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Top Best Ever Sport Quotes

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Charlie Sifford

If I was the Jackie Robinson of golf, I sure didn't do a very good job of it. Jackie was followed by hundreds of great black ballplayers who have transformed their sport ... But there are hardly any black kids coming up through the ranks of golf today. — Charlie Sifford

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Archibald Rutledge

It has always seemed to me that any man is a better man for being a hunter. This sport confers a certain constant alertness, and develops a certain ruggedness of character ... Moreover, it allies us to the pioneer past. In a deep sense, this great land of ours was won for us by hunters. — Archibald Rutledge

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Thomas Friedman

Every sport needs its temple, its cathedral. — Thomas Friedman

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Donny Robinson

BMX is kind of a big guy sport, you know. — Donny Robinson

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Saina Nehwal

Badminton is not a popular sport in India. — Saina Nehwal

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Geena Davis

I got cast playing the best baseball player anybody's ever seen. I don't know how to play any sport, including baseball, but I trained really hard. They had these great coaches, and they started saying, "Wow, you have some like really untapped athletic ability." — Geena Davis

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Randy Lerner

I want a life of good sport, good people and the competition that goes with it. — Randy Lerner

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Andre Agassi

Tennis is at an amazing time when you've got two of the best players ever to play the game. You can argue the two very best playing in the same generation. It's a rivalry I think that we've never seen in our sport. — Andre Agassi

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Wladimir Klitschko

I think we have tremendous media covering the sport of boxing, even if boxing is a little bit lost in popularity with MMA sports. And I think that with the show 'Lights Out' it's going to get more attention to the sport, and it's going to put more attention to the problems that athletes in general have. — Wladimir Klitschko

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Sherman Alexie

My father was a basketball player, so I loved basketball because he did. It was a direct transference. But, more than that, basketball, in the United States at least, plays the same function that soccer does everyone else in the world. It's the sport of poverty. It's the sport born of poverty. It's the cheapest sport. — Sherman Alexie

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Steve Sabol

Football is a sport of emotions, and we have to capture that in our films. — Steve Sabol

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Anonymous

football was a 'slum sport played in slum stadiums watched by slum people'. — Anonymous

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Tie Domi

Playing other sports - and believe me, I played every sport I could - made me a better hockey player. — Tie Domi

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Matt Fitzgerald

The magnitude of the satisfaction that a triathlete experiences upon crossing a finish line is directly proportional to the amount of suffering he has overcome to to get there. This reward knows no ability. Even the slowest of the slow can push themselves beyond existing limits and finish with tremendous satisfaction. But winning often demands and inspires the greatest suffering and thus confers the greatest sense of pride. Often, because of the nature of competition, it is precisely he who has the most guts who is the fastest and experiences the most intense fulfillment at the finish line.

Theoretically, then, the most deeply satisfying experience a triathlete could have in the sport (and among the best in life) would occur at the finish line of a race in which he has overcome as much suffering as he could possibly ever endure, and knows it. — Matt Fitzgerald

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Sebastian Coe

It is to create the best Games the world has ever seen by unlocking the UK's unrivalled passion for sport, by delivering the best Games for athletes to compete in, by showcasing London's unmatched cultural wealth and diversity and by creating a real and lasting legacy. — Sebastian Coe

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Dancing every night enhances a positive energy. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Allen Johnson

I am as hungry now as I was when I began in the sport. If anything, I am probably a bit hungrier. It is because I know there are fewer tomorrows than yesterdays. — Allen Johnson

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Bob Cousy

In whatever sport of field of endeavor you are interested, you should do whatever is necessary to compliment your God-given talent with proper mental preparation so as to do "the best you can." The criterion should be to fully exploit your potential rather than to win at any cost. What more could anyone ever ask of you than to be the best you possibly can? — Bob Cousy

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Kevin Harvick

I think racing in Mexico will prove to be a great move for our sport in the future. The reaction we received from the fans last year was outstanding. The fans were unbelievable, and I expect the same reaction this year. — Kevin Harvick

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Henrietta Onodi

Gymnastics is not at all as popular as, for example, soccer. Gymnastics as a sport isn't promoted very well. — Henrietta Onodi

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Arthur Hopcraft

The point about football in Britain is that it is not just a sport people take to, like cricket or tennis. It is built into the urban psyche, as much a common experience to our children as are uncles and school. It is not a phenomenon : it is an everyday matter. — Arthur Hopcraft

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Jean-Luc Bilodeau

L.A. will never be a hockey town. I'm a huge hockey fan, and people out here do not appreciate hockey as much as they should. I've always been into it. I'm Canadian; that's my sport for sure. — Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Aldous Huxley

That which had made Helmholtz so uncomfortably aware of being himself and all alone was too much ability. What the two men shared was the knowledge that they were individuals. But whereas the physically defective Bernard had suffered all his life from the consciousness of being separate, it was only quite recently that, grown aware of his mental excess, Helmholtz Watson had also become aware of his difference from the people who surrounded him. This Escalator-Squash champion, this indefatigable lover (it was said that he had had six hundred and forty different girls in under four years), this admirable committee man and best mixer had realized quite suddenly that sport, women, communal activities were only, so far as he was concerned, second bests. Really, and at the bottom, he was interested in something else. But in what? In what? — Aldous Huxley

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Pete Sampras

There is no doubt about how hard it is to stay on top in any sport, but to do it in an individual sport for the majority of your career, it is not easy. — Pete Sampras

