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Top Being Maligned Quotes

Being Maligned Quotes By John F. Kerry

What we have to do is go on the offensive. [The science on climate change] has been maligned and misinterpreted, and we need to fight back ... [P]eople [need to] stop being moved by these talk show [hosts] and start looking for the facts themselves. — John F. Kerry

Being Maligned Quotes By Sarah Lance

If we are not being maligned, scandalizing those who still sleep in the church, then we are missing the incarnational call to love the world's most vulnerable, the world's exiled, the world's most wounded. Our concern should be what the poor and prostituted think of us, what the God of the universe thinks of us, not what those around us think of us. — Sarah Lance

Being Maligned Quotes By Stephen Fry

Enthusiats are used to being mocked, maligned and misunderstood. We don't really mind. — Stephen Fry

Being Maligned Quotes By Richard D. Meyer

I'm being unjustly maligned! — Richard D. Meyer

Being Maligned Quotes By Paul Washer

Are we willing to risk being misunderstood and maligned in order that truth might be told and men might be saved? Identifying a malady and explaining its seriousness are always the first steps to finding a cure ... God has ordained that men come to conviction of sin, repentance, and saving faith through preaching. Yet how can the [Holy] Spirit use our preaching if we are not willing to expose sin or call men to repentance? — Paul Washer

Being Maligned Quotes By Eleanor Catton

I think the adverb is a much-maligned part of speech. It's always accused of being oppressive, even tyrannical, when in fact it's so supple and sly. — Eleanor Catton

Being Maligned Quotes By Fred F. Fielding

The last eight years have created a lot of deep-seated hostility. People take political decisions very personally, and today there is a constant, ongoing attack, with one side or the other being maligned. — Fred F. Fielding

Being Maligned Quotes By Gary Haugen

The fact is, when people choose to be brave instead of smart, their courage is generally so threatening to those who are smart rather than brave that they end up being maligned, not congratulated. This is what the Bible says we can expect. — Gary Haugen

Being Maligned Quotes By Matt Chandler

From Paul's perspective, in the light of the gospel, everything must serve the purpose of the glory of Christ, so it isn't therefore a tragedy that Paul's in prison being persecuted within or unjustly maligned without. No, it is a privilege. Paul considers it a blessing to be considered worthy to suffer for the cause of Christ. This is not the kind of Christianity any of us end up with except through a profound experiencing of Christ's cross applied to our lives. — Matt Chandler