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Top Best Eureka Quotes

Best Eureka Quotes By Lauren Kate

Not belonging is the greatest gift. Always remember that. — Lauren Kate

Best Eureka Quotes By Jennifer Lopez

It wasn't a "Eureka!" kind of moment - it was the slow realization that the parts of me that had been empty were starting to fill up again. Yet, as gradual as this all was, there was one surreal moment that crystallized it for me - one moment where I suddenly understood what Idol meant to people and what it was doing for me. — Jennifer Lopez

Best Eureka Quotes By Chris Matakas

Perhaps the journey towards epiphany is an unseen, steady process towards understanding. Likened to a combination safe, as you scroll the dial towards the inevitable correct combination you cannot tangibly see your progress. — Chris Matakas

Best Eureka Quotes By Tim Berners-Lee

I don't believe in the sort of "Eureka!" moment idea. I think it's a myth. I'm very suspicious that actually Archimedes had been thinking about that problem for a long time. — Tim Berners-Lee

Best Eureka Quotes By Lauren Kate

The wind wove the ribbon between Eureka's fingers and blew a sudden lightness into her chest.

She recognized the sensation distantly - it was an old friend, returned after a long prodigal journey: hope. — Lauren Kate

Best Eureka Quotes By Jerry Robinson

So once I thought of the villain with a sense of humor, I began to think of a name and the name "the Joker" immediately came to mind. There was the association with the Joker in the deck of cards, and I probably yelled literally, 'Eureka!' because I knew I had the name and the image at the same time. — Jerry Robinson

Best Eureka Quotes By Kurt Eichenwald

A eureka moment. It suddenly struck Mintz as so obvious. The executives entrusted with reviewing all of the LJM transactions- Causey, Buy, the board- approached their duties casually, giving everything just the onceover. They seemed to figure that somebody else was doing the tough analysis. But no one was.
p.389 — Kurt Eichenwald

Best Eureka Quotes By Toba Beta

Scientists may have sophisticated laboratories,
But never forget 'eureka' was inspired in a bathtub. — Toba Beta

Best Eureka Quotes By Eric Weiner

The creative act always requires a stepping back. It's called the incubation period. The incubation period - one of the four phases of creativity - is when you're not consciously thinking of a problem, and you're letting it marinate. So this is why you hear time and again, people saying they had that "Eureka" moment in the bath, like Archimedes, or in the shower, or while going for a walk or in a coffeehouse. — Eric Weiner

Best Eureka Quotes By Jodie Foster

With 'Taxi Driver,' I had this eureka moment. I realized that acting could be much more than what I had been doing. I had to build a character that wasn't me. — Jodie Foster

Best Eureka Quotes By Connie Willis

Eureka!"s like the one Archimedes had when he stepped in a bathtub and suddenly realized the answer to the problem of testing metals' density are few and far between, and mostly it's just trying and failing and trying something else, feeding in data and eliminating variables and staring at the results, trying to figure out where you went wrong. — Connie Willis

Best Eureka Quotes By Joseph Plaskett

Sometimes, at a certain point, the painting seems to have painted itself without my help - what I have called the 'eureka' moment when a sudden daring intervention has worked a miracle. — Joseph Plaskett

Best Eureka Quotes By Herge

Eureka .. Eureka! — Herge

Best Eureka Quotes By Toba Beta

The inventors of tools enhance civilization,
but the author of ideas enables them to invent. — Toba Beta

Best Eureka Quotes By Roger Penrose

People think of these eureka moments and my feeling is that they tend to be little things, a little realisation and then a little realisation built on that. — Roger Penrose

Best Eureka Quotes By Douglas Coupland

You keep waiting for the moral of your life to become obvious, but it never does. Work, work, work: No moral. No plot. No eureka! Just production schedules and days. You might as well be living inside a photocopier. Your lives are all they're ever going to be. — Douglas Coupland

Best Eureka Quotes By Lauren Kate

Of course. I should have realized. You're so brave, Eureka. How do you handle it?"
"I don't handle it, that's how. — Lauren Kate

Best Eureka Quotes By Jerome K. Jerome

Occasionally the poster pictures a pair of cyclists; and then one grasps the fact how much superior for purposes of flirtation is the modern bicycle to the old-fashioned parlour or the played-out garden gate. He and she mount their bicycles, being careful, of course, that such are of the right make. After that they have nothing to think about but the old sweet tale. Down shady lanes, through busy towns on market days, merrily roll the wheels of the "Bermondsey Company's Bottom Bracket Britain's Best," or of the "Camberwell Company's Jointless Eureka." They need no pedalling; they require no guiding. Give them their heads, and tell them what time you want to get home, and that is all they ask. While Edwin leans from his saddle to whisper the dear old nothings in Angelina's ear, while Angelina's face, to hide its blushes, is turned towards the horizon at the back, the magic bicycles pursue their even course. — Jerome K. Jerome

