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Best Matrimonial Quotes By Joshua Ferris

The long matrimonial haul was accomplished in cycles. One cycle of bad breath, one cycle of renewed desire, a third cycle of breakdown and small avoidances, still another of plays and dinners that spurred a conversation between them late at night that reminded her of their like minds and the pleasure they took in each other's talk. And then back to hating him for not taking out the garbage on Wednesday. That was the struggle. Sickness and death, caretaking, the martyrdom of matrimony
that was fluff stuff. When the vows kick in, you don't even blink. You just do. She had to be up for it. — Joshua Ferris

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Pope John Paul II

You will reciprocally promise love, loyalty and matrimonial honesty. We only want for you this day that these words constitute the principle of your entire life and that with the help of divine grace you will observe these solemn vows that today, before God, you formulate. — Pope John Paul II

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Jeffrey Eugenides

The essential matrimonial facts: that to be happy you have to find variety in repetition; that to go forward you have to come back to where you begin. — Jeffrey Eugenides

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Diana Palmer

He seemed to be an eternal on-sale item in the matrimonial market that everybody bypassed for the fancier merchandise. — Diana Palmer

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Kylie Scott

I have to admit my Elomi bridal lingerie was exquisite. I'd been so certain it would wow Chris, spur him into some post-matrimonial lustfulness. What a joke. A strap-on might have been a better idea. — Kylie Scott

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Jennifer Joy

While I do not agree with the whole of the idea, there is some truth to it. Otherwise, why do some experience matrimonial bliss independent of the amount of time spent in courtship? I have found that, oftentimes, the married couples who married after a brief courtship are just as happy as those who have known each other their entire lives." "That — Jennifer Joy

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Harriet Hosmer

Even if so inclined, an artist has no business to marry. For a man, it may be well enough, but for a woman, on whom matrimonial duties and cares weigh more heavily, it is a moral wrong, for she must either neglect her family, or her profession. — Harriet Hosmer

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Jeffrey Eugenides

We Greeks get married in circles, to impress upon ourselves the essential matrimonial facts: that to be happy you have to find variety in repetition; that to go forward you have to come back where you began. — Jeffrey Eugenides

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Charles Dickens

Dombey and Son had often dealt in hides, but never in hearts. They left that fancy ware to boys and girls, and boarding-schools and books. Mr. Dombey would have reasoned: That a matrimonial alliance with himself must, in the nature of things, be gratifying and honourable to any woman of common sense. That the hope of giving birth to a new partner in such a house, could not fail to awaken a glorious and stirring ambition in the breast of the least ambitious of her sex. — Charles Dickens

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Jeffrey Eugenides

When it comes to love, there are a million theories to explain it. But when it comes to love stories, things are simpler. A love story can never be about full posession. The happy marriage, the requited love, the desire that never dims
these are lucky eventualities but they aren't love stories. Love stories depend on disappointment, on unequal births and feuding families, on matrimonial boredom and at least one cold heart. Love stories, nearly without exception, give love a bad name. — Jeffrey Eugenides

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Keira D. Skye

They still had sexual relations with another, slept in the same bed, shared kisses and intimacy and matrimonial fluid, however both were not married to each other in that sense, although there was a piece of paper that said otherwise. — Keira D. Skye

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Donna MacMeans

(Nicholas)"Am I dead?"
An odd question, but then she rememberd her mourning attire. "No sir, you are not."
He relaxed a moment, then turned his head slightly as if searching for other passengers. His brows dived in a scowl.
Am I married?"
She wasn't sure how to answer. His kid gloves hid any evidence of his matrimonial state, but his expression of instantaneous alarm and regret suggested he was referring specifically to her.
No sir, we are not. — Donna MacMeans

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Nicholas Chong

All the Directors were happy that they had been able to enjoy a bit of extra-marital sex without breaking their matrimonial vows & seeing how pleased they were, the lovely slave offered to perform for them a dance of love & ecstasy.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Best Matrimonial Quotes By George Washington

I never did, nor do I believe I ever shall, give advice to a woman who is setting out on a matrimonial voyage; first, because I never could advise one to marry without her own consent; and, secondly, I know it is to no purpose to advise her to refrain when she has obtained it. A woman very rarely asks an opinion or requires advice on such an occasion, till her resolution is formed; and then it is with the hope and expectation of obtaining a sanction, not that she means to be governed by your disapprobation, that she applies. — George Washington

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

The Matrimonial Act:

Bless your wife with all of your strength;
she deserves your protection.
Bless your wife with all of your mind;
she deserves your attention.
Bless your wife with all of your heart;
she deserves your affection.
Bless your wife with all of your soul;
she deserves your devotion.
Bless your wife with all of you;
she deserves your adoration.

