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Best Bros Quotes By Julie Delpy

I've proven that I'm not a complete failure. Every film has done well. It's like, 'So, okay, when do I get my deal at Warner Bros?' — Julie Delpy

Best Bros Quotes By Henry Blodget

Some people have made a fortune by being employed. Jerry Bruckheimer does not own his content. Warner Bros. owns his shows. They are on CBS, and he makes a fortune. — Henry Blodget

Best Bros Quotes By Peter Clines

Almost any concept or idea in the world can be expressed through comparison with a classic Warner Bros. cartoon. — Peter Clines

Best Bros Quotes By Kathy Reichs

Jordan's gone, bros." Cole wiped crumbs from his greasy sweatshirt. "He bugged out right after you jokers gave him the third degree. Said CU wasn't for him." He snorted. "Y'all are, like, the leading cause of dropout around here. — Kathy Reichs

Best Bros Quotes By George Lopez

I think it's easier for African American and white comics to be praised than it is Latinos because they think our culture or our humor is substandard. I mean, I just don't think they want to give us credit. I just don't think that they see us as important enough to be at their level. I'm the longest-produced comedy at Warner Bros. and I don't feel special. They come over and say hello. But everybody's gonna make a lot of money and I don't feel like I'm special to them. — George Lopez

Best Bros Quotes By Kevin Dillon

I'm an old guy, so I started out playing 'Pong' with my brothers, and 'Mario Bros.' and whatnot. But we really got involved and got intense when 'Tecmo Super Bowl' came out. That's when we really started playing video games, and it got intense. — Kevin Dillon

Best Bros Quotes By Michael Scott

Bros before hos. Why? Because your bros are always there for you. They have got your back after your ho rips your heart out for no good reason. And you are nothing but great to your ho, and you told her that she was the only ho for you, and that she was better than all the other hos in the world. And then ... Then suddenly she's not your ho no mo'! — Michael Scott

Best Bros Quotes By Lisa Henry

[Walt] Whitman would never get in the way of a boy trying to get off with another boy. Bros before prose. — Lisa Henry

Best Bros Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

Bros before hoes," said Jared. "By which of course I mean gardening tools, because I hold all the fine ladies of Sorry-in-the-Vale in the highest regard. — Sarah Rees Brennan

Best Bros Quotes By Emma Watson

I have felt for the last 10 years I have had this battle; I've been fighting so hard to have an education. It's been this uphill struggle. I was Warner Bros' pain in the butt. I was their scheduling conflict. I was the one who made life difficult. — Emma Watson

Best Bros Quotes By Masahiro Sakurai

If tournament popularity was the most important consideration, then I think we would create a Smash Bros game that included a multitude of fast moves with complicated controls. However, I believe this is actually the greatest shortcoming of fighting games at present, and that is the reason why I don't do it. — Masahiro Sakurai

Best Bros Quotes By Steve Merrick

Democracy. For something that has no specific dictionary definition, it is as open to interpretation as any holy book is, and as wide open to as many translative abuses, yet without any definitive definition the process means something very different to every person it impacts upon. I would add that until we get an accurate definition the word is meaningless, and when the process is so open to interpretation that the Koch Bros can buy it, legally, without any fuss, that action in itself is not democratic, but neither is it illegal? All that before i hit the dangers of party politics ... — Steve Merrick

Best Bros Quotes By Tony Danza

There was a time when watching a cartoon was a nurturing experience. You would watch a Warner Bros. cartoon, and at the end of it you could probably win 'Jeopardy.' — Tony Danza

Best Bros Quotes By Joan Jett

When I came back to it, we amicably separated from Warner Bros. I just picked up where I left off, trying to write the rest of this record. It took awhile to get out. — Joan Jett

Best Bros Quotes By Nick Offerman

I keep having these bros come up to me and say, "I used to watch you when I was a fetus," and I just want to kill them. — Nick Offerman

Best Bros Quotes By Margaret Cho

Like the Birth Of Venus, the song [Yello "oh, Yeah"] denotes the birth of the bro. The song just reminds me of bros looking out over lowered Ray-Bans. It birthed a negative sexual revolution. I was going to a lot of bondage clubs at the time and they did play this song. The song I associate more is that horrible Enigma song with the Gregorian chant. There's something good buried in that song and I might not hate it as much if I hadn't been a sex worker. — Margaret Cho

Best Bros Quotes By Elle Aycart

We're trying to figure women out," he explained. "What, in your opinion, would be the best Valentine's Day present ever?"
"We're easy to please, any small detail will do," Tate said.
The collective male snort was loud.
"It's true," Christy added coming out in her defence.
"Yeah right. Any small detail will do, my ass," Max began. "Let's put it this way: what do my poor bros have to do for Valentine's Day so that their Steak and BJ Day in a month will be memorable and won't degrade into a handy and a hamburger? — Elle Aycart

Best Bros Quotes By Corey Feldman

I'm a big kid, I'm a kid at heart, so I still love the classic family films, such as the great Warner Bros film 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' - not the remake, but the original. It's still one of the best movies, hands down, ever made, and of course that goes back to the ingenuity of the characters and the storyline. — Corey Feldman

