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Top Best Advaita Quotes

Best Advaita Quotes By Ramana Maharshi

There is neither creation nor destruction,
neither destiny nor free will, neither
path nor achievement.
This is the final truth. — Ramana Maharshi

Best Advaita Quotes By Banani Ray

You do not need any preacher or prophet to learn about God. The teaching is spread on the trees and the mountains, on the stars and the river, on the Sun and the moon. The ultimate teaching is written in your heart. You just need to wake up and see. — Banani Ray

Best Advaita Quotes By Osho

One thing: you have to walk, and create the way by your walking; you will not find a ready-made path. It is not so cheap, to reach to the ultimate realization of truth. You will have to create the path by walking yourself; the path is not ready-made, lying there and waiting for you. It is just like the sky: the birds fly, but they don't leave any footprints. You cannot follow them; there are no footprints left behind. — Osho

Best Advaita Quotes By Osho

With me, illusions are bound to be shattered. I am here to shatter all illusions. Yes, it will irritate you, it will annoy you - that's my way of functioning and working. I will sabotage you from your very roots! Unless you are totally destroyed as a mind, there is no hope for you. — Osho

Best Advaita Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

I believe in advaita, I believe in the essential unity of man and for that matter of all that lives. — Mahatma Gandhi

Best Advaita Quotes By Seraphim Rose

Thomas Merton, of course, constitutes a special threat to Christians, because he presents himself as a contemplative Christian monk, and his work has already affected the vitals of Roman Catholicism, its monasticism. Shortly before his death, Father Merton wrote an appreciative introduction to a new translation of the Bhagavad Gita, which is the spiritual manual or "Bible" of all Hindus, and one of the foundation blocks of monism or Advaita Vedanta. The Gita, it must be remembered, opposes almost every important teaching of Christianity. His book on the Zen Masters, published posthumously, is also noteworthy, because the entire work is based on a treacherous mistake: the assumption that all the so-called "mystical experiences" in every religion are true. He should have known better. — Seraphim Rose

Best Advaita Quotes By T.R. Cordon

There is nothing to become. The Truth shines here and now. Awareness IS. One does not become it. The Sun shines. One can simply enjoy it or be busy otherwise. That's it. The Sun shines irrespectively.
Awareness. Fire. The Song.
Stop fighting. Stop. — T.R. Cordon

Best Advaita Quotes By T.R. Cordon

Have you ever seen a stereogram?
The 'Truth' the Stereogram shows us is there in front of us. Training and work doesn't make us see it.
It's a point of view, a different way of looking at it.
When you see it you try to explain it to someone else and you
realize you can't.
It simple, super simple, yet almost impossible to explain.
There are 'techniques' to see them but some people may spend
years trying without results. Others can do it in seconds.
It doesn't change the fact that the image is there all the time in
front of us.
And it's Beautiful. — T.R. Cordon

Best Advaita Quotes By Sai Baba

I get angry with none. Will a mother get angry with her children? Will the ocean send back the waters to the several rivers.
Advaita Philosophy — Sai Baba

Best Advaita Quotes By Floyd Henderson

Persons desiring to know what love is might benefit more if they were able to understand what love is not. — Floyd Henderson

Best Advaita Quotes By Kunal Narayan Uniyal

In Whom is the Universe, Who is in the Universe, Who is the Universe; in Whom is the Soul, Who is in the Soul, Who is the Soul of Man; knowing Him - and therefore the Universe - as our Self, alone extinguishes all fear, brings an end to misery and leads to Infinite Freedom.Therefore Sorrow not for Krishna he is you and you he-Uddhav to Gopis — Kunal Narayan Uniyal

Best Advaita Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

Advaita is the only system that gives us complete control over ourselves, takes off all dependence and its associated superstitions, thus making us brave to suffer, brave to do, and in the long run, attain to absolute freedom. — Swami Vivekananda

Best Advaita Quotes By Tony Samara

Live simply. Deepest joy is like a flower ... beautiful in essence. — Tony Samara

Best Advaita Quotes By Amish Tripathi

I see a sense of unity in the universe. Spirituality is not limited to only one religion. One can experience it across different religions. I am fascinated by philosophy of Advaita and philosophy of unity. We have to get over the illusion that God is different from us. — Amish Tripathi

Best Advaita Quotes By Aldous Huxley

Meanwhile, the self can stand in the way of the Not-Self, interfering with the free flow of spiritual grace, this maintaining the self in a state of blindness, and also with the flow of animal grace, which leads to the impairment of natural functions and, in the long run, of the slower processes called structure. For each individual human being, the main practical problems are these: How can I prevent my ego from eclipsing the inner light, synteresis, scintilla animae, and so perpetuating the state of unregenerate illusion and blindness? And these practical problems remain unchallenged, even if we abandon the notion of an entelechy or physiological intelligencer, of an atman or pneuma and think, instead, in terms [of] systems... — Aldous Huxley

Best Advaita Quotes By Mata Amritanandamayi

Religion is the secret of life. It teaches us to love, to serve, to forgive, to endure, and to interact with our brothers and sisters with empathy and compassion. Advaita (non-duality) is a purely subjective experience. But in daily life it may be expressed as love and compassion. This is the great lesson taught by the great saints and sages of India, the exponents of Sanatana Dharma. — Mata Amritanandamayi

Best Advaita Quotes By Banani Ray

Om was there in the existence, when no religion was formed or founded. It will be there in the existence, if all the religions are demolished. — Banani Ray

Best Advaita Quotes By David R. Hawkins

I just realized that I don't have to have an opinion about everything
what a relief! — David R. Hawkins

Best Advaita Quotes By Tony Samara

Within each of us is a light, awake, encoded in the fibers of our existence. Divine ecstasy is the totality of this marvelous creation experienced in the hearts of humanity — Tony Samara

Best Advaita Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

Feel nothing, know nothing, do nothing, have nothing, give up all to God, and say utterly, 'Thy will be done.' We only dream this bondage. Wake up and let it go. — Swami Vivekananda

Best Advaita Quotes By Chinmayananda Saraswati

The spirit of advaita is not to keep away from anything, but to keep in tune with everything — Chinmayananda Saraswati

Best Advaita Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

Swamiji: That is but a state of stupefaction, as under liquor. What will be the use of merely remaining like that? Through the urge of Advaitic realisation, you should sometimes dance wildly and sometimes remain lost to outward sense. Does one feel happy to taste of a good thing all by oneself? One should share it with others. Granted that you attain personal liberation by means of the realisation of the Advaita, but what matters it to the world? You must liberate the whole universe before you leave this body. Then only you will be established in the eternal Truth. Has that bliss any match, my boy? (VII. 162-63) — Swami Vivekananda

Best Advaita Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

We have lost faith in ourselves. Therefore to preach the Advaita aspect of the Vedanta is necessary to rouse up the hearts of men, to show them the glory of their souls. It is therefore that I preach this Advaita, and I do so not as a sectarian, but upon universal and widely acceptable grounds. — Swami Vivekananda

Best Advaita Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

There is no God separate from you, no God higher than you, the real 'you'. All the gods are little beings to you, all the ideas of God and Father in heaven are but your own reflection. God Himself is your image. 'God created man after His own image.' That is wrong. Man creates God after his own image. That is right. Throughout the universe we are creating gods after our own image. We create the god and fall down at his feet and worship him; and when this dream comes, we love it! — Swami Vivekananda

Best Advaita Quotes By Ramana Maharshi

Does a man who is acting on the stage in a female part forget that he is a man? Similarly, we too must play our parts on the stage of life, but we must not identify ourselves with those parts. — Ramana Maharshi