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Top Bent But Not Broken Quotes

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Johnny Depp

Every relationship has problems but when those problems arise you have to realise that they don't mean your relationship is broken, it's just a little bent. Bent things can be fixed and like so your relationship can too. The first step however is realising that. — Johnny Depp

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Mujel Hasan

You stand for what is right-
for the patient and the staff.
Pressures of work may down you,
maybe bent but not broken. — Mujel Hasan

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Jennifer Donnelly

As I turned to go, I nearly trod on the body of a young robin half hidden in the grass. Its wings were twisted and bent. Its body stiff and bloodied.
'A hawk's work,' I thought, wondering if the robin had seen the brilliant blue of the sky and felt the sun on its back before its wings were broken. — Jennifer Donnelly

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Nadia Hashimi

There are truths and lies and there are things in between, murky waters where light gets bent and broken. — Nadia Hashimi

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

I have a hunch it's a thing that only fails to be basic because it's never had material recognition. The weakness of this profession is its attraction for the man a little crippled and broken. Within the walls of the profession he compensates by tending toward the clinical, the 'practical' - he has won his battle without a struggle."

"On the contrary, you are a good man, Franz, because fate selected you for your profession before you were born. You better thank God you had no 'bent' - I got to be a psychiatrist because there was a girl at St. Hilda's in Oxford that went to the same lectures. Maybe I'm getting trite but I don't want to let my current ideas slide away with a few dozen glasses of beer. — F Scott Fitzgerald

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Robert Jordan

On a day of fire and blood, a tattered banner waved above Dumai's wells, bearing the ancient symbol of Aes Sedai. On a day of fire and blood and the one power, as prophecy had suggested, the unstained tower, broken, bent knee to the forgotten sign. The first nine Aes Sedai swore fealty to the Dragon Reborn, and the world was changed forever. — Robert Jordan

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Pink

We're not broken, just bent, and we can learn to love again. — Pink

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

I was bent but never broken. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Jennifer Weiner

Is it still there?" I asked, staring at his head, bent over, as he wedged the stethoscope beneath my left breast. And then, before I could stop myself, "Does it sound broken? — Jennifer Weiner

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Fulton J. Sheen

Advertising tries to stimulate our sensuous desires, converting luxuries into necessities, but it only intensifies man's inner misery. The business world is bent on creating hungers which its wares never satisfy, and thus it adds to the frustrations and broken minds of our times. — Fulton J. Sheen

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Ruth Ozeki

The only time they ever throw anything away is when it's really and truly broken, and then they make a big deal about it. They save up all their bent pins and broken sewing needles and once a year they do a whole memorial service for them, chanting and then sticking them into a block of tofu so they will have a nice soft place to rest. Jiko says that everything has a spirit, even if it is old and useless, and we must console and honor the things that have served us well. — Ruth Ozeki

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Leonardo Da Vinci

When the fig-tree stood without fruit no one looked at it. Wishing by producing this fruit be praised by men, it was bent and broken by them. — Leonardo Da Vinci

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Steven Millhauser

And again it snowed, and again the sun came out. In the mornings on the way to the station Franklin counted the new snowmen that had sprung up mysteriously overnight or the old ones that had been stricken with disease and lay cracked apart
a head here, a broken body and three lumps of coal there
and one day he looked up from a piece of snow-colored rice paper and knew he was done. It was as simple as that: you bent over your work night after night, and one day you were done. Snow still lay in dirty streaks on the ground but clusters of yellow-green flowers hung from the sugar maples. — Steven Millhauser

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Charles Dickens

Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching, and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but - I hope - into a better shape. — Charles Dickens

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Charles Dickens

I have had my share of sorrows-more than the common lot, perhaps, but I have borne them ill. I have broken where I should have bent; and have mused and brooded, when my spirit should have mixed with all God's great creation. — Charles Dickens

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Soren Kierkegaard

They were not unfortunate girls who, as outcasts or in the belief that they were cast out by society, grieved wholesomely and intensely and, once in a while at times when the heart was too full, ventilated it in hate or forgiveness. No visible change took place in them; they lived in the accustomed context, were respected as always, and yet they were changed, almost unaccountably to themselves and incomprehensibly to others. Their lives were not cracked or broken, as others' were, but were bent into themselves; lost to others, they futilely sought to find themselves. — Soren Kierkegaard

