymous

For it is not an enemy who taunts me - then I could bear it; it is not an adversary who t deals insolently with me - then I could hide from him. 13 u But it is you, a man, my equal, my companion, my familiar friend. 14 We used to take sweet counsel together; within God's house we walked in v the throng. — Anonymous

Best Taunts Quotes By Walt Whitman

To drive free, to love free, to court destruction with taunts. One brief house of madness and joy! — Walt Whitman

Best Taunts Quotes By Edward Carpenter

Where there had been only jeers or taunts at first, crowds come to listen with serious and sympathetic men. — Edward Carpenter

Best Taunts Quotes By Lauren M. Roy

The simplest way to attract a ghost was to sit quietly and open yourself up to the interactions. He'd seen those shows where a passel of tough guys ran around abandoned asylums and jails, hollering macho taunts at the spirits. There was a reason they rarely found any useful evidence or got more than a banging door for their troubles: ghosts didn't answer to shitheels. — Lauren M. Roy

Best Taunts Quotes By Tracy K. Smith

Listen: the dark we've only ever imagined now audible, thrumming,
marbled with static like gristly meat. a chorus of engines churns.
silence taunts: a dare. everything that disappears
disappears as if returning somewhere. — Tracy K. Smith

Best Taunts Quotes By Walt Whitman

O something unprov'd! something in a trance!
O madness amorous! O trembling!
O to escape utterly from others' anchors and holds!
To drive free! to love free! to dash reckless and dangerous!
To court destruction with taunts - with invitations!
To ascend - to leap to the heavens of the love indicated to me!
To rise thither with my inebriate Soul!
To be lost, if it must be so!
To feed the remainder of life with one hour of fulness and freedom!
With one brief hour of madness and joy. — Walt Whitman

Best Taunts Quotes By Fennel Hudson

Confront the page that taunts you with its whiteness. Face your enemy and fill it with words. You are bigger and stronger than a piece of paper. — Fennel Hudson

Best Taunts Quotes By Edward W. Robertson

I wonder what's killed more men over the years. Wild animals? Or masculine taunts? — Edward W. Robertson

Best Taunts Quotes By Mark Russell

When he arrived at the town of Bethel, he was teased by a group of boys who called him "baldy." Elisha responded to their taunts by summoning a team of wild she-bears. The bears mauled the boys to death, leaving the bloody remains of forty-two children littered on the ground. Nobody knows why Elisha didn't just summon a full head of hair. — Mark Russell

Best Taunts Quotes By Emerson Roy West

Courage is not the absence of fear; true courage is manifest in bravely doing what has to be done in spite of fears or foes or the foolishness of the crowd or the taunts of the group. True courage is doing the right thing in spite of the odds or opposition or apprehension. — Emerson Roy West

Best Taunts Quotes By Sadie Grubor

Then she appears, the fantasy which haunts my dreams. The creature who taunts me without having one Goddamn clue of the internal chaos she causes. — Sadie Grubor

Best Taunts Quotes By Nora Sakavic

No one missed Neil's new bands, but after a couple good-natured taunts they kept their word to stay out of Neil and Andrew's not-relationship. Neil — Nora Sakavic

Best Taunts Quotes By Ryan Giggs

He was a professional rugby player in the area that I played as a youngster. So a lot of people who I went to school with knew who he was and knew that he was black. So I would get racist taunts in school. — Ryan Giggs