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Being Perturbed Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Darling, I'm the least perfect person in the world."
"Oh, we know you've make mistakes," Cassandra said cheerfully. "What Pandora meant was that you always appear to be perfect, which is all that really matters."
"Actually," Kathleen said, "that's not what really matters."
"But there's no difference between being perfect and seeming perfect as long as no one can tell," Cassandra said. "The result is the same, isn't it?"
Looking perturbed, Kathleen rubbed her forehead. "I know there's a good answer for that. But I can't think of what it is right now — Lisa Kleypas

Being Perturbed Quotes By Gail Carriger

The Earl of Woolsey was indeed completely nude. He did not seem particularly perturbed by this fact, but Miss Tarabotti felt the sudden need to close her eyes tight and think about asparagus or something equally mundane. Coiled about him as she was, her chin wedged over one of his massive shoulders, she was being forced to look down, directly at a nicely round, but embarrassing bare, moon. And not the kind that caused werewolves to change either. Although it did seem to be changing aspects of her own anatomy that she would rather not think about. It was all a very heady - or bottomy? -experience. — Gail Carriger