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Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Richard Paul Evans

For the third time since I began, my walk has been delayed. In the beginning, I had considered these stops on my journey as interruptions
but I'm coming to understand that perhaps these detours are my journey. No matter how much I, or the rest of humanity wishes otherwise, life is not lived in smooth, downhill expressways, but in the obscure, perilous trails and rocky back roads of life where we stumble and feel our way through the fog of the unknown. — Richard Paul Evans

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Jon Gordon

Every person and every team will be tested on their journey. It is part of the curriculum of life. It's just like riding a bicycle. In the beginning you're going to fall off and get knocked down but the important thing is to get back on, stay strong, and after a while once you master it you'll ride with the confidence of a champion. — Jon Gordon

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Lewis Buzbee

A bran' new book is a beautiful thing, all promise and fresh pages, the neatly squared spine, the brisk sense of a journey beginning. But a well-worn book also has its pleasures, the soft caress and give of the paper's edges, the comfort, like an old shawl, of an oft-read story. — Lewis Buzbee

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Sarah Young

SEEK MY FACE more and more. You are really just beginning your journey of intimacy with Me. It is not an easy road, but it is a delightful and privileged way: a treasure hunt. I am the Treasure, and the Glory of My Presence glistens and shimmers along the way. Hardships are part of the journey too. I mete them out ever so carefully, in just the right dosage, with a tenderness you can hardly imagine. Do not recoil from afflictions, since they are among My most favored gifts. Trust Me and don't be afraid, for I am your Strength and Song. My heart says of you, "Seek his face!" Your face, LORD, I will seek. PSALM 27 : 8 But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. 2 CORINTHIANS 4 : 7 "Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD, is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation." ISAIAH 12 : 2 — Sarah Young

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Life begins somewhere and ends somewhere with time but to get somewhere with the life you have depends on the steps you shall take in your lifetime — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By William Hurt

When I look at a person, or a character, it is in every case the beginning of an endless journey. And I don't suppose I know where that starts. I know that I have to, like every other person, make decisions and have opinions. But I'm real careful to not judge crassly or cheaply someone else's life. — William Hurt

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Sadhguru

Being responsible is taking ownership of your life. It means you have taken the first radical step to becoming a complete human being - fully conscious and fully human. In taking responsibility and beginning the journey toward conscious living, you are putting an end to the age-old patterns of assigning blame outward or heavenward. You have begun the greatest adventure life has to offer: the voyage inward. — Sadhguru

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Kevin Ashton

Creation is not a moment of inspiration but a lifetime of endurance. The drawers of the world are full of things begun. Unfinished sketches, pieces of invention, incomplete product ideas, notebooks with half-formulated hypotheses, abandoned patents, partial manuscripts. Creating is more monotony than adventure. It is early mornings and late nights: long hours doing work that will likely fail or be deleted or erased - a process without progress that must be repeated daily for years. Beginning is hard, but continuing is harder. Those who seek a glamorous life should not pursue art, science, innovation, invention, or anything else that needs new. Creation is a long journey where most turns are wrong and most ends are dead. The most important thing creators do is work. The most important thing they don't do is quit. The — Kevin Ashton

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Terryl L. Givens

Is faith the beginning of a quest, or the end? Do "religious people" start out from a posture of belief and interpret the world through that lens, or do they weigh the evidence, and come around to God by way of conclusion? We must recognize at the onset that both militant atheism and fervent theism are the same in this regard: they are both just as likely to serve as a dogmatic point of departure, as they are to be a thoughtful and considered end point in one's journey toward understanding. — Terryl L. Givens

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Ariel Levy

The counselor says that we are "at the beginning of a long, uphill journey." She says, "Relapse is a part of recovery."

I think, You have got to be fucking kidding me.

I say, "Do I look like someone who's ready for a long, uphill journey?" Lucy snickers for a second, and I love her. I lover her much more than I want to.