Best Eureka Quotes By Sarah Palin

This is Reagan country. Yeah! And perhaps it was destiny that the man who went to California's Eureka College would become so woven within and inter-linked to the Golden State. — Sarah Palin

Best Eureka Quotes By John Green

the Eureka moment felt like a thousand orgasms all at once, except not as messy. — John Green

Best Eureka Quotes By Carl Honore

Your best ideas, those eureka moments that turn the world upside down, seldom come when you're juggling emails, rushing to meet the 5 P.M. deadline or straining to make your voice heard in a high-stress meeting. They come when you're walking the dog, soaking in the bath or swinging in a hammock. — Carl Honore

Best Eureka Quotes By Bangambiki Habyarimana

The greatest eureka moment is discovering yourself — Bangambiki Habyarimana

Best Eureka Quotes By Siddhartha Mukherjee

In the folklore of science, there is the often-told story of the moment of discovery: the quickening of the pulse, the spectral luminosity of ordinary facts, the overheated, standstill second when observations crystallize and fall together into patterns, like pieces of a kaleidoscope. The apple drops from the tree. The man jumps up from a bathtub; the slippery equation balances itself.
But there is another moment of discovery - its antithesis - that is rarely recorded: the discovery of failure. It is a moment that a scientist often encounters alone. A patient's CT scan shows a relapsed lymphoma. A cell once killed by a drug begins to grow back. A child returns to the NCI with a headache. — Siddhartha Mukherjee

Best Eureka Quotes By Jeannette Walls

I could see why Archimedes got all excited. There was nothing finer than the feeling that came rushing through you when it clicked and you suddenly understood something that had puzzled you. It made you think it just might be possible to get a handle on this old world after all. — Jeannette Walls

Best Eureka Quotes By Sid Gillman

I tape every game I can get my hands on. Every game that's on TV, I tape it. My daughter, Terry Hill, lives in Eureka, and she has a satellite dish, so she tapes what I can't get. I try to keep up with what everybody is doing, so if the phone rings, I'll be ready. — Sid Gillman

Best Eureka Quotes By Richard Digance

Archimedes said Eureka, Cos in English he weren't too aversed in, when he discovered that the volume of a body in the bath, is equal to the stuff it is immersed in, That is the law of displacement, Thats why ships don't sink, Its a shame he weren't around in 1912, The Titanic would have made him think. — Richard Digance

Best Eureka Quotes By Plutarch

And Archimedes, as he was washing, thought of a manner of computing the proportion of gold in King Hiero's crown by seeing the water flowing over the bathing-stool. He leaped up as one possessed or inspired, crying, "I have found it! Eureka!". — Plutarch

Best Eureka Quotes By Lauren Kate

He used to have a hellish wife named Rita, but she'd died about a decade ago and Big Jean didn't get around too well on his own. When Hurricane Rita bulldozed the bayou, Big Jean's house was hit hard. Eureka had heard his hoarse voice say, twenty times, The only thing meaner than the first Rita was the second Rita. One stayed in my house, the other tore it down. — Lauren Kate

Best Eureka Quotes By John Green

It always happened like this: he would look and look for the keys to Satan's Hearse and then finally he'd just give up and say, "Fine. I'll take the fugging bus," and on his way out the door, he'd see the keys. Keys show up when you reconcile yourself to the bus; Katherines appear when you start to disbelieve the world contains another Katherine; and, sure enough, the Eureka moment arrived just as he began to accept it would never come. — John Green

Best Eureka Quotes By Gudjon Bergmann

... we are all guilty of oversimplification at one point or another. It's an enticing idea. It fulfills our need for instant gratification. We find one thing and scream, "Eureka!" We found IT - the one thing that explains it all. The only trouble is that it never works. We are more likely to squeeze gold from our coffee grinder than we are to meet with success when adopting an idea that has been simplified beyond recognition. — Gudjon Bergmann

Best Eureka Quotes By Sebastian Marincolo

Marijuana enhances our mind in a way that enables us to take a different perspective from 'high up', to see and evaluate our own lives and the lives of others in a privileged way. Maybe this euphoric and elevating feeling of the ability to step outside
the box and to look at life's patterns from this high perspective is the inspiration behind the slang term "high" itself. — Sebastian Marincolo

Best Eureka Quotes By Francis Crick

It is not easy to convey, unless one has experienced it, the dramatic feeling of sudden enlightenment that floods the mind when the right idea finally clicks into place. One immediately sees how many previously puzzling facts are neatly explained by the new hypothesis. One could kick oneself for not having the idea earlier, it now seems so obvious. Yet before, everything was in a fog. — Francis Crick

Best Eureka Quotes By Rex Nelson

If Arkansas is, indeed, one big family, Eureka Springs remains its eccentric uncle. — Rex Nelson

Best Eureka Quotes By Scott Kelly

Some good came of Eureka. More good could come of it. Could the game help me? Could it help anyone? — Scott Kelly