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Top Belly Dancer Quotes

Belly Dancer Quotes By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Also, it's good to have more than one profession, in case your own profession goes out of style. A Wall Street trader who's also a belly dancer will do a lot better than a trader who winds up driving a taxi. — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Belly Dancer Quotes By Rodney Dangerfield

With girls I get no respect. A belly dancer told me I turned her stomach. — Rodney Dangerfield

Belly Dancer Quotes By Nadia Gamel

I am NOT a belly dancer. I have never been one, and never will be. What I do is not what Hollywood vulgarly calls 'belly dance', but it's art. I have traveled the world to prove that my dance is not a dance of the belly but a refined, artistic dance full of tradition, of dreaming and beauty. Oriental dance is primarily an expressive dance; in that resides the beauty. — Nadia Gamel

Belly Dancer Quotes By Johnny Carson

Egyptian President Sadat had a belly dancer entertain President Nixon at a state dinner. Mr. Nixon was really impressed. He hadn't seen contortions like that since Rose Mary Woods. — Johnny Carson

Belly Dancer Quotes By John Sandford

Detective Virgil and Barlow [bomb-technician] arranged to meet at the Starbucks. Virgil got a grande hot chocolate, no-fat milk, no foam, no whipped cream, and Barlow got a venti latte with an extra shot. As they took a corner table, Virgil said, "Remind me not to stand next to you if you're handling a bomb. That much caffeine, you gotta be shakin' like a hundred-dollar belly dancer."
"At least I'm not drinking like a little girl," Barlow said. — John Sandford

Belly Dancer Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

They walked to school, talking about how much they were longing for the summer holidays.
"Oh, I am planning things," said Jamie. "Great, great things. I could join a band."
"You gave up the guitar after two lessons."
"Well," he said, "I could be a backup dancer."
"Backup dancers have to wear belly shirts and glitter," said Mae. "So obviously, I support this plan. — Sarah Rees Brennan

Belly Dancer Quotes By Leandra J. Kalsy

Your inner Belly Dancer ... is your inner sensuality, your highest feminity, your great esteemed self made more apparent. — Leandra J. Kalsy

Belly Dancer Quotes By Leslie Cockburn

The lapis lazuli worry beads, draped over his rear view mirror, swung back and forth like the hips of Scheherazade, Mohammed's favorite belly dancer, who refused, in spite of the war, to leave Baghdad. — Leslie Cockburn