But I am worn down and out. The thought of another trip crushes me. I tell Lucy, You are my family. But I'm not coming with you. — Ariel Levy

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

Every sunset is a pilgrimage to the sunrise. Every time you miss the sunset, you miss the beautiful beginning of the holy journey! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Christian Scharen

our journey toward truth is often a winding and convoluted path and what we find at the end is not always the truth we expected at the beginning of the journey. — Christian Scharen

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Ellen DeGeneres

Some people believe that to find happiness, you should live each day of your life as if it's your last because that way you will appreciate every single moment you have. Other people believe that you should live each day as if it's your first because then every day can be the beginning of a new journey. — Ellen DeGeneres

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Gloria Steinem

A journey - whether it's to the corner grocery or through life - is supposed to have a beginning, middle, and end, right? Well, the road is not like that at all. It's the very illogic and the juxtaposed differences of the road - combined with our search for meaning - that make travel so addictive. — Gloria Steinem

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Russell Brand

Every moment is a fresh new beginning, a wonderful inauguration of the great cosmic journey through the universe. We can do whatever we want. We can change reality at any moment. — Russell Brand

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Aiden Wilson Tozer

In the Book of Acts faith was for each believer a beginning, not an end; it was a journey, not a bed in which to lie while waiting for the day of our Lord's triumph. Believing was not a once-done act; it was more than an act, it was an attitude of heart and mind which inspired and enabled the believer to take up his cross and follow the Lamb whithersoever He went. — Aiden Wilson Tozer

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Thomas A Kempis

I," saith the Lord, "taught the prophets from the beginning, and even now cease I not to speak unto all; but many are deaf and hardened against My voice; many love to listen to the world rather than to God, they follow after the desires of the flesh more readily than after the good pleasure of God. The world promiseth things that are temporal and small, and it is served with great eagerness. I promise things that are great and eternal, and the hearts of mortals are slow to stir. Who serveth and obeyeth Me in all things, with such carefulness as he serveth the world and its rulers? Be thou ashamed, O Sidon, saith the sea;(3) And if thou reason seekest, hear thou me. For a little reward men make a long journey; for eternal life many will scarce lift a foot once from the ground. Mean reward is sought after; for a single piece of money sometimes there is shameful striving; for a thing which is vain and for a trifling promise, men shrink not from toiling day and night. — Thomas A Kempis

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Paris Hilton

They say when you reach a crossroad or a turning point in life, it really doesn't matter how we got there, but it's what we do next after we got there. Usually you arrive there by adversity, and then it is then and only then that we find out who we truly are and what we're truly made of. It's a process, a gift and a journey, and if we can travel it alone, although the road may be rough at the beginning, you find an ability to walk it. A way to start fresh again. It's neither a downfall nor a failure, but a new beginning. — Paris Hilton

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Death is not the end of life, it is the beginning of an eternal journey. — Debasish Mridha

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Rosemary Altea

Death is the continuing of life ... the next part of our life. It's like walking through a door, you know? Walking through the door marked "Death": It's the beginning of a new part of our journey. — Rosemary Altea

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Sri Chinmoy

Ours is a divine journey; therefore, this journey has neither a beginning nor an end ... This journey has a goal, but it does not stop at any goal, for it has come to realise that today's goal is only the starting point of tomorrow's journey. — Sri Chinmoy

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Questlove

What I'm slowly realizing is that I believe that most of us felt that we could relax a little bit after November 2, 2008, because of the progress and the spirit that it took to get Barack Obama in The White House. And what we didn't realize, is that was really the beginning. That was really the beginning of the struggle and not the end of a struggle, to come from colonial times through slavery, through the Jim Crowe Laws, through the civil rights period to The White House as, like a point A/point B journey. Point B of course being the end. — Questlove