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Erwin W. Lutzer

Someone has said that the marks of a strong church are wet eyes, bent knees, and a broken heart. We'll never be powerful until we let God be God and jealously guard His honor. — Erwin W. Lutzer

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By C.S. Lewis

He [The Bent One] has left you this way because a bent hnau can do more evil than a broken one. — C.S. Lewis

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

Emperor's Soul pg 123:
Attempts to Forge the window to a better version of itself had repeatedly failed; each time, after five minutes or so, the window had reverted to its cracked, gap-sided self.
Then Shai had found a bit of colored glass rammed into one side of the frame. The window, she realized, had once been a stained glass piece, like many in the palace. It had been broken, and whatever had shattered the window had also bent the frame, producing those gaps that let in the frigid breeze.
Rather than repairing it as it had been meant to be, someone had put ordinary glass into the window and left it to crack. A stamp from Shai in the bottom right corner had stored the window, rewriting its history so that a caring master craftsman had discovered the fallen window and remade it. That seal had taken immediately. Even after ll this time, the window had seen itself as something beautiful. — Brandon Sanderson

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Andy Partridge

Brain gets bent, heart gets broken You can't jump off once the pages turn School is out but never over That's the only lesson you can learn — Andy Partridge

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Tim Ferriss

Reality is negotiable. Outside of science and law, all rules can be bent or broken, and it doesn't require being unethical. — Tim Ferriss

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Peter Matthiessen

A child dragging bent useless legs is crawling up the hill outside the village. Nose to the stones, goat dung, and muddy trickles, she pulls herself along like a broken cricket. We falter, ashamed of our strong step, and noticing this, she gazes up, clear-eyed, without resentment - it seems much worse that she is pretty. In Bengal, GS says stiffly, beggars will break their children's knees to achieve this pitiable effect for business purposes: this is his way of expressing his distress. But the child that lies here at our boots is not a beggar; she is merely a child, staring in curiosity at tall, white strangers. I long to give her something - a new life? - yet am afraid to tamper with such dignity. And so I smile as best I can, and say "Namas-te!" "Good morning!" How absurd! And her voice follows as we go away, a small clear smiling voice - "Namas-te!" - a Sanskrit word for greeting and parting that means, "I salute you". — Peter Matthiessen

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Charles M. Blow

Time ground to a halt and the trees whispered in the language of God and nature about steadfastness and resilience - gently saying that one could be constantly stirred yet not moved, bent but not broken, that a thing well grounded and deeply rooted could ever stand. — Charles M. Blow

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By K. Bromberg

We're not broken baby...we're just bent. And bent's okay. Bent means that we're just figuring things out. — K. Bromberg

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By K. Bromberg

I accept you, I tell him. All of you. The broken parts. The bent parts. The ones filled with shame. The cracks where hope seeps through. The little boy cowering in fear and the grown man still suffocating in his shadow. The demons that haunt. Your will to survive. And your spirit that fights. Every single part of you is what I love. What I accept. What I want to help heal. — K. Bromberg

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Abraham Eraly

Classical Sanskrit prose writers made very long sentences like this: "Lost in the forest and in thought, bent upon death and at the root of a tree, fallen upon calamity and her nurse's bosom, parted from her husband and happiness, burnt with the fierce sunshine and the woes of widowhood, her mouth closed with silence as well as by her hand, held fast by her companions as well as by grief, I saw her with her kindred and her graces all gone, her ears and her soul left bare, her ornaments and her aims abandoned, her bracelets and her hopes broken, her companions and the needle-like grass-spears clinging round her feet, her eyes and her beloved fixed within her bosom, her sighs and her hair long, her limbs and her merits exhausted, her aged attendants and her streams of tears falling down at her feet...." and it goes on. — Abraham Eraly

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Charles Dickens

I have broken where I should have bent; and have mused and brooded, when my spirit should have mixed with all God's great creation. The men who learn endurance, are they who call the whole world, brother. I have turned from the world, and I pay the penalty. — Charles Dickens

