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Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By Jim Ryun

Mr. Chairman, on September 11, we were attacked by terrorists who took advantage of weaknesses in our border security. After infiltrating our country, the terrorists were able to conceal their real identities, and thereby plot their attacks without fear of being apprehended. — Jim Ryun

Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By Nicholas Chong

But as the God of War, Mars could not help being belligerent.He announced that he had come to avenge the honour & dignity of his brother,Hephaestus, & was glad that she had accepted his invitation to do battle.He now challenged her to remove her girdle since he had heard that it was a magic girdle & would thus afford the wearer undue advantage, as he would now remove all his battle attire so that, as their wearer, he too would not enjoy any undue advantage. And so saying, the belligerent Mars doffed his warlike raiment & stood proud & naked before her. And, thus provoked,Venus took off her girdle & did likewise. — Nicholas Chong

Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By Patrick Ness

She's always saying that being a leader is making the people you love hate you a little more each day." She catches my eye. "Which is something I believe, too."
"So what happened?" I ask. "Why isn't she still in charge?"
"She made a mistake," Corinne says primly. "People who didn't like her took advantage of it."
"What kind of mistake?"
Her permanent frown gets bigger. "She saved a life. — Patrick Ness

Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By Daphne Scholinski

Being high felt as if half of me was wandering lost in the streets and half of me was calling out, hoping that I'd make it back before someone took advantage. — Daphne Scholinski

Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By H.D. Smith

I pulled Thanos in for a kiss, surprising him. I wasn't sure if it was our bond or the fear this might be my last kiss, but I didn't hold anything back. I let him in. He took full advantage, plundering my mouth as if I were the last woman on Earth, which could have been a result of him being trapped in a desolate wasteland for the last five hundred years - but I decided not to overthink it. — H.D. Smith

Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By Charlaine Harris

Sookie: "Eric, when I'm back to being myself, I'm going to nail your ass for putting me in this position of being pledged to you." Eric: Darling, you can nail my ass anytime," he said charmingly, and turned to go back to his table. Pam rolled her eyes. "You two," she said. "Hey this isn't any of my doing," I said, which wasn't entirely true. But it was a good exit line, and I took advantage of it to leave the bar. — Charlaine Harris

Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By Megan Rich

In his lifetime, that small fishing village had turned into the seventh largest port in the world, an eight-million-strong city; women had gotten the right to divorce, of which his wife took full advantage; and his son's living standard was so much higher than his, his so much higher than his own parents, that he couldn't understand the boy's constant desire for more, more, more. Despite a total lack of education from the state, Lao Song, unlike some of his classmates, was not entirely stunted; instead, he sought out the rebellious track of "growing his own mind," as he called it, teaching himself whatever he could through rudimentary means. Despite being in China's "Lost Generation," Song had somehow found himself. — Megan Rich

Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By Tom Bensing

His moral courage led him to question a great wrong and refuse, backed by his men, to take part in a horrific slaughter of innocents, when other men, such as Harry Richmond, took advantage of being suddenly unfettered by conventional standards to do whatever the darkest side of human nature desired. — Tom Bensing

Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

She sat down on the stool next to Syn. "Out of curiosity, why are you keeping me here?" It was against military protocol. In the past, whenever her father had "protected" her, she'd been moved to a safe location.
Nykyrian took a drink of his juice before he answered. "When you're being hunted to the extent you are, there's no real safe place. You're famous, which makes it all the harder to hide you. Better to keep you here where you have the advantage of knowing the terrain and are most comfortable."
"Not to mention, we're using you for bait."
Nykyrian cocked his head at Syn. "Are you that/I> drunk?"
Syn's eyes widedened. "What? I wasn't supposed to tell her that?"
Kiara was horrified. "I'm bait?"
"No, you're not bait. Ignore the alcoholic whose view of reality is distorted by his brain-damaged hallucinations."
-Kiara, Nykyrian, & Syn — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By James K. Polk

When I observed a strong man approaching I generally took advantage of him by being a little quicker than he was and seizing him by the tip of the fingers, giving him a hearty shake, and thus preventing him from getting a full grip upon me. — James K. Polk

Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By Davy Jones

I never sexually took advantage of being Davy Jones. I wasn't the kind of guy who would hit on a girl on the road and have casual sex. I don't have casual sex — Davy Jones

Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By Rick Riordan

It wasn't the most rational move, but I was hungry. I was angry. I hated being taken advantage of, and I didn't particularly like bald eagles. The blade hit the bird's back and stuck there like superglue. I tried to pull it away, but it wouldn't move. My hands were grafted to the sword grip. "Okay, then," the eagle squawked, "we can play it that way." He took off through the food court at sixty miles an hour, dragging me along behind him. — Rick Riordan

Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By David Lynch

Transcendental Meditation is not a religion, it's not against any religion, it's for human beings, no matter what color, what religion, what walk of life. If you're a human being, it will work for you. And you will be very glad you found this technique and took advantage of it. — David Lynch

Being Took Advantage Of Quotes By John Dewey

The Professor took the old practices and studied them, worked out their mechanical principles and then devised a graded scientific set of tricks, but is based on the elementary laws of mechanics, a study of the equilibrium of the human body, the ways in which it is disturbed, how to recover your own and take advantage of the shifting of the center of gravity of the other person. The first thing that is taught is how to fall down without being hurt, that alone is worth the price of admission and ought to be taught in all our gyms. — John Dewey