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Kathy Mattea

Sally Barris has a voice like sparkling crystal. You could have knocked me over with a feather the first time I heard her. Her writing is from a deep, yet innocent, place and her point of view is just a bit off center. I am excited for her, she is standing at the beginning of her journey in this town, with all of it ahead of her. It reminds me of the first time I heard Beth Nielson-Chapman or Nanci Griffith. It's going to be fun to watch. — Kathy Mattea

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Jacques Monod

When one ponders on the tremendous journey of evolution over the past three billion years or so, the prodigious wealth of structures it has engendered, and the extraordinarily effective teleonomic performances of living beings from bacteria to man, one may well find oneself beginning to doubt again whether all this could conceivably be the product of an enormous lottery presided over by natural selection, blindly picking the rare winners from among numbers drawn at random. [Nevertheless,] a detailed review of the accumulated modern evidence [shows] that this conception alone is compatible with the facts. — Jacques Monod

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By John Eldredge

The true test of a man, the beginning of his redemption, actually starts when he can no longer rely on what he's used all his life. The real journey begins when the false self fails. — John Eldredge

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Tracee Ellis Ross

Because of my unique experience as my mom's child, the beginning of my journey was more about me trying to figure out who I was on my own. My mom is one of the greatest moms and so supportive of all my siblings and of all of us being who we are, and not who she wanted us to be. — Tracee Ellis Ross

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Fay Weldon

She described how Camus's aphorism "One must imagine Sisyphus happy" helps her fight back against unproductive feelings of meaninglessness.
If we consider, like Camus, Sisyphus at the foot of his mountain, we can see that he is smiling. He is content in his task of defying the Gods, the journey more important than the goal. To achieve a beginning, a middle, an end, a meaning to the chaos of creation - that's more than any deity seems to manage: But it's what writers do. So I tidy the desk, even polish it up a bit, stick some flowers in a vase and start.
As I begin a novel I remind myself as ever of Camus's admonition that the purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself. And even while thinking, well, fat chance! I find courage, reach for the heights, and if the rock keeps rolling down again so it does. What the hell, start again. Rewrite. Be of good cheer. Smile on, Sisyphus! — Fay Weldon

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Sakshi Chetana

Success is not the end of the journey. It is the beginning of the expression of your infinite potential. — Sakshi Chetana

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By David Whyte

Ambition left to itself, like a Rupert Murdoch, always becomes tedious, its only object the creation of larger and larger empires of control; but a true vocation calls us out beyond ourselves; breaks our heart in the process and then humbles, simplifies and enlightens us about the hidden, core nature of the work that enticed us in the first place. We find that all along, we had what we needed from the beginning and that in the end we have returned to its essence, an essence we could not understand until we had undertaken the journey. — David Whyte

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By George Friedman

Europe was barbaric in the sixteenth century, as the self-certainty of Christianity fueled the first conquests. Europe passed into civilization in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and then collapsed into decadence in the course of the twentieth century. The United States is just beginning its cultural and historical journey. — George Friedman

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Pat Conroy

A novel is a great act of passion and intellect, carpentry and largess. From the very beginning, I wrote to explain my own life to myself, and I invited readers who chose to make the journey with me to join me on the high wire. — Pat Conroy

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Kambiz Shabankareh

Love it's not supposed to be complicated. It must be easy. It should not need begging and imploring. Love must be simple, because it's just the beginning of a long journey. — Kambiz Shabankareh

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By B.K.S. Iyengar

I am old, and death inevitably approaches. But both birth and death are beyond the will of a human being. They are not my domain. I do not think about it. Yoga has taught me to think of only working to live a useful life ... I will never stop learning, and it have tried to share some lessons with you. I do pray that my ending will be your beginning. The great rewards and the countless blessings of a life spent following the Inward Journey await you. — B.K.S. Iyengar

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Dean Koontz

If patterns exist in our seemingly patternless lives - and they do - then the law of harmony insists that the most harmonious of all patterns, circles within circles, will most often assert itself. — Dean Koontz

