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Being A Sore Loser Quotes By K. Riva Levinson

It is tough to lose. But it is even tougher when the winner is everything that you fear and worse - a criminal enterprise masquerading as a legitimate state. Tougher still to point this out to the Washington establishment, always enamored of tales of second chances and political redemption. It puts you in the position of being a sore loser. Worse, a sore loser with a failed political agenda. So it was as Ellen and I try to raise the alarm after Charles Taylor takes the presidency of Liberia. — K. Riva Levinson

Being A Sore Loser Quotes By George Carlin

Sore loser? You bet your fuckin' ass! What on earth is wrong with being a sore loser? It shows you cared about whatever the contest was in the first place. Fuck losing graciously-that's for chumps. And losers, by the way. — George Carlin

Being A Sore Loser Quotes By Michael Monroe

You shouldn't say mean things to people before they kill you. It's being a sore loser. — Michael Monroe