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Top Best Firehouse Quotes

Best Firehouse Quotes By David Mamet

I used to think I'd like to be a fireman - in fact, I still would - and the only drawback I could see was coming back to the firehouse, after a day of fighting fires, and still having to put in an eight-hour day writing. — David Mamet

Best Firehouse Quotes By Paula Stokes

I remember the big gaping hole left by my dad's absence in the months following the accident. He'd been the one who went to my parent-teacher conferences, the one who taught me mnemonics to memorize the Great Lakes and the Earth's atmospheres. Whenever I did something silly, my dad always made me feel better by telling me a story from the firehouse about someone who had done something even sillier. Sometimes you don't realize all the things a person does for you until they aren't there to do them anymore. — Paula Stokes

Best Firehouse Quotes By Kristen Ashley

You know, Stone, just because a pretty girl prefers a firefighter to you doesn't mean all the boys at that firehouse need to suffer for you bein' jilted. Far's I know, you got served this lesson at least once before. Learn, son. You may actually land a girl one day if you stop actin' like an ass. — Kristen Ashley

Best Firehouse Quotes By Jimmy Fallon

Today Mitt Romney visited a firehouse here in New York City. Of course, he was disappointed when he learned that the firehouse is not where you get to fire people. — Jimmy Fallon

Best Firehouse Quotes By Jamaica Kincaid

Oh what a morning it was, that first morning of Mrs. Sweet awaking before the baby Heracles with his angry cries, declaring his hunger, the discomfort of his wet diaper, the very aggravation of being new and in the world; the rays of sun were falling on the just and unjust, the beautiful and the ugly, causing the innocent dew to evaporate; the sun, the dew, the little waterfall right next to the village's firehouse, making a roar, though really it was an imitation of the roar of a real waterfall; the smell of some flower, faint, as it unfurled its petals for the first time: oh what a morning! — Jamaica Kincaid

Best Firehouse Quotes By Caroline Paul

It's hard in the firehouse to avoid the dessert thing. At 3 in the morning after some emergency, I have been known to eat an ice cream sandwich. — Caroline Paul

Best Firehouse Quotes By Charlie LeDuff

I learned that when one of them dies, the Irish comes out of the rest of them whether they are Irish or not. A firefighter is Irish by culture even if he is a black man, and there were plenty of them here. The firehouse is one of the few places in Detroit that is integrated at all. The blacks run the department, but its soul will always be Irish. — Charlie LeDuff

Best Firehouse Quotes By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Veteran trader Marty O'Connell calls this the firehouse effect. He had observed that firemen with much downtime who talk to each other for too long come to agree on many things that an outside, impartial observer would find ludicrous (they develop political ideas that are very similar). Psychologists give it a fancier name, but my friend Marty has no training in behavioral sciences. — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Best Firehouse Quotes By Shawn Marion

Eddie is the firehouse of this team. When he gets it going, he gets it going. He is definitely tough to stop when he gets in a groove. — Shawn Marion

Best Firehouse Quotes By Judy Woodruff

I think that Election Day is the closest thing we have to a civic sacrament, when people meet their neighbors at the firehouse or the school and they vote at the same time. — Judy Woodruff

Best Firehouse Quotes By Bob Inglis

The federal government can't remodel every firehouse and buy every new policeradio in the name of Homeland Security. — Bob Inglis