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Rahul Verma

Firsts are the beginning of a journey and they are ought to be special.
- Forever Indeed! — Rahul Verma

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Alexander Schmemann

The Orthodox liturgy begins with the solemn doxology: "Blessed is the Kingdom of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages on ages." From the beginning the destination is announced: the journey is to the Kingdom. This is where we are going- and not symbolically, but really. In the language of the Bible, which is the language of the church, to bless the Kingdom is not simply to acclaim it. It is to declare it to be the goal, the end of all our desires and interests, of our whole life, the supreme and ultimate value of all that exists. To bless is to accept it. This acceptance is expressed in the solemn answer to the doxology: Amen. — Alexander Schmemann

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Kathy Boyd Fellure

The joy is in the journey, the struggle is part of the joy and the final destination is not an end but another beginning of another journey. — Kathy Boyd Fellure

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Jiddu Krishnamurti

It rained last night heavily, and now the skies are beginning to clear; it is a new fresh day. Let us meet that fresh day as if it were the only day. Let us start on our journey together with all the remembrance of yesterday left behind - and begin to understand ourselves for the first time. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Lauren London

I'm still young; I've had a couple things under my belt. I don't even think I've begun where I'm gonna be eventually. I really feel very much in the beginning of my journey. I feel very new. — Lauren London

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Aiden Wilson Tozer

To know that God thinks about me is the beginning of my journey of faith. — Aiden Wilson Tozer

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Plato

The soul takes nothing with her to the next world but her education and her culture. At the beginning of the journey to the next world, one's education and culture can either provide the greatest assistance, or else act as the greatest burden, to the person who has just died. — Plato

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Augustus Napier

We are intensely loyal to our parents. In spite of the pain we experienced at our parent's hands, we cling tenaciously to their views of life; and their examples of what it is to be a man or a woman follow us throughout life. Acknowledging the power of our loyalty to them, and especially our loyalty to our same-sex parent, is only the beginning of our journey to improve upon their model; but it is at least a first step. — Augustus Napier

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Robin Hobb

Be now what you must be to succeed at the end of your journey, and when the end comes, you will find it is just another beginning.' Althea — Robin Hobb

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Shauna Niequist

You don't know what the story is about when you're in the middle of it. All you can do is keep walking. At the beginning, you have buoyancy and a little arrogance. The journey looks beautiful and bright, and you are filled with resolve and silver strength, sure that you will face it with optimism and chutzpah. And the end is beautiful. You are wiser, better, deeper. The end is revelation, resolution, a soft place to land. But, oh, the middle. The middle is fog, exhaustion, loneliness, the daily battle against despair and the nagging fear that tomorrow will be just like today, only you'll be wearier and less able to defend yourself against it. All you can ask for, in the middle, are sweet moments of reprieve in the company of people you love. For a few hours, you'll feel protected by the goodness of friendship and life around the table, and that's the best thing I can imagine. — Shauna Niequist

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Ravi Zacharias

The day that each person willingly accepts himself or herself for who he or she is and acknowledges the uniqueness of God's framing process marks the beginning of a journey to seeing the handiwork of God in each life. — Ravi Zacharias

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Charlotte Eriksson

All I wanted was to live a life where I could be me, and be okay with that. I had no need for material possessions, money or even close friends with me on my journey. I never understood people very well anyway, and they never seemed to understand me very well either. All I wanted was my art and the chance to be the creator of my own world, my own reality. I wanted the open road and new beginnings every day. — Charlotte Eriksson

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Take your current success as the beginning of your journey and you will keep breaking your own records. — Israelmore Ayivor

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By John Dear

The life of "peace" is both an inner journey toward a disarmed heart and a public journey toward a disarmed world. This difficult but beautiful journey gives infinite meaning and fulfillment to life itself because our lives become a gift for the whole human race. With peace as the beginning, middle, and end of life, life makes sense. — John Dear