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Herbert J. Storing

The Anti-Federalists feared that the Americans would follow the example of the Europeans as described by Mercy Warren: "Bent on gratification, at the expense of every moral tie, they have broken down the barriers of religion, and the spirit of infidelity is nourished at the fount; thence the poisonous streams run through every grade that constitutes the mass of nations." Warren insisted that skepticism is not, as some hold, necessarily fostered by republican
liberty. Indeed, the history of republics is the history of strict regard to religion. — Herbert J. Storing

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Eve Silver

I look down and feel a sort of distant horror as I see a body that is mine but not mine. My limbs are bent at odd angles. Shards of bone poke out though my skin. When I try to move, I realize that I feel no pain because I feel nothing. Nothing at all. And no matter how hard I try, I can't move anything but my head.
I'm broken, like Luka. Broken and bloody.
The thought feels hazy, as though it ought to mean more to me than it does. — Eve Silver

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Nenia Campbell

Vampires are fond of their games. But the games that They play are different than the variants that I'm familiar with. The rules were made to be bent, broken, shattered - and somebody always gets hurt.
Always. — Nenia Campbell

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Lang Leav

Letting him go
There is a particular kind of suffering to be experienced when you love something greater than yourself. A tender sacrifice. Like the pained silence felt in the lost song of a mermaid; or the bent and broken feet of a dancing ballerina. It is in every considered step I am taking in the opposite direction of you. — Lang Leav

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Rick Yancey

The bent but unbroken ones. — Rick Yancey

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Richard Lloyd Parry

Among them was a middle-aged man supported by two broken sticks. His legs were bent permanently beneath him by accident or disease, and it took him five minutes to cross the room, collect his ballot and shuffle into the booth in front of me. It was painful to watch; as he edged forward I became aware that my heart was racing. Finally - finally - the referendum really was under way. What would happen next? Could Eurico and Basilio have more support than I had assumed? How could the violence of the last seven months fail to have an effect? I should have looked away, but I watched, and saw the man on sticks painstakingly mark his cross in the lower of the two boxes, the one rejecting continuing association with Indonesia. Then he folded the paper, turned his legs around, and began walking slowly towards the ballot box. — Richard Lloyd Parry

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Annetta Ribken

Bent but never broken; down but never out. — Annetta Ribken

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Robert Breault

A rule that cannot be bent will certainly be broken. — Robert Breault

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Jamie McGuire

If I'm going to lose it, I want to be broken in right." The pen fell from Trenton's mouth to the floor, and he bent down to pick it up. "Uh . . . any, uh . . . any special font? — Jamie McGuire

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By John Steinbeck

With his dripping basket and flip-flapped up the hill. Then a car turned into Cannery Row and Doc drove up to the front of the laboratory. His eyes were red rimmed with fatigue. He moved slowly with tiredness. When the car had stopped, he sat still for a moment to let the road jumps get out of his nerves. Then he climbed out of the car. At his step on the stairs, the rattlesnakes ran out their tongues and listened with their waving forked tongues. The rats scampered madly about the cages. Doc climbed the stairs. He looked in wonder at the sagging door and at the broken window. The weariness seemed to go out of him. He stepped quickly inside. Then he went quickly from room to room, stepping around the broken glass. He bent down — John Steinbeck

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Bette Bao Lord

The Hanlin named his granddaughter Lustrous Jade, for jade was the fairest of stones and possessed five virtues: charity, for its lustre; rectitude, for its translucence; wisdom, for its purity of sound when struck; equity, for its sharp edges that injure none; courage, for it can be broken but not bent. — Bette Bao Lord

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Hannah Heath

[Anger] gave him the soul to keep fighting no matter how many times the world seemed bent on destroying him. He may be a broken young man, but he would never be a defeated one — Hannah Heath

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By K. Bromberg

With temerity and defiance, obstinance and patience, she chipped away at every hard edge of me until there was nothing left but the truths I feared. The bent and broken. — K. Bromberg

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Alyson Noel

Rules should always be bent, if not broken. It's the only way to have any fun. — Alyson Noel

Bent But Not Broken Quotes By Kami Garcia

like the branches of a tree
like the pieces of my heart
like the seventeenth moon
like the glass in the window
the day we met — Kami Garcia