Accept her suggestions.
Accept her instructions.
Accept her recommendations.
Accept her supplications.
Accept her imperfections.
Accept her ambitions.
Accept her contributions. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Juan Gabriel Vasquez

Elaine complained about this at night, in her matrimonial bed, and then complained that in Colombia all the citizens were political but no politician wanted to do anything for the citizens. — Juan Gabriel Vasquez

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Howard Jacobson

In the matrimonial life of the Jewish male every day is Yom Kippur. — Howard Jacobson

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Donna MacMeans

Nicholas: I know you, brother. You've been threatened with matrimonial pursuits before. Why are you really here?
William: I received an invitation.
Nicholas: Not from me you didn't.
William: Of course not from you, brother. Parliament would go up in flames before I receive a social invitation from you. — Donna MacMeans

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Matthew J. Bruccoli

The mortality rate of literary friendships is high. Writers tend to be bad risks as friends ~ probably for much the same reasons that they are bad matrimonial risks. They expend the best parts of themselves in their work. Moreover, literary ambition has a way of turning into literary competition; if fame is the spur, envy may be a concomitant. — Matthew J. Bruccoli

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Emil Kraepelin

Sexual excitability is increased and leads to hasty engagements, marriages by the newspaper, improper love-adventures, conspicuous behavior, fondness for dress, on the other hand to jealousy and matrimonial discord. — Emil Kraepelin

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Neil Gaiman

And Jessica saw in Richard an enormous amount of potential, which, properly harnessed by the right woman, would have made him the perfect matrimonial accessory. — Neil Gaiman

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Carlfred Broderick

I suppose it must be admitted that I was raised in a "dysfunctional" family, but in truth, I do not think I had any sense of that as I was growing up. Probably part of the reason was that all of my extended kin had families at least as dysfunctional as mine. Just to give a little of the flavor of it, my "Aunt Fern," who lived just across the street and was one of the most present and puissant female relatives in my life, was, to be genealogically precise, my mother's brother's, first wife's, second husband's, father's, 3rd, 4th, and 5th wife. (She married "Uncle Lew" three times in the course of her seven matrimonial ventures.) — Carlfred Broderick

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Louisa May Alcott

Occasionally a matrimonial epidemic appears, especially toward spring, devastating society, thinning the ranks of bachelordom, and leaving mothers lamenting for their fairest daughters. — Louisa May Alcott

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Alasdair Gray

She is the swelling sail, trim rigging and bust sunlit deck of our matrimonial yacht. I am the low hull, with the invisible ballast and keel. — Alasdair Gray

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Cynthia Russett

The feminist challenge was sweeping: it embraced education and
occupation, together with legal, political, and social status. It even
dared broach the subject of equality in personal, and especially
matrimonial, relationships. Such assertiveness was more unsettling
than the racial threat because it was more intimate and immediate:
few white men lived with blacks, but most lived with women. — Cynthia Russett

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

Motherhood is the keystone of the arch of matrimonial happiness. — Thomas Jefferson

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Thomas Hardy

Their lives were ruined, he thought; ruined by the fundamental error of their matrimonial union: that of having based a permanent contract on a temporary feeling which had no necessary connection with affinities that alone render a lifelong comradeship tolerable. — Thomas Hardy

Best Matrimonial Quotes By David Gilbert

These men, as she often muttered to friend Eleanor Topping, the two of them pressed together like sisters, their friendship filling in for the matrimonial gaps. These men, romantically isolated, secretly tortured, became like lighthouses flashing their treacherous shallows. Stay away! Stay away! — David Gilbert

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Fanny Burney

No man is in love when he marries. He may have loved before; I have even heard he has sometimes loved after: but at the time never. There is something in the formalities of the matrimonial preparations that drive away all the little cupidons. — Fanny Burney

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Sarah Fielding

There is yet another kind of matrimonial dialect (which naturally succeeds this of talking at each other), which may very properlybe styled The Language Contradictory ... In the former, however plain the object of satire may be exhibited to the whole company, yet there always remains some little covering ... But in this last method, the defiance becomes more open and the impetuosity with which these contradictions are uttered (although the subjects of them are often of the most indifferent nature) evidently prove that they arise from passion. — Sarah Fielding

Best Matrimonial Quotes By George Eliot

Has any one ever pinched into its pilulous smallness the cobweb of pre-matrimonial acquaintanceship? — George Eliot

Best Matrimonial Quotes By Friedrich Engels

And the first historical form of sexlove as a passion, as an attribute of every human being (at least of the ruling classes), the specific character of the highest form of the sexual impulse, this first form, the love of the knights in the middle ages, was by no means matrimonial love, but quite the contrary. — Friedrich Engels