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Richard Peck

I read because one life isn't enough, and in the page of a book I can be anybody;
I read because the words that build the story become mine, to build my life;
I read not for happy endings but for new beginnings; I'm just beginning myself, and I wouldn't mind a map;
I read because I have friends who don't, and young though they are, they're beginning to run out of material;
I read because every journey begins at the library, and it's time for me to start packing;
I read because one of these days I'm going to get out of this town, and I'm going to go everywhere and meet everybody, and I want to be ready. — Richard Peck

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Cillian Murphy

But television affords you, what you just described, to - over the course of 18 hours, now that we're doing a third season - tell the story of this man. You're not under any obligation, really, to do massive expositional stuff at the beginning. You're at liberty to say, "Come with us on this journey," and, gradually, you become aware of what his motivations are, what drives him, what his weaknesses are, what his strengths are. That's what I think's sucking people into these worlds, because it is kind of like a novel, you just go really, really deep. — Cillian Murphy

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Erin Hunter

This is not an end. It is a beginning. You will need the courage of a lion to face this journey. — Erin Hunter

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Jamila Hammad

We had little idea that this was the beginning of a much greater journey towards finding our true self, with Rumi and Shams as our fearless guides. — Jamila Hammad

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Lewis B. Smedes

This is where I find myself now on the journey that God and I have been on, at the station called hope, the one that comes right after gratitude and somewhere not far from journey's end. It has been "God and I" the whole way. Not so much because he has always been pleasant company. Not because I could always feel his presence when I got up in the morning or when I was afraid to sleep at night. It was because he did not trust me to travel alone. Personally I liked the last miles of the journey better than the first. But, since I could not have the ending without first having the beginning, I thank God for getting me going and bringing me home. And sticking with me all the way. — Lewis B. Smedes

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By H.G.Wells

It was not like the beginning of a journey; it was like the beginning of a dream. — H.G.Wells

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Melissa De La Cruz

Death was just the beginning of a journey that everyone took at some point. — Melissa De La Cruz

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By David Baldacci

It's not getting from A to B. It's not the beginning or the destination that counts. It's the ride in between ... This train is alive with things that should be seen and heard. It's a living, breathing something
you just have to want to learn its rhythm. — David Baldacci

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Kytka Hilmar-Jezek

In life, we are all on the same journey, we are all struggling to get from point A to point B. Different people have different point A originations and B destinations, but the path we travel is the same. If you can take what you have learned; share the experience and shortcuts you've discovered along the way, offer time saving tips and how you finally made it - then you can lighten the load of those who are just beginning on a similar path. Getting paid for it is an added bonus. My hope is that you do not end your journey at "I wrote a book" but rather understand that your book is just the beginning. Imagine the products you can create based on the contents of your book. Imagine the opportunities to share your knowledge with more people by speaking, training, coaching. You have an important message to share and the world is waiting ... — Kytka Hilmar-Jezek

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Diane Chamberlain

Patti Callahan Henry seamlessly combines mystery, family love, and personal journey all in one engrossing tale. From the intriguing beginning to the touching ending, The Stories We Tell is filled with the warmth, heart and compassion that have become the trademark of her novels. — Diane Chamberlain

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Hape Kerkeling

My pilgrimage can be interpreted as a parable of my path through life. It was a difficult birth - which is literally true in my case. At the beginning of the route - and in my childhood - I had trouble hitting my stride. Until the middle of my path through life, no matter how many positive experiences I enjoyed, I experienced many twists and turns that sometimes threw me off-course. But at about the midpoint of my journey, I started moving cheerfully toward my destination. It almost seems as though the Camino has seen fit to grant me a little peek into my future. Serenity might be a goal worth pursuing. — Hape Kerkeling

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Brooke McKinley

finding what made you happy was only the beginning of the journey - figuring out how to keep it often proved to be the unreachable destination. — Brooke McKinley

