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Being Ready For Battle Quotes By John McAllister Schofield

Let the fortifications of the sea-coasts and the fleets of battle-ships and cruisers on the ocean be commensurate with the vast national interests and honor intrusted to their protection and defense; let the standing army be sufficient to discharge the duties which require long and scientific education and training, and to serve as models and instructors for the millions of young citizens: then will the United States, by being always ready for war, insure to themselves all the blessings of peace, and this at a cost utterly insignificant in comparison with the cost of one great war. — John McAllister Schofield

Being Ready For Battle Quotes By Katherine Anne Porter

I am in Paris. Yes ma'am , I made it back. I came up from Berlin, stopped here ten days, fought a losing battle against my deepest inclinations, pulled myself out by the hair and went to Madrid ... Madrid is a lovely enchanting city, and there was almost ready for me a kind of penthouse full of sunlight, a roof garden, and so on. I gave one look at it all, returned to the hotel and went to bed and wept bitterly for eleven hours ... Why? Because I had seen Paris and could not endure the thought of being anywhere else ... — Katherine Anne Porter

Being Ready For Battle Quotes By Oswald Chambers

The battle is not against sin or difficulties or circumstances, but against being so absorbed in work that we are not ready to face Jesus Christ at every turn. — Oswald Chambers

Being Ready For Battle Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

You gave Briar over to them?"

We fell into step back toward our own camp. "Az explained the state you found her in. I didn't think being exposed to battle-ready Illyrians would do much to soothe her."

"And the Winter Court army is much better?"

"They've got fuzzy animals."

I snorted, shaking my head. Those enormous bears were indeed fuzzy - if you ignored the claws and teeth. — Sarah J. Maas

Being Ready For Battle Quotes By Steve Lonegan

If the primary ends up being a hard hitting, bloody battle, well so be it. Let's get ready for the general election — Steve Lonegan