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Top Being Judged Unfairly Quotes

Being Judged Unfairly Quotes By Zoe Kravitz

I do think women are unfairly judged by their physical appearance, but I don't think it had anything to do with being mixed-race. In my opinion, mixed-race people are the most beautiful. — Zoe Kravitz

Being Judged Unfairly Quotes By Lawrence N. Blum

There are currently thousands of police officers who feel some degree of alienation from the people for whom they risk their lives. They are fearful that if they act according to their training, they will be unfairly judged to have done something wrong. Many officers have reported to me the feeling of anger and betrayal at always being portrayed as the "bad guy" in the media when they take police action. They believe that most of the public buys into the negative image of police often presented by the media and has no idea what police work requires. — Lawrence N. Blum

Being Judged Unfairly Quotes By Vin Diesel

We all deal with being unfairly judged. — Vin Diesel

Being Judged Unfairly Quotes By John Eldredge

And loneliness is something we share with him. "The whole conviction of my life," wrote Thomas Wolfe, "now rests upon the belief that loneliness, far from being a rare and curious phenomenon peculiar to myself and a few other solitary men, is the central and inevitable fact of human existence." To be missed, or misunderstood. To be judged unfairly. To be wanted for what you can do, rather than who you are. To go on for years unappreciated, even unknown by those closest to you. — John Eldredge

Being Judged Unfairly Quotes By Adrian Tomine

Any kind of art that seems to be just about normal people, it's judged less by how good of a work of art it is, and more by how much the critic thinks that that is true to life. Which, you know, I think might be why something like Boyhood was so hugely praised, whereas something like Margaret was a little unfairly marginalized. There were people who said, "OK, well, I don't relate to these characters," or, "I think the way they speak is off from real-life" as opposed to saying, "Is what's being expressed in it - is the emotional content true to life?" You can just look on Youtube and see clips into people's real life very easily, so I'm actually more excited by that feeling of, I'm being immersed completely in this one guy's view of the world. But, obviously, I get more excited talking about other people's work than my own. — Adrian Tomine