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Frederick Buechner

Each one of us could describe his or her life as a sacred journey. You are journeying from the beginning to the end, and what makes it sacred is that in the process of this journey you encounter the holy in various forms which, unless you have your eyes open, you might not even notice. — Frederick Buechner

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By A.W. Tozer

Conversion for those first Christians was not a destination; it was the beginning of a journey. And right there is where the Biblical emphasis differs from ours ... . In the book of Acts, faith was for each believer a beginning, not an end; it was a journey, not a bed in which to be waiting for the day of our Lord's triumph. — A.W. Tozer

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Amit Chaudhuri

At the conclusion of Hollywood disaster movies and epics, time moves backward, piecing together like a jigsaw the elements that had come apart. The Titanic resumes its journey; Russell Crowe is reunited with his murdered wife and son. It's not a happy ending; it's a convention created for the purposes of an impossible sense of uplift at the end of death and tragedy: the happy beginning. Technology makes Hades unnecessary. — Amit Chaudhuri

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Piers Anthony

At this slower pace the journey took a couple of days, and I fought off a few minor threats along the way
griffins, carnivorous plants, giant serpents, hostile centaurs, that sort of thing, purely routine
and I was beginning to get bored when at last the dusky towers of Castle Roogna hove into view. — Piers Anthony

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Khul Waters

Miles just smiled and felt her love flow around his own. Yet inside his love was a rock, and it had the words "payback is sweet" written in large letters on it. He laughed and she looked up at him and saw the hard glint in his eyes. "Uh oh!" was all she said. He laughed again deep in his chest. She kissed him happily. She sucked at his throat. She, as much as he, would enjoy the struggle that would follow.
Part of the joy of their love was this constant battle to top the other. Kate was excellent at beginning these battles and sometimes even won them. Yet her weakness was that she submitted naturally. She knew it and he knew it. From her point of view the skill of the game was in keeping his Dom side distracted enough so she could submit to him before he took her. Miles smiled as he realised that whoever won was largely irrelevant to their love. Yet he liked to win; and so did she. (Journey Into Submission, eXtasy) — Khul Waters

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Jen Golembiewski

The whispers of a story is the beginning of every writer's journey. — Jen Golembiewski

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Jonathan Raban

People who live on continents get into the habit of regarding the ocean as journey's end, the full stop at the end of the trek. For people who live on islands, the sea is always the beginning. It's the ferry to the mainland, the escape route from the boredom and narrowness of home. — Jonathan Raban

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Samuel Richardson

And what after all, is death?? 'Tis but a cessation from mortal life; 'tis but the finishing of an appointed course; the refreshing inn after a fatiguing journey; the end of a life of cares and troubles; and, if happy, the beginning of a life of immortal happiness. — Samuel Richardson

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Gary Zukav

The journey from love to love. This is the journey all of us are on- what happens between teh beginning and end of the journey is your life. — Gary Zukav

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Chase Twichell

Seeking the Cave is part travelogue, part literary history, and part spiritual journey. James Lenfestey is a lively and entertaining tour guide. Modest, funny, curious, and wide open to the world, he gives us perceptive glimpses of Chinese culture, ancient to contemporary, and into what it means to be a poet, both now and twelve centuries ago. The account of his quest to find Han Shan's cave is a delight from beginning to end. — Chase Twichell

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

No one stands at the beginning of a race and then finds himself at the end having never taken a step forward. And if that were to happen - the sweat and struggle avoided - what stories would he have to tell? The goal includes the journey; it's all part of the dream. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Kamran Pasha

What is faith? It is a memory. Of a time when all was perfect in the world. When there was no fear and no judgment and no death. It is a memory of a time before we were born, a beacon to guide us back from the end to the beginning, to the memory of where we came from. It is a memory of a promise made before the earth was formed, before the stars glittered in the primordial sea. A promise that says that we will remember what we have learned on this journey so that we may return full circle, the same and yet different. Older. Wiser. Filled with compassion for others. And for ourselves. What is faith? It is the memory of love. — Kamran Pasha

