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Best Rooster Quotes By Aravind Adiga

Even here, in the weight machine of a train station, they try to hoodwink us. Here, on the threshold of a man's freedom, just before he boards a train to a new life, these flashing fortune machines are the final alarm bell of the Rooster Coop. — Aravind Adiga

Best Rooster Quotes By J.D. Robb

I hear the cock woke you up."
Eve choked on her coffee. "What?"
"Not that kind of cock." Sinead sent a sparkling look over her shoulder. "Though if that's true as well, good for you. I meant the rooster. — J.D. Robb

Best Rooster Quotes By Lucy Christopher

Ninja chicken isn't he?" You grinned at me, rolling your sleeves up."We'll see about that."
You reached into the cage. Instantly Dick was onto your hand, clawing at you, biting chunks with his beak.
"Godamn rooster! — Lucy Christopher

Best Rooster Quotes By Karina Halle

We can go steady and you can wear my letterman jacket."
"Ooooh, maybe," she said playfully. "What letter is on it?"
"No letter, just a picture of a cock."
She snorted. "Of course there is."
"It's a rooster, you pervert."
She eyed me dryly. "Oh yeah? Why a rooster?"
"It symbolizes my cock. Can't love me without loving cock. — Karina Halle

Best Rooster Quotes By Anonymous

She barked like a dog and crowed like a rooster. — Anonymous

Best Rooster Quotes By Obehi Peter Ewanfoh

Kukurukuuu,' our big rooster crowed as usual and it nearly put me off my sleep. My eyes were neither open nor close. In trying to go back to sleep I rolled to both sides on my small wooden bed, covered with a mat. The room was partially dark and warm, sleepless rats busy under my bed in search of food. — Obehi Peter Ewanfoh

Best Rooster Quotes By Mark Twain

The first glance at the pillow showed me a repulsive sentinel perched upon each end of it
cockroaches as large as peach leaves
fellows with long, quivering antennae and fiery, malignant eyes. They were grating their teeth like tobacco worms, and appeared to be dissatisfied about something. I had often heard that these reptiles were in the habit of eating off sleeping sailors' toe nails down to the quick, and I would not get in the bunk any more. I lay down on the floor. But a rat came and bothered me, and shortly afterward a procession of cockroaches arrived and camped in my hair. In a few moments the rooster was crowing with uncommon spirit and a party of fleas were throwing double somersaults about my person in the wildest disorder, and taking a bite every time they stuck. I was beginning to feel really annoyed. I got up and put my clothes on and went on deck.
The above is not overdrawn; it is a truthful sketch of inter-island schooner life. — Mark Twain

Best Rooster Quotes By Tennessee Williams

I believe the way to write a good play is to convince yourself it is easy to do
then go ahead and do it with ease. Don't maul, don't suffer, don't groan till the first draft is finished. A play is a pheonix and it dies a thousand deaths. Usually at night. In the morning it springs up again from its ashes and crows like a happy rooster. It is never as bad as you think, it is never as good. It is somewhere in between, and success or failure depends on which end of your emotional gamut concerning its value it approaches more closely. But it is much more likely to be good if you think it is wonderful while you are writing the first draft. An artist must believe in himself. Your belief is contagious. Others may say he is vain, but they are affected. — Tennessee Williams

Best Rooster Quotes By Robert M. Pirsig

I started to roll over for more sleep but heard a rooster crowing and then became aware we are on vacation and there is no point in sleeping. — Robert M. Pirsig

Best Rooster Quotes By Muhammad Ali

A rooster crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he'll never crow. I have seen the light and I'm crowing. — Muhammad Ali

Best Rooster Quotes By Kevin Hearne

Archdruid used to say. "Get out of the way, get underneath some shelter, or give it some reason to change its mind about falling on you." Then he threw a pissed-off rooster at me. I had — Kevin Hearne

Best Rooster Quotes By David Remnick

Outside the basement door was a covered pen that housed a rooster and a seagull. The rooster had been on his way to Colonel Sanders' when he fell off a truck and broke a drumstick. Someone called Carol, as people often do, and she took the rooster into her care. He was hard of moving, but she had hopes for him. He was so new there he did not even have a name. The seagull, on the other hand, had been with her for years. He had one wing. She had picked him up on a beach three hundred miles away. His name was Garbage Belly. --John McPhee, Travels in Georgia (1973) — David Remnick

Best Rooster Quotes By Daniel Woodrell

Ree sat chilled inside her squat tent. To occupy her mind, she decided to name all the Miltons: Thump, Blond, Catfish, Spider, Whoop, Rooster, Scrap ... Lefty, Dog, Punch, Pinkeye, Momsy ... Cotton, Hog-jaw, Ten Penny, Peashot ... — Daniel Woodrell

Best Rooster Quotes By Howlin' Wolf

Watch out strange cat people, little red roosters on the prowl. If you see my little red rooster, please drive him home. — Howlin' Wolf

Best Rooster Quotes By Seungsahn

If you are thinking, you can't understand Zen. Anything that can be written in a book, anything that can be said - all this is thinking ... but if you read with a mind that has cut off all thinking, then Zen books, sutras and Bibles are all the truth. So is the barking of a dog or the crowing of a rooster. All things are teaching you at every moment, and these sounds are even better teaching than Zen books. — Seungsahn