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Andre Agassi

First of all, in any sport where you can measure distance, height speed and all of that, you see how athletes have changed their sport and made it better. I believe, with every generation, the sport has improved. Certainly, in the men's game, that has been the case. I think that I played Pete [Sampras] at his best, I played Roger [Federer] at his best.. I believe wholeheartedly that Roger and [Rafael] Nadal have pushed the game much further than myself or Pete ever did. Their options on the tennis court are considerably more than ours. — Andre Agassi

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Mike Parry

The Greatest" is a bite-your-tongue-book. Ultimately a tragic tale it is also immensely uplifting and easily the best footballer biography I have ever read. — Mike Parry

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Larry McMurtry

by the end of the week, all the cowboys along the river knew that the only sporting woman in Lonesome Dove had abruptly given up the sport. — Larry McMurtry

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Ted Ligety

Ski racing is probably the least guaranteed sport out there. It's really rare when the favorites win. — Ted Ligety

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Nick Hornby

So please, be tolerant of those who describe a sporting moment as their best ever. We do not lack imagination, nor have we had sad and barren lives; it is just that real life is paler, duller, and contains less potential for unexpected delirium. — Nick Hornby

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Bruce Dickinson

I think the best way to find out about something is to try to do it to the max. A lot of people take up a hobby or sport and then find an excuse not to carry on with it. Once I start something, I won't stop until I'm as good at it as I'll ever be. — Bruce Dickinson

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Larry Bird

Anytime you've got an opportunity to play for your country and win a gold medal, I think that takes it all. That's the greatest thing you could ever achieve in your sport. So, I have been very fortunate to play on great teams, but the gold medal was probably the best. — Larry Bird

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Deyth Banger

The best game ever played was in Monday 3/21/2016, 2 games were played for 40 minutes class sport and in both I win and I and my friend we were going on the 3 game, but unfortunately we didn't finished it. But from here it can be see that I'm the winner! — Deyth Banger

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Chris Evans

As an actor, acting is like playing a sport. You do this thing that's intangible, and while it's happening, it's great. But then when it's done, there's really no tangible product. Someone else is capturing it and turning it into something tangible. — Chris Evans

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Jim Brown

Lacrosse is probably the best sport I ever played. — Jim Brown

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Janet Guthrie

I'm trying to set out the passion and complexity of this sport. Many people think it's a dumb activity: stand on the gas and turn left. In fact, it's probably one of the most complex sports in existence. — Janet Guthrie

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Gael Monfils

For me, tennis is a sport. It's not a job, it's a sport. — Gael Monfils

Best Ever Sport Quotes By George Herbert

Play not for gain, but sport. Who plays for more
Than he can lose with pleasure, stakes his heart;
Perhaps his wife's too, and whom she hath bore. — George Herbert

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Alexander Pope

Destroy all creatures for thy sport or gust, Yet cry, if man's unhappy, God's unjust. — Alexander Pope

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Peter Steele

We're the only species who hunts for sport. — Peter Steele

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Ben Aaronovitch

Being a seasoned Londoner, Martin gave the body the "London once-over" - a quick glance to determine whether this was a drunk, a crazy or a human being in distress. The fact that it was entirely possible for someone to be all three simultaneously is why good-Samaritanism in London is considered an extreme sport - like BASE jumping or crocodile wrestling. — Ben Aaronovitch

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Paul Allen

Once you become an owner of a team, you get so much more into the sport and you can't help it. So I really love NFL football now to the degree of following it much more than I did previously. — Paul Allen

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Louise Nurding

I hate sport. I like girlie things. — Louise Nurding

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Eva Longoria

I find it a turnoff whenever men aren't into some kind of sport. And, no, video games don't count. I dated a guy who was into video games, and I wanted to shoot myself. — Eva Longoria

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Larry McMurtry

Well, boys," Long Bill said. "I guess here's where I quit rangering. It's rare sport, but it ain't quite safe. — Larry McMurtry

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Mark Spitz

I walked away from the sport for 17 years, then started swimming again recently in a master's program. — Mark Spitz

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Ian Mortimer

As you travel around medieval England you will come across a sport described by some contemporaries as 'abominable ... more common, undignified and worthless than any other game, rarely ending but with some loss, accident or disadvantage to the players themselves'. This is football. — Ian Mortimer

Best Ever Sport Quotes By William Hazlitt

Art must anchor in nature, or it is the sport of every breath of folly. — William Hazlitt

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Herbert Hainer

It never feels good if you don't reach all of your goals, neither in sport, nor in business nor in your personal life. But the key thing is to never give up, we have taken our learnings from 2014 and developed an exciting and promising strategy for the period up until 2020. — Herbert Hainer

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Joe Scarborough

Look what's happened to Barack Obama over the last two years or George Bush for eight. It's a blood sport. But at some point I may feel the need to run for office again. — Joe Scarborough

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Jacques Villeneuve

I'm a purist, and I love the sport. I loved the '60s and '70s, when the fans even enjoyed the races where only four cars finished, and they were two laps apart. — Jacques Villeneuve

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Pat Cash

I call tennis the McDonald's of sport - you go in, they make a quick buck out of you, and you're out. — Pat Cash

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Celia Imrie

I was never a pretty girl, so I wasn't the one to get the boy. I used to cast myself as a good sport. Sometimes I wonder if I do that too much with roles I play, because if I'm absolutely truthful, I quite like being the best friend, or the supporting role, and actually I ought to gear-change and make myself the leading role. — Celia Imrie

Best Ever Sport Quotes By James Anthony Froude

Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself. — James Anthony Froude

Best Ever Sport Quotes By Ta-Nehisi Coates

In Chicago and across the country, whites looking to achieve the American dream could rely on a legitimate credit system backed by the government. Blacks were herded into the sights of unscrupulous lenders who took them for money and for sport. — Ta-Nehisi Coates