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

Watch carefully the journeys of others because the beginning of your own journey is hidden in the journeys of others! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Mahmoud Darwish

I see a bird carrying me and carrying you, with us as its wings, beyond the dream, to a journey that has no end and no beginning, no purpose and no goal. I do not speak to you, and you do not speak to me; we listen only to the music of silence. Silence is the friend's trust of friend, imagination's self-confidence between rain and rainbow.
A rainbow is inspiration provoking the poet, uninvited, the infatuation of the poet with the prose of the Quran.
Which of your Lord's blessings do you disown?
We are absent, you and I; we are present, you and I.
And absent.
Which of your Lord's blessings do you disown? — Mahmoud Darwish

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By L.M. Browning

In the beginning we seek truth.
In the middle we seek reason.
In the end we seek peace. — L.M. Browning

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Getting started is the most difficult thing to do; once you file it out, they rest of the journey is as soft as the straw. Be a good beginner. — Israelmore Ayivor

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

if you are to begin at the beginning of the end, do not wait till the end before you begin. Time and timing is an essential accoutrement in the journey of life. — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By C.S. Lewis

Puddleglum,' they've said, 'You're altogether too full of bobance and bounce and high spirits. You've got to learn that life isn't all fricasseed frogs and ell pie. You want something to sober you down a bit. We're only saying it for your own good, Puddleglum.' That's what they say. Now a job like this
a journey up north just as winter's beginning looking for a prince that probably isn't there, by way of ruined city nobody's ever seen
will be just the thing. If that doesn't steady a chap, I don't know what will. — C.S. Lewis

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Vera Nazarian

Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey.
At other times, it is allowing another to take yours. — Vera Nazarian

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Madonna Ciccone

Motherhood was the beginning of my own journey asking the question, 'Why am I here?' I had to stop and think: What am I doing to teach my daughter? What do I believe in? — Madonna Ciccone

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Jade Youssef

Failure is not the end. In fact it is the beginning of a beautiful journey. — Jade Youssef

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Rachel Held Evans

Baptism is done at the beginning of your faith journey, not the middle or the end. You don't have to have everything together to be baptized ... You just have to grasp God's grace. God's grace is enough. — Rachel Held Evans

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Anna Quindlen

The beginning and the end are never really the journey of discovery for me. It is the middle that remains a puzzle until well into the writing. That's how life is most of the time, isn't it? You know where you are and where you hope to wind up. It's the getting there that's challenging. — Anna Quindlen

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Daniel Seltzer

With the e-reader, the whole book was on
the same virtual page. One could not feel the depth of the pages on the left side increase as those of the right side diminished, the
gradual progression from beginning to middle to end, the sense of where one stood in the journey of the story. — Daniel Seltzer

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By R. Alan Woods

My purpose in beginning the John Wimber biography project was to honor his rich legacy of teaching, his extraordinary character, and the positive & beneficial impact his life has had on my journey as a 'follower of Christ'. I esteem John Wimber's teachings, writing, and impact upon the Body of Christ to be equal with that of C.S. Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, John F. Banks, D.L. Moody, and Leanne Payne. — R. Alan Woods

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Wayne Mack

Becoming mature Christians will require the sovereign work of God. Only God can save and sanctify. Still, God uses men and means. Certainly we as parents must seek to bring our children to Jesus Christ for salvation. But salvation is not the end of the journey. It is only the beginning. The destination toward which we are headed with our children is nothing less than maturity in Christ. — Wayne Mack

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By R.C. Sproul

Regeneration is the beginning of a journey. It is a journey with successes and failures, with growth amid stumbling. At times, the progress seems painfully slow, but progress is there. — R.C. Sproul