Best Rooster Quotes By Vicente Huidobro

That awakens Paris
The highest poplar on the bank
On The Eiffel Tower
A tricolored cock
Sings to the flapping of his wings
and several feathers fall
As it resumes its course
The Seine looks between the bridges
For her old route
And the Obelisk
That has forgotten the Egyptian words
Has not blossomed this year
SUN — Vicente Huidobro

Best Rooster Quotes By Georgia Cates

She's gonna know the rooster's in the hen house when she doesn't find me there, so we'd better hurry. — Georgia Cates

Best Rooster Quotes By Charles Portis

As we rode along LaBoeuf commenced whistling tunes, perhaps to take his mind off his sore arm. Rooster said, "God damn a man that whistles!" It was the wrong thing to say if he wished it to stop. — Charles Portis

Best Rooster Quotes By Charles Portis

Who is the best marshal they have?'
The sheriff thought on it for a minute. He said, 'I would have to weigh that proposition. There is near about two hundred of them. I reckon William Waters is the best tracker. He is a half-breed Comanche and it is something to see, watching him cut for sign. The meanest one is Rooster Cogburn. He is a pitiless man, double-tough, and fear don't enter into his thinking. He loves to pull a cork. Now L.T. Quinn, he brings his prisoners in alive. He may let one get by now and then but he believes even the worst of men is entitled to a fair shake. Also the court does not pay any fees for dead men. Quinn is a good peace officer and a lay preacher to boot. He will not plant evidence or abuse a prisoner. He is straight as a string. Yes, I will say Quinn is about the best they have.'
I said, 'Where can I find this Rooster? — Charles Portis

Best Rooster Quotes By Jez Butterworth

JOHNNY: Friends! Outcasts. Leeches. Undesirables. A blessing on you, and upon this beggars' banquet. This day we draw a line in the chalk, and push back against the bastard pitiless busybody council, and drive them from this place for ever. I, Rooster Byron, your merciless ruler, have decreed that today all my bounty is bestowed upon you, gratis. There will be free booze, bangers, draw, whizz and whatnot, for all the minions of my kingdom. — Jez Butterworth

Best Rooster Quotes By Andrzej Sapkowski

For the law is not jurisprudence, not a weighty tome full of articles, not philosophical treatises, not peevish nonsense about justice, not hackneyed platitudes about morality and ethics. The law means safe paths and highways. It means backstreets one can walk along even after sundown. It means inns and taverns one can leave to visit the privy, leaving one's purse on the table and one's wife beside it. The law is the sleep of people certain they'll be woken by the crowing of the rooster and not the crashing of burning roof timbers! And for those who break the law; the noose, the axe, the stake and the red-hot iron! Punishments which deter others. — Andrzej Sapkowski

Best Rooster Quotes By Joe Adcock

Trying to sneak a fastball past Hank Aaron is like trying to sneak the sunrise past a rooster. — Joe Adcock

Best Rooster Quotes By Mickey Mantle

To get a better piece of chicken, you'd have to be a rooster. — Mickey Mantle

Best Rooster Quotes By Karina Halle

So you're okay with me being your boyfriend? I'll treat you real nice. We can go steady and you can wear my letterman jacket." "Ooooh maybe," she said playfully. "What letter is on it?" "No letter, just a picture of a cock." She snorted. "Of course there is." "It's a rooster, you pervert." She eyed me dryly. "Oh yeah? Why a rooster?" "It symbolizes my cock. Can't love me without loving my cock. — Karina Halle

Best Rooster Quotes By Jim Hightower

It may be the rooster that does all the crowing but it's the hen that delivers the goods. — Jim Hightower

Best Rooster Quotes By Laurel Ulen Curtis

You're like a Banty Rooster, sweetheart. Tiny little thing, but you don't hesitate to puff out your chest, lookin' for a fight. — Laurel Ulen Curtis

Best Rooster Quotes By David Sedaris

When shit brings you down, just say 'fuck it', and eat yourself some motherfucking candy. — David Sedaris

Best Rooster Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

Christ, was he going to die in public, in a pleasure garden, in the company of a sodomite spy dressed like a rooster? — Diana Gabaldon

Best Rooster Quotes By Maurice Sendak

Can you draw a picture on the blackboard when somebody doesn't want you to? asked the rooster promptly.
"Yes," answered Kenny," if you write them a very nice poem."
"What is an only goat?"
"A lonely goat," answered Kenny.
The rooster shut one eye and looked at Kenny.
"can you hear a horse on the roof?" he asked.
"If you know how to listen in the night," said Kenny.
"Can you fix a broken promise?"
"Yes," said Kenny,"if it only looks broken,but really isn't."
The rooster drew his head back into his feathers and whispered, "What is a very narrow escape?"
"When somebody almost stops loving you," Kenny whispered back. — Maurice Sendak

Best Rooster Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

Memory runs along deep, fixed channels in the brain, like electricity along its conduits; only a cataclysm can make the electrons rear up in shock and slide over into another channel. The human mind seems doomed to believe, as simply as a rooster believes, that where we are now is the only possibility — Barbara Kingsolver

Best Rooster Quotes By Earl Long

A four-hundred-dollar suit on him would look like socks on a rooster. — Earl Long

Best Rooster Quotes By J.T. Geissinger

I'm about to turn you from a rooster to a hen, you preening little prick. — J.T. Geissinger