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Top Being Flaky Quotes

Being Flaky Quotes By Molly Harper

He's practically stalking me. He just won't let it go. He's just being ... he's being a jackass with a flaky jackass crust and a delicious jackass filling."
"So he's jackass pie? — Molly Harper

Being Flaky Quotes By Frederick Lenz

The teacher will be moving through thousands of states of mind and sometimes beyond mind. While you are with the teacher, be sensitive to that. Without being flaky and devotional, develop respect for the teacher, just as the teacher respects you. — Frederick Lenz

Being Flaky Quotes By Youngme Moon

But to be a parent is to live in the past-present-future all at once. It is to hug your children and be intensely aware of how much smaller they felt last year ... even as you wonder how much bigger they will feel the next. It is to be a time-shifter, to marvel at the budding of their intellect, their verbal dexterity, their sense of humor ... at the same time rewinding and fast-forwarding ... to when they were younger, to when they'll be older. It is to experience longing for the here and now, which I know sounds flaky - sort of like complaining about being homesick when you're already home - but can happen, trust me, when you live in multiple time zones all at once. — Youngme Moon

Being Flaky Quotes By Kingsley Amis

It scored right away with me by being the smooth, fine-grained sort, not the coarse flaky, dry-on-the-outside rubbish full of chunds of gut and gristle to testify to its authenticity. — Kingsley Amis

Being Flaky Quotes By Mary J. Williams

He opted for a flaky, apricot-filled croissant and Columbian coffee. Dani chided him for being unimaginative, then proceeded to eat most of his, while ignoring her own.
"I'd be glad to buy you one."
Dani gave him a wide-eyed, innocent stare, then popped the last bit of his breakfast into her mouth.
"I couldn't eat another bite. — Mary J. Williams