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By A.S. King

This is where the runaway train started down the track. I was inside the dining car enjoying a plate of cookies or something. I didn't feel it then. But the train had been boarded on Saturday night when we drank the bat. And this was the beginning of its journey. Right here. — A.S. King

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Paulo Coelho

I'm not tormenting myself. I learned long ago that in order to heal my wounds, I must have the courage to face up to them. I also learned to forgive myself and correct my mistakes. However, ever since I started out on this journey, I've had a sense of being confronted by a vast jigsaw puzzle, the pieces of which are only just beginning to revealed, pieces of love, hate, sacrifice, forgiveness, joy, and grief. — Paulo Coelho

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Jim Henson

I really do believe that all of you are at the beginning of a wonderful journey. As you start traveling down that road of life, remember this: There are never enough comfort stops. The places you're going to are never on the map. And once you get that map out, you won't be able to re-fold it no matter how smart you are.
So forget the map, roll down the windows, and whenever you can pull over and have picnic with a pig. And if you can help it never fly as cargo. — Jim Henson

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Patricia Love

My only regret is that no one told me at the beginning of my journey what I'm telling you now: there will be an end to your pain. And once you've released all those pent-up emotions, you will experience a lightness and buoyancy you haven't felt since you were a very young child. The past will no longer feel like a lode of radioactive ore contaminating the present, and you will be able to respond appropriately to present-day events. You will feel angry when someone infringes on your territory, but you won't overreact. You will feel sad when something bad happens to you, but you won't sink into despair. You will feel joy when you have a good day, and your happiness won't be clouded with guilt. You, too, will have succeeded in making history, history. — Patricia Love

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

You do not necessarily have to get before you do but when you do, you shall get — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Casey Affleck

That's you, drops of water and you're on top of the mountain of success. But one day you start sliding down the mountain and you think wait a minute; I'm a mountain top water drop. I don't belong in this valley, this river, this low dark ocean with all these drops of water. Then one day it gets hot and you slowly evaporate into air, way up, higher than any mountain top, all the way to the heavens. Then you understand that it was at your lowest that you were closest to God. Life's a journey that goes round and round and the end is closest to the beginning. So if it's change you need, relish the journey. — Casey Affleck

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Ursula K. Le Guin

I was with you at the beginning of your journey. It is right that I should follow you to its end. — Ursula K. Le Guin

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Shelley Hitz

Many people have related the process of being an author to that of being a parent. Writing your book is like the pregnancy part. Developing your book is part of who you are and is constantly there. You are always thinking about how great it will be, but it is just the beginning. Towards the end your anticipation and anxiety grow. And then you finally reach the publishing process - which is like the delivery. But then you are left with a lifetime of book rearing. The real journey doesn't end at publication, it begins. — Shelley Hitz

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Og Mandino

The prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning; and it is not given to me to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach my goal. Failure I may still encounter at the thousandth step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road. Never will I know how close it lies unless I turn the corner. — Og Mandino

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Nathan Smith

The more time you invest in thinking about the project - where to begin and how to pull it all together - the more original, successful, and enjoyable the project will be. There is always an element of fear here - everyone is afraid of failing. Don't be! The truth is that you are going to fail in some way, but this is something to be embraced and viewed as a learning experience. There is freedom in recognizing you will fail - you'll be inspired to push yourself. With every finished project you will probably have a list of things you would do differently next time. Expect this from the beginning and the journey will be more rewarding. — Nathan Smith

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Elizabeth George

But an ordinary day can mark the beginning of an extraordinary journey! — Elizabeth George

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Alexandra Bracken

For the longest time, I saw them as the end of my journey, but now I thing they were always meant to represent the beginning of yours. — Alexandra Bracken

Beginning Of The Journey Quotes By Paulo Coelho

The journey, which prior to this was torture because all you wanted to do was get there, is now beginning to become a pleasure. It is the pleasure of searching and the pleasure of an adventure. You are nourishing something that's very important - your dreams. — Paulo Coelho