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Being Sneaky Quotes By Jim Butcher

Wizardry is all about thinking ahead, about being prepared. Wizards aren't really superhuman. We just have a leg up on seeing things more clearly than other people, and being able to use the extra information we have for our benefit. Hell, the word wizard comes from the same root as wise. We know things. We aren't any stronger or faster than anyone else. We don't even have all that much more going in the mental department. But we're god-awful sneaky, and if we get the chance to get set for something, we can do some impressive things. — Jim Butcher

Being Sneaky Quotes By Charles Yu

The sneaky heftiness of the book being the aggregate cumulative effect of hundreds of thousands of individually insubstantial little markings, letters and numbers, commas and periods and colons and dashes, each symbol pressed upon the page by the printing machine with a slightly greater-than-expected force and darkness and permanence. — Charles Yu

Being Sneaky Quotes By Bijou Hunter

It isn't easy being on the outside," I admitted. "Judd and I were tight. We spent a shitload of time together. Not talking or having feelings, but I had someone to sit next to me and drink beer with. We played pool every night and had sex with different chicks every night and woke up alone every morning. We were the same. Now, he's whipped and Tawny walks around with his balls in her purse. I asked once if we could take his balls out occasionally and let them breathe, but she just laughed. Tawny's sneaky that way. — Bijou Hunter

Being Sneaky Quotes By J.M. Darhower

I see you're not being as sneaky this time around. I'm glad. You make a gorgeous couple."
Carmine smirked as he looked at Haven, seeing the blush rise up into her cheeks. "We do look good, don't we?"
Celia laughed. "I see your ego's still as big."
"That's not the only thing big about me," Carmine joked. "Isn't that right, tesoro? — J.M. Darhower

Being Sneaky Quotes By Laurie Halse Anderson

Does being forced to sit in time-out ever make little kids stop putting cats in the dishwasher or drawing on white walls with purple marker? Of course not. It teaches them to be sneaky and guarantees that when they get to high school they'll love detention because it's a great place to sleep. — Laurie Halse Anderson

Being Sneaky Quotes By John Inman

Married?" I asked, being ineptly sneaky.
"Nope. Gay," Sam flatly stated, being honest and not sneaky at all. How can you not like a man like that?
I almost choked on a green bean. Before I could stop myself, the words were out of my mouth. "And I'm sure the gay world is happy as hell about it."
Jason & Sam — John Inman

Being Sneaky Quotes By Lawrence Block

Being dead means never having to do anything sneaky. — Lawrence Block

Being Sneaky Quotes By Anthony Liccione

Be open in everything with your partner, because where there is secrecy, it can mistakenly come off as being sneaky; where you just may be innocently quiet. — Anthony Liccione

Being Sneaky Quotes By Lionel Shriver

I first foreswore motherhood when I was about eight years old ... [Children] were annoying. We were loud and sneaky and broke things. As an eight-year-old, maybe I was simply mortified by the prospect of being saddled with myself. — Lionel Shriver

Being Sneaky Quotes By Nicole Weber

Less squeaky, more sneaky. — Nicole Weber