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Best Cv Quotes By Paul Keating

Nobody wants to have in their CV in the upper echelons of the American economic family that they nationalised major banks. — Paul Keating

Best Cv Quotes By Mokokoma Mokhonoana

School programs the schooled to type a CV. Life inspires the unschooled to type a business plan. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Best Cv Quotes By Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Give a typical employee a million, and, he is most likely to use the money to print his CV on fancier paper. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Best Cv Quotes By Melanie Pinola

Make sure your LinkedIn profile has a targeted headline. Not only should the headline clearly state your career focus, it's also the most important place to add a keyword or two, because this influences how you appear in search results — Melanie Pinola

Best Cv Quotes By Elizabeth Price

If you look at my CV, just about everything I have done has come through a publicly funded institution; it is a career entirely built on that sort of support. — Elizabeth Price

Best Cv Quotes By Melanie Pinola

A huge number of jobs that are filled are never advertised to the public, or if they are, they're filled by people who have a connection to the employer. — Melanie Pinola

Best Cv Quotes By Amit Bhatia

Here's what my CV usually does not say: I was trained as a teacher. My first job lasted less than 60 days. I was an assistant professor at a good college at Delhi University, but I found it very political, very suffocating. At the age of 23, you're not very tolerant of those things. — Amit Bhatia

Best Cv Quotes By Wentworth Miller

You might look at my CV and see I've had 12 jobs, but I've been to over 450 auditions so I've heard 'no' a lot more than I've heard 'yes'. So if I go in looking only to meet my own standards, then that will make taking that rejection a little bit easier. And when I do get that job it will seem like icing on the cake. — Wentworth Miller

Best Cv Quotes By Chris Vonada

The majesty of a glowing light shines from within - CV — Chris Vonada

Best Cv Quotes By Bernard Kelvin Clive

Your CV is just a commodity, Package yourself. — Bernard Kelvin Clive

Best Cv Quotes By J.K. Rowling

So given a Time-Turner, I'd tell my 21 self that personal happiness lies in knowing that life is not a checklist of acquisition or archievement. Your qualifications, your CV, are not your life. — J.K. Rowling

Best Cv Quotes By Bernard Kelvin Clive

Your digital footprints speak volumes than your CV — Bernard Kelvin Clive

Best Cv Quotes By Roger Federer

I think it's very hard for coaches to work with me. They'll no doubt have a good CV afterwards, but at the same time they're under a lot of pressure. — Roger Federer

Best Cv Quotes By Nonso Anozie

I wouldn't say I'm moving to America; I certainly would say that I'm just staying there; and I certainly wouldn't advise anyone to come here unless they've got an extensive CV in the U.K.; you have to build your career wherever you started from. — Nonso Anozie

Best Cv Quotes By Bill Nighy

I used to joke that one of the reasons there was a lack of classical work on my CV was because I couldn't operate in those kinds of trousers. Which is a joke, but it's actually also true - if I want to appear in public I want to look my best. If I'm onstage I like to do contemporary work, largely because of the trousers, because of the clothes. I like a decent, what we used to call a lounge suit. Then I can start to motor. — Bill Nighy

Best Cv Quotes By Melanie Pinola

Your LinkedIn profile must include keywords for specific skills that match your desired job. — Melanie Pinola

Best Cv Quotes By Melanie Pinola

Your LinkedIn profile should leave no room for doubt about the kind of job you're looking for and why you're the best person for that position. — Melanie Pinola

Best Cv Quotes By Bernard Kelvin Clive

The easiest way to obtain an updated version of a candidate's CV is via SocialMedia — Bernard Kelvin Clive

Best Cv Quotes By Nina Power

If men and women are at all times supposed to be a kind of walking CV, constantly networking, constantly advertising themselves, then this 'body' is the prime locus for any understanding of the way in which the logic of employment overcodes our very comportment. — Nina Power

Best Cv Quotes By Alan Turing

I am not very impressed with theological arguments whatever they may be used to support. Such arguments have often been found unsatisfactory in the past. In the time of Galileo it was argued that the texts, 'And the sun stood still ... and hasted not to go down about a whole day' (Joshua x. 13) and 'He laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not move at any time' (Psalm cv. 5) were an adequate refutation of the Copernican theory. — Alan Turing

