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Behind Every Cloud Quotes By David Gemmell

I remember an old teacher of mine once saying that behind every dark cloud the sun was just waiting to boil you to death. — David Gemmell

Behind Every Cloud Quotes By Marianne Williamson

Behind every dark cloud there is an every-shining sun. Just wait. In time, the cloud will pass. — Marianne Williamson

Behind Every Cloud Quotes By Judy Garland

Behind every cloud is another cloud. — Judy Garland

Behind Every Cloud Quotes By Stephen Richards

Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining (photo taken by me yesterday afternoon). Just like a cloud is a free spirit ... allow your dreams to be the same and you will become the master of all you desire ... — Stephen Richards

Behind Every Cloud Quotes By Czeslaw Milosz

I was not meant to live anywhere except in Paradise.
Such, simply, was my genetic inadaptation.
Here on earth every prick of a rose-thorn changed into a wound. When the sun hid behind a cloud, I grieved.
I pretended to work like others from morning to evening, but I was absent, dedicated to invisible countries. — Czeslaw Milosz

Behind Every Cloud Quotes By Glenn Gould

I tend to follow a very nocturnal sort of existence mainly because I don't much care for sunlight. Bright colors of any kind depress me, in fact. And my moods are more or less inversely related to the clarity of the sky, on any given day ... my private motto has always been that behind every silver lining there is a cloud. — Glenn Gould

Behind Every Cloud Quotes By Whittaker Chambers

My children, as long as you live, the shadow of the Hiss Case will brush you. In every pair of eyes that rests on you, you will see pass, like a cloud passing behind a woods in winter, the memory of your father - dissembled in friendly eyes, lurking in unfriendly eyes. — Whittaker Chambers

Behind Every Cloud Quotes By Jo Nesbo

Anna took love very seriously. She loved love. No, worshipped, that's the word. She worshipped love. That was the only thing which had any place in her life. That and hatred. Do you know what neutron stars are?'
'They're planets with such compactness and high surface gravity that if I dropped this cigarette on one of them it would strike with the same force as an atom bomb. It was the same with Anna. Her gravitation to love-and hatred-was so strong that nothing could exist in the space between them. Every tiny detail caused an atomic explosion. Do you understand? It took me time to understand. She was like Jupiter-hidden behind an eternal cloud of sulphur. And humour. And sexuality. — Jo Nesbo

Behind Every Cloud Quotes By Michael Nesmith

Behind every dark cloud there's usually rain — Michael Nesmith

Behind Every Cloud Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

I squinted at the western sky behind Thaddeus, a blood-red smear melting into blackness. Twisting my neck, I glanced the opposite direction. My teeth clenched at a magnified, round moon nearly as scarlet as the portending sunset, its luminous face half masked by hazy cloud cover. Hatred, vengeance, anger ... ... such emotions coursed through my veins in a poisonous concoction that muddied my mind, impelling me to grip my sword tighter and fight with every ounce of strength I possessed against those who threatened my family - my kind. Currently, Thaddeus was behaving as such a threat, using his powers of persuasion to condone human sacrifice for some outrageously perceived good. He wanted an offering for the monsters; a desperate, futile offering of human flesh that would in no way protect the other villagers from being mauled as he promised. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Behind Every Cloud Quotes By Gail Godwin

Squashed behind The Cloud of Unknowing we discovered a pocket-size spiral notebook with a day-by-day account of the time Justin had stayed with her and her husband after Tommy's death. The writing was legible though it required effort (this was before she took her calligraphy course), but Justin was ecstatic and asked if he could have the little notebook. "This is my history," he said. Later, after he had deciphered every last word: "Boy, was I loved. — Gail Godwin

Behind Every Cloud Quotes By Haruki Murakami

The darkness behind my closed eyelids was like the cloud-covered sky, but the gray was somewhat deeper. Every few minutes, someone would come and paint over the gray with a different-textured gray - one with a touch of gold or green or red. I was impressed with the variety of grays that existed. Human beings were so strange. All you had to do was sit still for ten minutes, and you could see this amazing variety of grays. — Haruki Murakami