Best Bros Quotes By Frank Darabont

If you're going to succeed, you've got to be like one of those punch-drunk fighters in the old Warner Bros. boxing pictures: too stupid to fall down, you just keep slugging and stay on your feet. — Frank Darabont

Best Bros Quotes By Imelda May

I got a great kick being in the Warner Bros. studios - that was really cool. I kept singing the 'Looney Tunes' theme song all day. I'm sure they haven't heard that one before. — Imelda May

Best Bros Quotes By PewDiePie

Comments are my main way to communicate with you bros. — PewDiePie

Best Bros Quotes By David Mitchell

She'n'her bros at the school'ry'd made a new game, Zachry'n'Meronym on Mauna Kia, but Abbess say-soed 'em not to 'cos times are pretendin' can bend bein'. A whoah game it was, said Catkin, but I din't want to know its rules nor endin'.david — David Mitchell

Best Bros Quotes By Jeff Ryan

Nintendo not letting itself make a browser Mario game has not stopped a flash flood of in-browser Mario games. Super Mario Flash, New Super Mario Bros. Flash, Infinite Mario, and the amazing Super Mario Crossover, which lets you play the original SMB games using characters from Castlevania, Excitebike, Ninja Gaidan, and more. (If you like that, try Abobo's Big Adventure.) There are free (and unlicensed) Mario games where he rides a motorbike, takes a shotgun to the Mushroom Kingdom, decides to fight with his fists, is replaced by Sonic, replaces Pac-Man in a maze game, and plays dress-up. They receive no admonition from Nintendo's once-ferocious legal department. Why not? Iwata's explanation is commonsensical: "[I]t would not be appropriate if we treated people who did someone based on affection for Nintendo as criminals." This is also why no one has been told by lawyers to stop selling Wario-as-a-pimp T-shirts. — Jeff Ryan

Best Bros Quotes By Richard Donner

I was really disappointed that Warner Bros. didn't think highly enough of my film or my filmmaking to ask me to make the new Superman. — Richard Donner

Best Bros Quotes By Joseph M. Kahn

When I see a kid in a movie theater texting, I think it's a failure of the movie. It's not a triumph of the Apple iPhone. It's a failure of Warner Bros. and Sony, and all that, because they haven't kept their attention and challenged them. They're smart little kids that are bored, and I wanted to challenge them. — Joseph M. Kahn

Best Bros Quotes By Jon Irwin

Playing Super Mario Bros. 2 again, in the two-bedroom apartment I share with my wife, is to re-learn the productivity of cussing. Playing any game, for that matter, bends my larynx into the saltiest shapes imaginable. With time comes an understanding that the game on your screen is nothing compared to life's true challenges. Still, with each fall down a pit or graze of a fireball-spitting plant, my mild-mannered speech pattern gives way to filth. Super Mario Bros. 2 is not even known as a difficult game. But to a player of limited and rusty skills, i.e., your author, it pushes back. — Jon Irwin

Best Bros Quotes By Vera Farmiga

I bring myself innately to it, yeah. I bring those details as much as I - what I don't obsess over is, there are certain ways I might've pushed it even a little more. For example, [to Warren] your accent. I know Warner Bros. at one point came in. I don't know, until you came to set, I know I wore that long tartan skirt and the ruffled blouse for that. — Vera Farmiga

Best Bros Quotes By Vonda Shepard

I've been through the entire gamut of the music industry - I've been playing in clubs since I was 14, and I've been on Warner Bros, on Sony - I've had lots of successes and some serious times of struggle. — Vonda Shepard

Best Bros Quotes By Susan Downey

Warner Bros., where I spent pretty much most of my professional life, they continue to make a lot of movies but so many of the studios are pulling back. — Susan Downey

Best Bros Quotes By Terry Pratchett

XXI. But Arnold Bros (est. 1905) said, This is the Sign I give you:
XXII. If You Do Not See What You Require, Please Ask.
From The Book of Nome, Regulations v. XXI-XXII — Terry Pratchett

Best Bros Quotes By Lee Daniels

I worked at Warner Bros. for a while. I was the head of the minority talent casting. It was like pre-Spike Lee and post-blaxploitation era. — Lee Daniels

Best Bros Quotes By PewDiePie

I just want to connect with you bros. That's all I care about, because you bros' support really means everything to me. — PewDiePie

Best Bros Quotes By Bruno Heller

One of the things about working for an old school studio like Warner Bros. is that there is an institutional culture and institutional memory, in terms of production design, camera work, and directors who understand how to do this kind of thing. — Bruno Heller

Best Bros Quotes By Michael Stipe

When we signed with Warner Bros., they knew what they were getting. They knew they weren't going to get some easily manipulated prepackaged pop group. That was not going to happen. What they wanted, I think, was the integrity that we had to offer. What they wanted was the kind of street cred or cache that R.E.M. could bring to them and the chance that we would give them a hit or two. What happened was we gave them a bunch of hits. And we became huge. — Michael Stipe