Best Cv Quotes By Emer O'Toole

Science faculties at renowned research institutions were given two identical CVs to assess. Half the scientists received a CV with a female name, and half with a male name. The 'female' applicant was consistently rated as less competent and less hireable, and the scientists were less likely to want to mentor her. The 'male' candidate was offered a significantly higher starting salary — Emer O'Toole

Best Cv Quotes By John Battelle

Building out a professional profile on LinkedIn certainly makes sense, and bolstering that CV with intelligent pieces of writing is also a great idea. But if you're going to take the time to create content, you should also take the time to create a home for that content that is yours and yours alone. — John Battelle

Best Cv Quotes By Maggie Nelson

At a job interview at a university, three men sitting across from me at a table. On my cv it says that I am currently working on a book about the color blue. I have been saying this for years without writing a word. It is, perhaps, my way of making my life feel "in progress" rather than a sleeve of ash falling off a lit cigarette. — Maggie Nelson

Best Cv Quotes By Aimee Mullins

We all bullet point our triumphs, but I am who I am because of everything you don't see on my CV. The stuff that doesn't work out teaches you how to trust your instincts and adapt. — Aimee Mullins

Best Cv Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Your qualifications, your CV, are not your life, though you will meet many people of my age and older who confuse the two. Life is difficult, and complicated, and beyond anyone's control, and the humility to know that will enable you to survive its vicissitudes. — J.K. Rowling

Best Cv Quotes By Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Somebody is born.
Somebody goes to school.
Somebody learns to conform.
Somebody types a CV.
Somebody gets a job.
Somebody follows orders.
Somebody gets a golden watch.
And then, eventually,
Somebody dies.
And, a Nobody is buried. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Best Cv Quotes By Richard Madden

I kind of started 'Game of Thrones' as a really young actor and not a lot on my CV. — Richard Madden

Best Cv Quotes By Cameron Russell

If I ever had needed to put together a CV, it would be quite short. Like many young people, I'd highlight my desire to work hard. — Cameron Russell

Best Cv Quotes By Laura Kuenssberg

Andrea Leadsom flatly denies she has changed her CV. — Laura Kuenssberg

Best Cv Quotes By Matthew T. Cross

Take the path less traveled and learn from your mistakes. Don't just let life happen around you; control your future. Learn to ask questions, set small goals, and dream of big ones. Absorb any criticism and let it fuel you. Convince others that you are worthy of your dream, and show them that you are willing to put up a damn good fight for it. — Matthew T. Cross

Best Cv Quotes By Nicholas A.C. Read

With the average tenure of sales directors being three years, it's not too great a stretch to conclude that they spend their first 12 months finding out what's broken, the next 12 months papering over the cracks, and the final 12 months shopping their CV for a new job. — Nicholas A.C. Read

Best Cv Quotes By Richard N. Bolles

If someone out of work knows only three words about their impending job-hunt, I'm willing to bet those
three words will be: resumes/CV, interviews, and networking. — Richard N. Bolles

Best Cv Quotes By Ken Robinson

It's not enough to be good at something to be in your element ... We're being brought up with this idea that life is linear. This is an idea that's perpetuated when you come to write your CV - that you set out your life in a series of dates and achievements, in a linear way, as if your whole existence has progressed in an ordered, structured way, to bring you to this current interview. — Ken Robinson

Best Cv Quotes By CV

Point of view. I never got that phrase, point of view; doesn't everyone have a point in their view? If not then
they don't have a view on a certain topic they are just indifferent. Anyone who has a view certainly cares enough to have a
point! — CV

Best Cv Quotes By CV

To me art means power to sway people not with my words but with a mere picture. Art means expression, not my own but of the subjects. Art means truth; because when you see a picture you see all that is real. Art is exposure, showing things in a way they haven't been seen before. — CV

Best Cv Quotes By Moby

I've worked with all sorts of random people - everybody from Metallica to Britney Spears to Ozzy Osbourne to Michael Jackson to the Beastie Boys. I've got a really strange CV. It's interesting - I work with a lot of these disparate, different people to learn what it's like to work with random people. — Moby

Best Cv Quotes By Josh Hartnett

Honestly, I guess if you looked at my CV, I've been doing independent movies since I started. I think that I kind of took a few steps back from Hollywood as soon as it all started to come my way because I wasn't quite ready for the attention. — Josh Hartnett